geek eccentric


She’s not done yet, but I’m taking a break now so I can look at her again later with fresh eyes. Was going for an eccentric/geek chic/president of the Mathletes look, although I may still change my mind about her personality. However, I’m pretty sure I want to name her something clunky and adorable like… Winifred. Call her Winnie for short. :D

I have a computer and my camera now! COSPLAY PHOTODUMP THE FIRST.

I didn’t get many  good pictures of my Elisa costume, which was a shame because I was IN FRIGGIN NEW YORK but we showed up to Friday at NYCC so late that none of us were really in the mood for pictures.

Lucky for me I ran into David Valle from and he took these two great shots! Thanks man.

There was a Hellboy car. I wanted it. I forgot to sign up to win it. Just like I forgot to take actual pictures while I was in freaking New York.

Next time.