I Think You’ll Love Belle & Tina are Time Travelers, They’re Just Like You!

I’m thrilled to share with you a new original animated pilot from OnlyLeigh created with New Form Digital! Two pop culture enthusiasts, Belle and Tech savvy Tina, work at a desolate DVD store in California. They also time travel.

Check out the pilot and a short interview with creator Leigh Lahav on TheNerdyBird.com!

“I am the dragon’s daughter, and I swear to you that those who would harm you will die screaming”

Cosplay of Daenerys from Game of thrones- by me (https://www.instagram.com/trisha_layons/ 

https://www.facebook.com/trishalayonscosplay/?pnref=story )

Photo by @vasiliel (https://www.instagram.com/vasiliel.ph/

http://photographervasiliel.deviantart.com/ )

Meet the Valkyries: A Community of Women Working in Comic Book Stores around the World
Learn about how the Valkyries started and what it's like working in comic book retail right now.

“When comic book writer and artist Kate Leth was working at a Strange Adventures comic shop in Canada a few years ago, she was one of the only women working in comic book retail in her town. Wanting to speak with other women working the same job, Leth decided to create a Facebook group with a few other girls she knew through social media also working at comic stores. From there she began recruiting for the group, and now it’s grown into a mighty community of Valkyries.

The Valkyries community connects women who work in comic book shops around the world. The diverse group gives these women a place to share and discuss their love for comic books as well as other topics that include everything from organizing ladies’ nights to helping with cosplay to making orders. It also allows members to discuss any issues they may be dealing with and in this way acts as a support network for members too. Leth told Blastr the mission of the Valkyries is to give this group of women a voice, since many retail organizations are just owners and managers of shops.

Right now the Valkyries have around 600 members located in a variety of places.  

For those that want to join the group, you can find out more about membership on the Valkyrie and Valhalla websites. If you want to support the Valkyries mission but don’t work in comic retail or fit in the Valhalla category, you can still become involved. You can attend their panels at conventions, participate in their conversations on social media, and even buy merchandise from the group that displays lines like “I stand with Valkyries” to show your support.

Read the full piece here <– It’s a much more in-depth story, this is just a small excerpt! 



Sorry for the long absence… but me and my boyfriend went to live together and the company installed us internet not that much time ago. Sooo… here we go with some little news.
I’ve been busy unboxing, keeping in order the new apartment, and studying for my final exams at the university. Yet, I went to Montreal Comiccon past Friday. Since my mum came to say hi from Italy I prefered pass some good time with her  ❤

Beside this, I had the chance to cosplay Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. This was a really hard cosplay for me. Since my body shape is a pear type, I hate my legs and hips so much, because I see them really fat compared to my upper body. But in the end I had fun, and because my cosplay has been appreciated that much I ended up thinking that maybe I’m not THAT bad as I thought >////<

Never give up, and remember that you will always be amazing. It doesn’t matter your size, your height or your skin color ❤

(BF) Geek Girls

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know about a new project I am working on with my best friend. (BF) Geek Girls is dedicated to raising awareness about just how amazing it can be to be involved in fandom… Okay, so we really just wanted a space where we could geek out more and hopefully connect with other geeks worldwide. It’s just getting off the ground, but Michelle and I are super excited to see where this leads. Our blog address is https://bfgeekgirls.wordpress.com/. We’re both learning as we go, so constructive feedback is welcomed. Our blog and site are focused on promoting creativity and positivity while geeking, so no haters, please.  :)


Read this before you cosplay
  • If you are black and want to do a white character, do it!
  • If you are white and want to do a black character, cool!
  • Are you in a wheelchair? you can still cosplay whoever you want
  • Are you fat/skinny/curvy or anything inbetween? dress however you like!
  • Men can cosplay women
  • Women can cosplay men
  • Showing skin is okay and not showing skin is also okay
  • Low budget cosplays are okay
  • Treating people like shit or touching them without consent is NOT okay!! Leave people be, you don’t have to like their cosplay but respect them as human beings! (I am looking at men and women and everyone else)