geek week special

i’m not sure if anyone else has pointed this out

in “i can’t even: geek week special”, has anyone else noticed dnp’s reactions to the “in 2022, who was best man at dan and phil’s wedding?” question?

i was thinking about it so i watched back through the video and caught screenshots of the

dan’s reaction, shown first, is laughing. it ends up making him laugh really hard. since it was 2013, he was probably brushing it off (unlike now, where he’d prob talk about it; or tell us to not delve into it)

phil’s reaction is somewhat blushy but loving. it’s love eyes lester back at it again. he does do a little laugh. but dam kid, i bet his heart was pounding. in embarrassment and tenderness

granted i could be analyzing these all wrong 

probably to where i bet someone will call me gross or a ‘demon phannie’

which idc i’ll deal with it. but i just wanted to mention it 

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Can you please tell me what does 2022 have to do with Phan? Like I heard that they were coming out on that year but how do you know?

Ah yes, 2022 (  ͡°  ͜ʖ  ͡°)

In this [x] video, Chris asked the question of, “In 2022, who was the best man at Dan and Phil’s wedding?”

It was a joke of course, however it is now a trend in the Phandom community for AUs and such to say that they got married in 2022. Some also I suppose believe Dan and Phil might come out or actually get married in 2022…but I’d say it’s almost just like a Phandom meme (for lack of better words)! 

I hope that makes sense! :3


In the Geek Week special of I Can’t Even, one of the questions is

In 2022, who is best man at Dan and Phil’s wedding?

And their faces just scream how the fuck did he know.

Dans face is like, shit PHIL!

And Phil’s just over here like, Chris… how?

Geek Week Special

REQUEST: hello I was wondering if you could do a smut based on Crabstickz game show I Can’t Even Geek week Special? so basically what I was thinking is since Dan is a team captain, your on his team and you keep trying to distract him by whispering sinful things into his ear and smut happens or you’re on the opposite team and Dan keeps making hand gestures to you from across of what he wants to do to you when you get home and it all gets too much for you and some smut happens PLEASE

You glare across the room at your boyfriend, who is dressed as the Doctor and on the opposing team to yours. The two of you had gotten pretty competitive when you found out that you’d be on opposite teams for Crabstickz’s I Can’t Even Geek Week Special. To be honest, you figured Chris had probably done it on purpose, knowing how much it would rile the both of you up and be amusing.

Well, it worked, because the whole ride to the show you had been trash-talking each other about how you’re team was going to kiss the other’s ass. You and Phil, being on the same team, both dressed as Pokemon. He was Pikachu and you were Charizard- you borrowed Dan’s costume and tried to ignore the fact that you were swimming in it but hiking up the sleeves and the pant legs.

You grind your teeth, wishing you could reach all the way across the room and punch Dan in the dick. For a few reasons. One he’s beating you. And you can’t abide being beaten, especially after trash talking. Two, he keeps making obscene gestures whenever you lock eyes, trying to throw you off your game and distract you. The worst was when he brought his hand up to his mouth with two fingers spread and wiggled his tongue between them, a devious smirk on his lips. Your face grew hot, with both rage and arousal and you crossed your legs tightly and averted your eyes.

By the time the game was over, you felt like you were going to explode. Dan won and, of course, the entire ride home he shoved it in your face. It got worse after you dropped Phil off at his and Dan’s old flat and headed to your shared apartment, which is in walking distance. “So what are you going to cook for dinner tonight? A meal befitting a champion?” he boasts, pulling off his jacket and heading to the bedroom to change out of his costume.

You follow, pulling the Charizard costume off as you go, “You can eat my dick.”

He throws his head back and laughs, “Geez babe lighten up. I won fair and square. Its not my fault you talked too big and couldn’t back it up. Now I have all the power.”

You jump in front of him and reach, grabbing his dick and standing on your tiptoes so your lips are so enough to his to feel his breath, but barely out of reach. “Oh I beg to differ baby,” you say seductively. “I ALWAYS have the power.” You feel him stiffening in your hand and he leans forward to kiss you, but you back up out of reach and and let go of him, turning away and continuing to peel off your clothes.

He wraps his arm around you from behind, pushing one hand between your legs and beginning to massage you there. He attaches his lips to your neck and you feel his erection pressing against your lower back. Your original plan was to tease him and leave him hanging as punishment for what he put your through today, but now that his fingers are stroking you and his hot breath his on your neck, you find that you don’t have the strength of will to refuse him. Your knees buckle and you lurch forward, placing your elbows on the bed and bending over so your center is pressed against his. He pulls away from you for an instant to strip off his pants and boxers. He yanks your underwear down your legs and presses a soft kiss against your lower lips which makes you shudder. “Oh my god,” you murmur as he deepens the kiss and begins running his tongue up and down over your folds, hitting your clit every time.

Finally, when you feel like you can’t take it anymore without having him inside you, he stands up. He wastes no time in pushing his cock into you, gently at first, and then increasing his speed quickly. Soon he is savagely taking you from behind, ramming his hips into your ass and immersing himself in your warm wetness to the hilt. “Oh Dan,” you moan, gripping the sheets with white knuckles and biting down on your lip as he thrusts into you.

He leans forward, returning his hand to it’s place between your legs and rubbing your clit and he pounds into you. Your orgasm overtakes you almost immediately, and you scream and bite into your arm to try to relieve the pressure of the overwhelming pleasure. You tighten around Dan and he finishes as well, spilling into you and leaning forward to rest a sweaty forehead against your back. “Jesus,” he whispers. “I should taunt you more often.”

You linger there for a minute with him still inside you, both of you trying to catch your breath and recover but also relishing your closeness. When he finally pulls out of you, you crawl up onto the bed and pull back the covers, nestling into them. You pat the bed beside you, “I know you’re probably hungry, but can we just nap for a second? I don’t think I can walk to the kitchen right now. Let’s just order pizza later.”

He smiles and crawls into bed beside you, taking you in his arms. “Anything for my little loser.” You laugh quietly before drifting off to sleep in his arms.

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Would you mind telling me why the date 2022 is significant to Phan. Thank you

Because, during the YouTube “Geek Week” special, Crabstickz had a video involving a quiz show he presented and there was a set of questions that were about future events and one was:

“In the year 2022 who was best man at Dan and Phil’s wedding?”

(the answer was a ‘terrifying cross-breed of crabstickz and kickthepj’ btw)

and it’s just iconic now basically and everyone jokes that 2022 is the year “the wedding” will happen.

joke’s a bit old now but it’s a classic phan moment anyway :-)

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why is 2022 such an important year to phan shippers

oh because in chris’s ‘geek week special’ video, which was a joke gameshow type thing, one of the questions was “in 2022, who was the best man at Dan and Phil’s wedding?”. d+p got all speechless and everyone else got this look like ‘woah damn he just went there’ and then the (improvised) answer was “a horrifying cross-breed of you and pj.” 

video is here if you wanna watch it. it’s quite funny.