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Are you ready? Ready for Freddy? Well we are!

We’re proud to announce the first part of our exclusive line of official merchandise line for Five Nights at Freddy’s! 

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Shirt: $19.99 
Pirates Cove Shirt: $19.99
Chicadakimasu Shirt: $19.99
CELEBRATE! Poster: $9.99
Five Nights at Freddy’s Premium Sticker Pack: $9.99 
Five Nights Before Christmas Holiday Card 10 Pack: $9.99

As an added bonus to celebrate the holiday season, each Five Nights at Freddy’s purchase comes with a free “Five Nights Before Christmas” holiday card. You can also buy the cards separately in a ten-pack. 

The Console to Closet Gift Guide: Discount Codes & Contest Winners

We’ve teamed up with our favorite gaming clothing stores to giveaway 18 amazing gifts and to pass on some sweet savings to you! Check back here regularly as you do your holiday shopping since codes may be updated/added.

C2C Exclusive Discounts:

Winners List:

  1. Loot Crate 6 Month Subscription: Melissa B.
  2. Morrigan Hoody: Laura H. 
  3. NCR Bag: Danielle P.
  4. Ultimate Skyrim Gift: Christine C.
  5. Ellie Hoodie: Erin C. / Melee Tee: Tamara S.
  6. $50 musterbrand Gift Card: Sean C.
  7. Tali Hoodie: Becki L. / Tali Scarf: Jacob F.
  8. Assassin’s Creed Polo: Emily W.
  9. Halo Shirts: Meredith M.
  10. Minecraft Necklace: Holly B. / Minecraft Hoodie: Bree-Ann E.
  11. Miranda Hoodie: Becky G.
  12. Lux Tee: Amanda D.
  13. Insert Coin Clothing Gift Voucher: Taylor M.
  14. Video Game Candles: Emailed
  15. Heart Container Necklace: Messaged on Twitter
  16. Hyperion Varsity Jacket: Alex W.
  17. Insert Coin Gift Cards: Katherine S.

*Winners must be reached within 24 hours of emailing them that they won before I’ll post on here, so there will be a bit of a delay with this post. 



BioWare is releasing its Fall Collection of N7 Ladies Merch! 

The collection was previously debuted at the recent BioWare Fashion show at PAX Prime.

Some of the items are available for pre-sale right now such as this super cute N7 skater dress! If you’re more of a casual dresser, there’s also a more stylishly designed N7 tank top and some Paragon/Renegade necklaces to show off your morality level. And for those who are a bit more bold with their fashion choices, BioWare has designed these stunning Commander Shepard suit leggings.

What’s your favourite new article from the Mass Effect Fall Collection?