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It’s not right, it’s not fair,
Everything is up in the air,
Leaving for greener pastures,
Leaving behind many fractures,
There’s much that needs to be done,
So many battles not yet won.

Who will take up the mantle, the sword and the shield?

Loss too great for one heart to feel,
Shared now by millions at the reveal,
The year is reaching its annual last post,
Taking much and leaving many a ghost,
There’s still much left for us to do now,
Let the sweat collect now on our brow.

We will take up the mantle, the sword and shield.

The mantle to bear together is heavy,
A weight that may yet break any levy,
The sword a sharp point ready to slash,
Flaming and ready to burn any enemy to ash,
And the shield to guard and withstand assault,
All three together a fierce and unstoppable gestalt.

It is her legacy we all now must stand and wield.


Mantle, sword and shield.

For Carrie, a general of impeccable skill and devotion. We salute you and we will carry on with what you began. 

I wrote, penciled, inked, and finished over 124 pages of comics in 2015.

I published 6 books, including the final three-quarters of my first long-form comic series.

I got to publish 50 women’s comics in my biggest anthology to date, and I got to pay them.

I crowd funded over $17,000 to do so.

I sold more books than I’ve ever sold before, by a long shot.

I won my first comics award.

I got to do so many of these achievements with my main conspirator and one of my best and oldest friends, @clairefolkman.

I was on a panel at New York Comic Con with a packed house.

I moderated two panels at comics shows about my deep passions - one at @spx, one at Locust Moon Comics Festival - with a laundry list of amazing creators (Craig Thompson, @anniestoll, Dean Haspiel, @andreatsurumi, to name a few).

I published a comic about being sexually assaulted by a fellow comics creator and former friend.

I got engaged.

I posed on a table at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, surrounded by comics luminaries, as they drank wine and drew me in my elaborate Halloween costume.

I made a point to read as many comics as I possibly could in my free time.

I had my work published multiple times in the newspaper.

I was featured in and interviewed for articles.

I was scouted by a long-running publication and given a wonderfully generous offer.

I spoke at universities and to classrooms.

I got to plan another SPX party.

I got to help plan a comics festival.

I got a promotion.

I was able to spend countless hours with a beer in one hand and a pen in the other, surrounded by an insatiable number of people that I’m so lucky to have met, gotten to know better, and continue to spend inordinate amounts of time with.

I had a great year.

And I get to relish it just a little bit longer! 

Like I’m saying in the photo: Girls make fucking amazing comics, and ALL of you have been fucking amazing, supportive people - for me, for the people I work with, and for this really remarkable community we’ve built. Here’s to continuing to be great, to constant conspiring, and to 2016!

Thanks, guys. <3 

Look, I’m usually a skeptic, okay? Atheist, science geek, whole deal. But you know what I’m never going to be skeptical about? People’s identities. You know why? I’m not them, and it’s not my place. Who am I to tell another person who they are? Plus, it’s not like it hurts me if someone’s a fox or a star or several people in one body. It’s not like it hurts me to call someone voi instead of say, she.

jonisnotamuggle  asked:

Where'd you get that hat my dude?

Thanks for asking – you mean this one?

It’s a semi-old Stetson that my grandfather wore, and then gave to me during a visit. I haven’t taken it off since!

(For those wondering about the photo, it was randomly taken while testing light/backgrounds at the ATC in Durham, NC. Yes, I actually use that camera. Yes, I’m a geek, deal with it, y’all)

waxxin  asked:

so digital sub, worth it?
i've been looking at it for the longest time now.

It’s hard for me to give you an unbiased answer, ya know? I do, honestly, think it’s a great deal. Especially if you have the time and desire to read 9,000 awesome comics. And there are more added every day. So, yeah, I say it’s worth it! :)

And if one were looking for discount codes for a Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited subscription, one may want to check out Just sayin’.