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It’s running through my veins again
I feel the rush, the high.
I’m feeling kind of light and floaty,
My heart speeds up to help me fly.
I’m flying far far away, my troubles in the dust.
I want this high to last forever
It feels like pixie dust
—  4:43AM & dope is what im on

Support your House!

These are only available in the UK due to posting. I do hope to eventually extend. In order to pay for some things for my transition I need to raise some more funds. I can’t bring myself to do a gofundme account as I feel like it’s begging and I feel like I haven’t done anything to deserve the money, people have asked me if I have one so I just want to point that out. If when you buy a bookmark, you want to pay more etc for it, that is completely up to you, again. I have had people ask me if they can do that. All profits of these bookmarks will go straight into my transition fund.

Paypal takes 10% from anything coming in and I would really love to keep the price as low as I can, so the money will transfer into my bank account, where I will keep account of everything that comes in for my transition (I will eventually get a separate account for it) but if there is any issue and you don’t feel comfortable with that we will work that out.  

1 - Harry Potter House Bookmarks (£2.50)
2- Harry Potter Minimalist Crest Bookmark (£2)
3 - Deathly Hallow Bookmark (Purple Ribbon also available) (£3.50)

Message me to buy a bookmark or if you have a question

For more ways to help my transition, visit and reblog this post