Cats + Mathematics = the Furbonacci sequence

The Fibonacci sequence is found in many places in nature, including the branching of trees, leaves on a stem, the flowering of an artichoke, or an uncurling fern. But what if you applied this famous approximation of the golden spiral to our feline friends? Suddenly cats become even more awesome than we already thought they were.

Bored Panda is building a large collection of cute kitties demonstrating their mathematical prowess, nearly 40 as of the writing of this post. Click here to view them all.

Photos by thecheat42, Akimasa Harada, songbardbird, jacquiep, naux, and Beverley Goodwin respectively.

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We’re beginning to suspect that the ultimate cat toy might be time itself. You know, a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff. And what better way to enable your favorite feline Time Lord to play with their ultimate toy, than by building a cat-sized TARDIS! Because this kitty TARDIS was constructed by humans and not Gallifreyans, it’s unlikely to be bigger on the inside, but perhaps it just appears that way to us humans.

This awesome half-scale TARDIS Cat Fort was created by astromark, a member of the TARDIS Builders forum. He designed and built it for his cat Kaylee, who is probably already planning adventures with the Doctor.

Visit the Tardis Builders website to check out complete process photos to see how this geektastic kitty condo was made.

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DIY Knit Penny’s Hat from The Big Bang Theory Free Pattern from Ravelry User Tommy Smith.

A gift for your friend who loves The Big Bang Theory.

This pattern is rated quite easy and the majority of reviewers “loved it”. It’s knit it the round (no seams and so easy) with US 7 - 4.5 mm circular needles. Sign up for a free account at Ravelry - it’s free and easy to do.

Photos: From Ravelry user Nolee76.


The outside world can be a dangerous place for cats and even the fiercest feline warrior can benefit from added protection. Previously we’ve seen metal suits of armor for cats and leather armor for cats and now Nashville-based artist Jwall of Print That Thing has designed an awesome suit of 3D-printed Cat Armor. In these photos and this behind-the-scenes video the armor is modeled by Jwall’s brave marmalade kitty Bobo:

Jwall has made his 100% printable design available for download via Thingiverse. The armor features a leash hole, pet ID tag ring, a catnip holder, and a spiky scorpion tail that’s detachable for those cats who’d rather let their own tails take all the swishing, swatting glory.

“Want your own cat armor, but don’t own a 3D printer? PrintThatThing is asking subscribers to submit a matching helmet design via social media channels; the winner will receive his or her own suit—and endless gratitude from a fierce feline.”

Head over to Thingiverse for all the details and to download this awesome design.

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Oh chemis tree, oh chemis tree,
Full of bases and acids,
Oh chemis tree, oh chemis tree,
How lovely are your reactions ♫

Oh chemis tree, you are comprised,
Of gases, salts, and alkalines.
And when I add a catalyst,
You change in ways I can’t resist. ♫

Redditor jotun86 shared this photo of a christmas tree chemis tree made of science lab equipment. It was created by chemistry students at Monmouth College to surprise their professor. It’s a sciencetastic Christmas!

Later in the same thread Redditor emuulay shared this photo of yet another student-made chemis tree:

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jade-ellsworth asked:

i actually do want to hear about why zutara has nothing on maiko, because i agree, and it is nice to have people affirm your opinions.

At your service, dearest.

For those who don’t really understand what this is all about, a little context : in Avatar, The Last Airbender (the animated series), Zuko and Mai are canonly together and Katara is Aang’s love interest, the story protagonist (and a complete cutie). However, Katara/Zuko is a very popular ship.

Although I understand the appeal of the ship (their relationship undergoes a beautiful development and the opposites attract cliché has always been a favourite in pop culture), I think it just simply wouldn’t work. They are not well suited for each other.

Zuko is, above all, and even after he turns good, a hot-headed, angry boy, a passionate, aggressive firebender. He has been hurt and has build a shell to protect himself from further wounds, and he reacts more often than not with violence, impulsivity. If he is inherently good, his behaviour, his acts, his principles in life do not fit the hero archetype.

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