geek history lesson


Going by Geek History Lesson’s guidelines, I put together my ideal X-Men team.

Team Name: The Unpredictable X-Men 

The Leader: Emma Frost
The Co-Leader: Beast
The Brutes: Colossus and X-23
The Heart: Storm
The Covert: Domino
The Rookie: Jubilee
The Wildcard: Gambit

I think Emma and Beast would make a solid duo as team leaders, but will also bring different philosophies to their roles. I would keep the Colossus/Domino dynamic from the Cable and X-Force series. Storm would keep the team on track. I think Gambit and X-23 would have a “work flirt” relationship with fun and witty dialogue. Jubilee would just be totally boss 90s Jubilee. I’d buy this book, for sure.

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