Felicia Day’s Haircut and You: Shut the Hell Up

I need to have a little chat you, random Internet readers. Apparently, there was a little issue regarding Felicia Day’s decision to cut her hair and I need to set a few things straight. First off, if you don’t know who Felicia Day is, don’t care that she cut her hair you’re free to go. Seriously, go read another article on this fine website, go take a walk, play a video game–anything else will do. You can read on if you want, but this is really for the people who took issue with another human being’s decision about their hair. [Continue Reading]

Are Video Games Creating a Generation of Hoarders?

So, the other day it was fucking cold. Not as brutally cold as it was in other parts of the United States, but cold enough. I decided to pick up some hot chocolate for myself and my wife because I’m awesome.

I come home and look for a mug to put the hot chocolate in so it cools off, because again, I’m awesome, and I find that I have dozens of mugs. I have no idea why I have dozens of mugs. Neither of us drink coffee on a regular basis. In fact we use one mug a week, my wife’s favorite mug that she washes after using it. So why do I have dozens of mugs?

The answer, quite simply, is video games. [Continue Reading]

Photorealistic First Person Shooter ‘Get Even’ Announced

The Farm 51, the developer behind Painkiller: Hell & Damnation, has announced Get Even, a game that asks the question “What is real?” Using 3D scanning, the development team aims to “create expansive and lifelike environments.” While it may sound like technical phooey, the teaser trailer, which mixes live action shots with in-game elements, is actually pretty impressive.