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I have a question for you guys on Tumblr:
If I made more Gengar/Pokemon silhouette decals for MacBook laptops, would anyone be interested in purchasing them online?

Holy crapples!! Where did you all come from?! I finish a Marvel marathon to find out this post from a month ago has 2000+ notes!

For everyone interested, you can purchase this decal at my Etsy store or follow my shop/Tumblr for updates as I will be adding new decal designs for Ghastly and Haunter within the next couple weeks!

Thank you all so so much for your overwhelming notes of interest and encouragement! I simply do not know how to react to all of this, it’s truly baffling that so many people like my work!

All the best~!


Legend of Zelda Rupee Tea Infusers in Green, Red, Purple and Blue.

Available on SteamWolf Symphony on Etsy: