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Nintendo to Release a Super Nintendo Mini Console Later this Year

The discontinuation of the NES Mini console earlier this month was likely due to the fact that Nintendo is in the process of developing a similar plug-and-play system for the Super Nintendo. The Super Nintendo mini is still in the process of being designed and will be ready for purchase in December in the US.

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CLASSIC SYSTEMS: or…educational time machines? for closing the mechanical literacy gap?

(random thoughts)

So, personally…I LOVE these classic / mini systems, a la, NES and Snes Classic

…but I’m finding myself sad over the potentially limited release of them? Or, well…the idea that hardcore fans will get and benefit from them…

(and sure, it’s been announced we’ll get more in production…and i’m not sad / worried over the idea that I MYSELF won’t get one…)


…what about the people who won’t ever get the chance to realize what it could expose them to?

(in part, because it won’t be “easy” to get these systems when available, and there’s no guarantee we’ll get legacy runs / repros in the future…which means SOME people might not ever get the chance to capitalize on them)

As in…

…I feel kinda bummed the classic consoles won’t be the kinda thing that gets to / is meant to reach EVERYONE, and continue to be a place / practice kept up with…because, if they could, maybe they could…

…help showcase the classics to a younger gaming generation, which can open them up to to old school games / concepts / vocabulary / history? 

…expose the general public to MORE kinds of games…OR games in general, as old school ones can be simpler, “retro-cool” now, and COULD BE the more accessible version of something that gets them into more modern / complex games?

I mean…to me, what’s so exciting about these systems are their educational value

They represent a reprinting of a slice of history!

And I mean that with no exaggeration or hyperbole because games ARE an interesting media, in that…

The nes / snes classics, to me…ARE a bit like, but not so much…

…the re-selling / packaging of an old book?

(who’s words STILL exist elsewhere in the world, in some form, sure)

BUT…really, I think it’s more like art house / classic film theaters that work to bring back and show old movies in 35mm?

Which…yeah, now that i’m thinking about it…i love and get excited about personally…but, these theaters are still pretty niche, and haven’t changed the tastes of the movie going public, by and large, just by existing? i don’t think?

So, yeah, maybe it’s kinda like getting blue ray copies of 70s movies and getting to re-enjoy / remember that the original Alien IS as good as it’s always been?

But i DO think it’s a little more than that…

…as in, maybe it’s like bringing back and selling 10 movies, built into a betamax player?

BUT think of it this way…

The “video games” equivalent of this scenario is a world where the general population hasn’t seen or heard of The Godfather, Jaws, A Clockwork Orange, or Star Wars: A New Hope…

…as in, those movies never existed OFF of betamax
…so they don’t exist for most people / the media / academia?
…and SO…most people still think “movies” are nothing but The Transformers…
..and so the people who are into “that media” are disenfranchised accordingly

aaaaand sure, this is kind of a silly scenario because…we’ve had emulators and the virtual console for a while…

…yeeeeeah, sure…

BUT, to me, those are mostly meant for people who already know what exists, AND know that they are already into it

THAT is what THIS really is to me…

THE GENERAL PUBLIC getting something polished and pretty, with all the thought already being done for them

(as in, a product that is already telling you what games from that generation are phenomenal, whether you know about them or not)

(…shout out to Kirby Dream Course…)

and yeah…i’m a fanboy who…sincerely…DOES want more of what i KNOW already is good…but in a sleek, and pretty, and licensed package…
(yup, still a child)


…I think, of late, I’ve been thinking of these consoles as an important system for GAMES in general

as in, my biggest problem with the virtual console is the same beef I have with libraries…

they’re huge and intimidating

and that’s not me saying that we SHOULDN’T have large depositories / repositories for books and video games

(holy SHIT we need games preserved…but…what does that look like? do i sign up and donate to my local game library? is that not gonna be as easy of an idea as with books, because books are simpler to operate / maintain / teach someone how to use in a manner that continues to preserve them?)



I like and looooove the idea of a a “curated”, shipped and boxable, “console”

…cause it’s like an educational time machine

…but…damn, wait…aren’t ALL time machines educational? Probably, right?

…get on it Nintendo!!!


9/31 THOUGHTS ADDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

..really not sure at all if i hit on everything i wanted to with this

i’m also mainly SOOOOO curious about whether legacy systems could even be possible with anyone BUT nintendo (who owns their own IPs)

…i’d looooooooooooooove for the world to get a playstation classic, a ps2 classic, gamecube classic, xbox classic

i mean…why would anyone BUT nintendo, who owns these properties / continues their franchises, have a vested interest in supporting the history / legacy of games?

i mean…really, logistically…the industry is about forward

no one OWES us a means to return

but THIS is also really why i love / find games so fascinating

…i actually OWN all those old systems and my whole library still works…

and i’m also the type of guy who STILL loves to find classics i never played on these “outdated” systems 

(played power stone for dreamcast and God Hand for ps2 and alan wake for xbox 360 late…i suggest we all play / learn from / LOVE with these)

..but even still

for the younger and younger generations…

will games be a medium that lives more in the present / modern mode? more than other mediums BECAUSE it’s technology dependent??

…are people, years from now, going to have to read about Eternal Darkness:Sanity’s Requim (for the gamecube) in history books? And we’ll only have the chance to read about 90s / 200s,  “disc era”, because computerss have stopped using ALL drives / physical media for 50 years?!

…aka, we’re gonna have to go back to relying on the oral tradition to share Viewtiful Joe with people :( :( :(