LIAM: So the box is full of loot?

SAM: No, no, no, it’s a crate, Liam.

LIAM: The crate is full of boxes?

SAM: Yes. A crate full of boxes. Box-crate, our best sponsor.

LIAM: What do you do with the boxes?

SAM: No, inside the boxes are tinier boxes.

LIAM: Tinier boxes? When do you get to the loot, though?

SAM: No, it’s a Russian nesting doll of boxes and crates.

LIAM: Box-box.

SAM: Box-box, and then inside is a box-crate, and inside that is tiny-bag-crate.

LAURA: What are you guys talking about?

SAM: Liam! Do you want all those boxes?

LIAM: I need boxes.

SAM: You get three dollars off the first box of boxes. Crate-crate.

“Ttam Rec'Mer, the trickster god. The God of many faces. Nobody knows what his true face looks like, for he has taken many faces that even he forgets. He’s one of only a few gods that stayed on the mortal plane when the divine gate was formed. They say he stayed behind for his love of mortals. That he sometimes has a guiding hand with many adventurers, leading them to the path of victory and glory. Whispering in there ears, giving them hope in the darkest of times.” - Book of The Old Gods: Chapter 17; those that time forgot……. (pic from G&S Twitter, NOT MINE)