Some character portraits for @geekandsundry‘s stream of the horror game DREAD (run by Ivan van Norman), done for #ITTD this past Sunday. Never thought tabletop roleplaying games and Jenga could be combined in such a nerve-wracking way!!! Definitely makes me want to look this game up - after school ends, of course!

remember that time travis literally hunted wil wheaton down in the geekandsundry offices and made him touch matt’s dm space before the kevdak fight because he hoped it would rub off on him and matt would roll ones

and then that game was one of the most cursed games in the history of the show for everybody, and there were a disproportionate number of nat1s and nat20s being rolled because wheaton came in and knocked the balance of the d20 gods out of whack and the entire cast was confused and scared


Who broke Grog’s favorite jug? Who knows what happened!


Second row waiting for the @talksmachina @critical_role panel to begin. PUMPED
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