geek privilege


Dear Internet,

Remember how some of you freaked out about The Avengers: Age of Ultron last week? And how some of you, granted, an admitted small, tiny, minority of man-children, are crying about how Mad Max: Fury Road isn’t a guy movie, made specifically for you? And now, there’s a third group of  you bitching that the Supergirl trailer looks stupid and juvenile and doesn’t look anything like the modern comics, and why can’t they get anything right, and blah blah blah blah blah?

All of you, in whatever camp you have been kvetching in, are lacking perspective. You’re viewing this product, made by a corporation to be consumed by the widest demographic they can throw a marketing net around, with the most miniscule of lenses. You also seem to think that this is being aimed directly at you to wound, rather than to illuminate, or at the very least, distract.

This Supergirl thing? You’re overlooking something very important: it’s not grim and dark and gritty. It seems a lot more upbeat and light in tone, if not outright light-hearted. That’s an enormous step forward for Warner Brothers Entertainment. But hey, never mind that. Go back to pissing and moaning that “it’s not YOUR Supergirl,” and please, do it loudly, so as to dissuade anyone else with a passing interest from giving it a try. After all, we wouldn’t want other people to like the same things we like, now, would we?  And for Pete’s sake, please be sure not to watch it. Send the message, you know? Fight the Power.

And in six months, when you’re complaining that there’s no comics out there for young people, and especially girls, I’ll remind you about the canceled TV show that you pooh poohed.

Or, you could, you know, just grow up and pretend that it’s not all about you.

I barely knew who Brianna Wu was until the GamerGate shitstorm commenced. Now I wish I hadn’t.

Geek Privilege is a thing. Somebody actually believes geeks somehow have inherent superiority like whites and males do. Somebody believes this is a social issue on par with racism and sexism. What. The. Fuck.

I may be anti-GamerGate and against anything that’s blatantly misogynistic, but Jesus Christ, woman. How dense are you? No wonder GamerGate is still fighting and/or flailing angrily, you’re feeding them so much bullshit for them to keep surviving.

Basically you’re saying geeks somehow have an advantage over jocks or whatever is the opposite of geeks because that’s what is explained whenever I hear white or male privilege. Never mind that I think the word “privilege” has lost all meaning after tumblr checked it to death; if you think Geek Privilege exists, please do yourself a favor, get off the internet and go outside.

While I mean it could do you some good, sadly these days going outside could probably give you a first hand look at things you really need to worry about than “geeks” having seniority over other social classes.

TL;DR, please go away, Brianna Wu. You’re just making an ass of yourself and, considering you oppose something that’s prone to making an ass of itself as well, it says a lot.


Kevin Butler - God Of War 3 ‘It Only Does Epic Trilogies’ - HD (via dinsurya)

kevin butler plays god of war 3 while ignoring the lady who’s boyfriend has been ignoring her while playing god of war 3.

it’s funny because bitches.  amirite?  right?  my bros?  fist bump.

seriously, sony.  this shit is, well, actually it’s pretty much business as usual for you clowns (at least it’s not racist?) but still?  using misogyny to sell your sexist game?  that’s pretty awful.

kevin butler is the living embodiment of everything sony, by way of it’s advertising, has ever seemed to stand for: mean spirited humor, narcissism, juvenile 'mature audiences' bulltrue, and paternalistic condescension.

'sony products are filled with blood and tits, not baby pony shit like nintendo’.  'sony products cost more because they’re better so pony up, fanboy’.  'girls aren’t real gamers’.

it’s honestly surprising sometimes how loyal sony apologists are given how little sony thinks of them.  it reminds me of the gop, actually.  the leadership views their own fanbase with only slightly less contempt than their rival’s.

i’ll stick with my candy-coated ds lite and $35 playskool funtimes, thanks.


Pwnage - Xperia PLAY (by sonyericsson)

aaaaand here’s kristen schaal in a sony ericsson xperia play ad, giving us what should be a parody of bad marketing strategies, but has in fact been sony’s consistent message since the ps1 (and they swiped it from sega, where it dates back to the genesis launch in 1989).

in short, gamers who don’t buy sony products are pathetic losers.

it’s one thing for the bro-gamer fanbase to decry nintendo products as “for babies” and tout the tits and blood of god of war as “totally mature”, and to proclaim that more powerful hardware automagically means you’re playing better games (tetris?).  it’s entirely another for sony actual to base their ad campaigns around that kind of patronising elitism.

fuck you, sony.  my ds doesn’t talk down to me.

a couple of years from now there’s going to be a bunch of little girls who love tauriel bc she’s the only girl in the hobbitses, and they’re going to have her action figures and posters and everything, and then they’re going to read the book, and she won’t be in it.

and neither will galadriel. or //any women at all//.

later they’ll grow up and find an army of dudes who hate tauriel ‘bc she wasn’t in the book’ (though nobody seemed to have a problem when legolas showed up at the battle of five armies) and it won’t quite be the same as going from liking animated teen titans starfire* and then reading ‘red hood and the outlaws’? but you get the idea.

this is one part of the ramp-up to lotr that i’d hoped we wouldn’t have to relive, though now i’m not sure why.

*(probably closer to the generation raised on animated jlu seeing ryan reynolds and asking ‘why did they cast some white dude as john stewart?’)