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ok yeah but i don't think you understand WHERE governeur is--it's in the poorest county in the state, in a tiny, shitty town that's not much more than on the way to something else. upstate new york (esp northern ny) is hideously economically depressed.

i figured it was probably in a terrible, terrible location but i still have to marvel at the price

I’m fine!! I’m all good, huntsman spiders aren’t deadly to humans even if I did get bitten - it’d just be really really shit and hurt :P

Huntsman spiders are big boys with fast legs that’s how they catch things. Not like the little boys like th red backs and funnelwebs no thanks honey.

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choice meme: favorowdy having a serene picnic away from the other drovers when there's good grass and no pressing need to move the herd OR favorowdy in a desperate shootout, each terrified that the other will be hurt

oh MAN. a good question. a hard question. ummmm ok obviously i like both, but i think i’m gonna go with the former, because the latter more or less happens on the show a few times but the former never really does (something weird always comes up any time they’re close to that) and i want it for them very badly. they’re so stressed all the time, especially favor, and the idea of them being relaxed together is… appealing to me lol

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I know. I knew it would hurt but I did it anyway.

I mean jeez. The poor guy goes through so much. And he has such a low opinion of himself (and that’s not the only episode we see that e.g. ‘Incident at Deadhorse’). You just feel so bad for him

There’s also an interesting moment (in terms of the Favor-Rowdy dynamic) when Favor catches up with Rowdy after he’s ridden off to find Mushy, and he hands the rifle over to Rowdy and they ride on, all without saying a word. And this not long after they’ve been furiously arguing with each other- Rowdy even calling him ‘Favor’

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important question that definitely will not affect our friendship: ketchup or mustard?

hmmm… on the hot dogs or the chips??? hot dogs usally get both plus some fried onion, whereas chips are strictly ketchup and vinegar 👍

tonight, however, i was lazy and only used ketchup on everything. it was pretty gross tbh :\\

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it sounded to me like the narrator was riding toward them guns blazing (why else would they have shot at one guy? they could easily have subdued him if he wasn’t actively trying to murder his way through them) so i feel like it wouldn’t be ooc for them to shoot back.

Looking at the lyrics

Off to my right I see five mounted cowboys
Off to my left ride a dozen or more
Shouting and shooting, I can’t let them catch me
I have to make it to Rosa’s back door

I always figured he’d run into a posse. They’re shooting at him because he’d shot a guy and stolen a horse (a hanging offense), and he’s mostly focused on getting away from them and back to Faleena. Though he might have shot back because that’s what you do when a bunch of cowboys are shooting at you. (And in the context of this fic, it’s possible some of the drovers are in the posse, and they want revenge for him nearly killing Rowdy. Idk whether Favor would discourage them or not. They are usually very willing to band together and go in all guns blazing when one of them’s in trouble)

Something is dreadfully wrong for I feel
A deep burning pain in my side
Though I am trying to stay in the saddle
I’m getting weary, unable to ride

By the time he reaches town he’s wounded and pretty weak and probably not in much condition to fight back, which is why I’m worried about it possibly seeming too ruthless. Favor’s shooting a man who’s already wounded- his emotional reaction to what happened to Rowdy would have to lead to that in a way so that it feels in-character for him to do it. And I guess I’m trying to figure out how to write that. (Was that clear? Phrasing things is hard)

Though we have seen in the show him having strong reactions to someone harming Rowdy (or the possibility of it) e.g. IOT Fear in the Streets- ‘hit him again and I’ll kill you!’, or when he confronts Clay in ‘The Long Count’. So idk

Also I had an idea for the very end (after the last verse, where Faleena embraces him and then he dies because it wouldn’t be a marty robbins song if somebody didn’t die) maybe going something like

  • The crowd is gathering round. Favor is standing a few yards away.
  • Faleena stares at him, eyes wide, tears running down her cheeks. He can’t look her in the eye (I guess trying to imply he has some conflicting feelings)
  • Silently he turns, handing the rifle to someone nearby, and walks away, back to Rowdy.

And I’ve just found a plot hole- Favor wasn’t in the bar at the time when Rowdy gets shot, so how does he know what Narrator looks like? No, wait, I fixed it with in-story context- the dude riding into town pursued by a posse and bleeding from his side is pretty obviously the man you’re after. And someone might have told him what he looks like anyway.

also i REALLY hope this comes to fruition! even just reading your notes is super exciting :D :D :D

I’m so glad you’re excited about it! :D It’s giving me motivation to keep working on it

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OH, GOATS! i forgot to tell you--i have some New York State maple syrup and if i can't get the syrup specifically from the woods owned by our family within a week, i'll just send the New York State stuff. it's just as good, but i like the idea of sending you syrup from the trees i know, haha. and i'm trying to get our favorite brand of pancake mix to go with it but they were out at the store when i went a few days ago. so slight delay, but i'm still working on sending it. <3

Awesome! I don’t need pancake mix though, I know how to make pancakes :-) (also lmk if you make that parkin recipe, I’m excited to see what you think!)

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i have nothing to rec i’m just really excited you started The Get Down!!!!

Your posts were probably a big factor in my decision to finally watch it! I’d been intrigued and meaning to check it out for a while, but I’ve started seeing a little more of it on my dash lately (especially Rumi/Thor!) that bumped it up on my mental “Oh, yeah, I should watch that” list. (I’m trying to avoid spoilers now, but the knowledge that there is at some point a (seemingly adorable) canon gay ship is nice.)

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hey have u herd of the Good the Bed and the Ugly its a cowboy movie

Oh, well heck! I’d better check that out! XD (Is it just Tuco and Blondie and a bed? Because…)


LOVE every single one of your Western choices. Wrote a ficlet about Hour of the Gun (on AO3) and an ok fic about The Professionals (in a fanzine, not on AO3). Ben and Charlie is a little like Beyond the Law - silly plot, but so slashy (DAFT Italian title: Friend, stay away from me … a handspan at least).

The list of westerns came mainly from you, back in October or somewhere around there. (And I’ve been shamefully slow to watch them–I think The Big Gundown and The Magnificent Seven were also among those you mentioned, so at least I’ve now seen those!) “Friend, stay away from me … a handspan at least” – wow, the Italian titles of everything are so great, lol. (A handspan is not very far away?!)

(psst, The Big Combo is a noir, not a western)

Oh, whoops. I’d just assumed, because Lee Van Cleef.

Other films: I would add Sanjuro to Yojimbo and The Hidden Fortress. If you like Shakespeare’s Macbeth, you will love Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood. Red Beard is quite slashy for Kurosawa, long but engaging. Not a samurai film (set in the 19th C), but Toshiro Mifune manages one scene of fight and mayhem.

I would also add The Defiant Ones to your Films of the Fifties and Seventies. Incredibly slashy, and very exciting.

Please, let’s discuss them as you watch them, especially the westerns.

P.S. Not a western, not slashy, but a great film: Denial (saw it twice in 4 days)

Cool. Those all sound great and I will add them to my list. (It’ll be pretty Kurosawa-heavy now, heh. But that’s not a bad thing. He liked his Shakespeare, didn’t he? I haven’t seen Throne of Blood, but I’ve seen Ran, which is basically King Lear.) Thank you!



ok listen i know you’ve probably seen this 901810301837 times already but my sister just sent this to me and i thought you would appreciate it

also i think about Cool Ruth a lot and i love Cool Ruth

!!!!! :o !!! I HAVE ACTUALLY NEVER SEEN THIS IN MY LIFE??? THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!! beautiful birds look at them go!! <3 <3 <3

i understand…. Sometimes i even wish i WAS cool ruth… she can do everything in video but…. COOLER…. (except maybe that waddle run because she’s a slender hen… you got that market cornered, “peggy as fat running bird”…)