One of the many things that makes cosplay so awesome is that absolutely anyone can do it. The Department of Awesome Parenting salutes the Cosplay Parents, a mother and father duo who, inspired by their cosplaying daughter, are taking advantage of their retirement to cosplay their hearts out.

They like to cosplay complementary, age-appropriate characters such as Carl and Ellie from Pixar’s movie Up (as though Ellie survived to go adventuring with Carl) or Captain America and Peggy Carter as though they were able to grow old together. Awww!

Follow the Cosplay Parents on Facebook to check out more of their delightful and heartwarming costumes.

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DIY Hardware Store Star Trek Enterprise 1701 Tutorial from Instructables.

You can make the Star Trek Enterprise 1701 using nuts, bolts, washers etc… from the hardware store or your junk drawer. Then make the mini Enterprise into a magnet or pendant.

GIF found on The Trek BBS here.

Science + Bad Puns = Awesome

Redditor FragmentedChicken spotted this groan-inducingly silly pair of structural formulas on the whiteboard in their chemistry classroom. We’ve all heard of formaldehyde, but… wait for it… “casual-dehyde” must be so laid-back and chill that it hasn’t made it into the textbooks just yet.

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Every time I vagueblog about sexism in geek media, everybody assumes I’m talking about Joss Whedon. I mean, don’t get me wrong, much of the criticism that’s been directed at the man is wholly deserved, but it’s really starting to feel like Whedon has become a sort of sin-eater for male geekdom - like everything that’s wrong with the treatment of gender in geek media has been localised in him, thus leaving every other male writer blameless by proxy.

How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube

Have you ever wondered how people solve a Rubik’s Cube in under 2 minutes?

My best friend Hannah shows you how in her video, “How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube”. It’s her very first video ever, and her first video for my truebluemeandyou YouTube channel - so please be kind.

Her next video will be how to make Safety Pin Bracelets - that don’t look cheap. Check out the gorgeous Safety Pin Bracelets she sells in her Etsy Store now. EDIT: Hannah’s DIY Safety Pin Bracelet Tutorial is here.

Steps for Solving a Rubik’s Cube

Step 1: The X - 1:05

Solve for the X on the top face. Make sure each piece lines up with the correct color on the front and side faces.

Step 2: The Corners - 2:26

Solve the corners on the top face. Make sure the front and side faces form a T shape.

Step 3: Top 2 Rows - 5:22
From this step forward you simply repeat patterns. I am going to write these patterns in abbreviated form.
T = turn the top face to the right
T" = turn the top face to the left
F = turn the front face clockwise
F" = turn the front face counterclockwise
R = turn the right face up
R" = turn the right face down
L = turn the left face up
L" = turn the left face down
B = turn the bottom row to the right
B" = turn the bottom row to the left

Solving a piece to the right:

Solving a piece to the left:

Step 4: The Bottom X - 7:29

Reminder: If you have an L shape, it should be in the top left corner. If you have a straight line, it should be horizontal.
Pattern (repeat until you have an X): RT"R"F"TFRTR"

Step 5: Align the X - 9:50

Reminder: Line up just one color before performing the pattern.
Pattern (repeat until all the colors line up): RT"T"R"TRTR"

Step 6: Align the Corners - 10:49

Reminder: The aligned corner should be in the bottom left corner.
Pattern (repeat until all the corners are aligned): RTLT"R"TL"T"

Step 7: Finish the Cube

Reminder: You want two corners correctly oriented, both on the left side.
Pattern (repeat until the cube is solved): RT"T"R"TRTR"LT"T"L"T"LT"L"

Ghostbusters + Dog Shaming = “Terror Dog Shaming

This awesome illustration of the Terror Dogs being shamed for their involvement in summoning Gozer the Destructor is the work of freelance digital artist Jason Farmer, aka Evolving Eye. The design is currently available here as a print and on clothing.

Follow Evolving Eye on Instagram or Facebook to check out many more of Farmer’s geektastic artwork.

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DIY Knit Penny’s Hat from The Big Bang Theory Free Pattern from Ravelry User Tommy Smith.

A gift for your friend who loves The Big Bang Theory.

This pattern is rated quite easy and the majority of reviewers “loved it”. It’s knit it the round (no seams and so easy) with US 7 - 4.5 mm circular needles. Sign up for a free account at Ravelry - it’s free and easy to do.

Photos: From Ravelry user Nolee76.

DIY Polymer Clay Hobbit Door

Do you have a friend who loves LOTR and hobbits? This DIY miniature hobbit door may be the perfect gift. You can easily customize and personalize anything on or around this hobbit door.

For more unique Lord of the Rings’ themed DIYs go here.

Find the tutorial for this DIY Polymer Clay Hobbit Door from Polymer Clay Cane Tutorials here.

*A reminder that I add after every polymer clay I post: anything that touches unbaked polymer clay cannot be used on or with food ever again. So please don’t use those cookie cutters on cookie dough or that pasta machine to make pasta.

Below are 4 pics of this tutorial. At the link you can find lots of photos for this step-by-step DIY Hobbit Door.