Dating Peter Parker

okay so im fucking tired as hell and im just writing this during my study break because peter parker helps me think and get back on track. Dont ask me how but i think its because i start feeling bad for not doing work and peter would want me to do my work if you guys can understand that. Also, sorry for the updating but i just started highschool ( ye, ima freshman) and life is just… crazy. feel free to send in requests though.

- him being really nervous and awkward when you two first start going out 

- he doesn’t want you regreting that you guys dated so he tries to make you happy

- the awkwardness faded mostly when you two spent a whole saturday watching Disney movies and looking at memes

- he is constantly disappearing or late to a date sometimes but he makes it up to you with kisses and cuddles

- you loving to hold his hands and hug him because he is your squishy and you call him squishy sometimes just for fun (because of Finding Nemo)

- for spring break he takes you to Disney World along with Aunt May and Tony magically shows up out of no where

- during the trip to disney world and he gets scared of the Rock n’ Roller Coaster

- you guys cool off by hanging out inside the gift shops where you can’t stop hugging all the stuffed animals

- Peter ends up buying you a Stitch stuffed animal

- always playing around with his hands

- smiling as you walk down the hall because you saw Peter walking down the same hall and his eyes instantly light up

- him being very techno savvy and your dad and him like to play old video games together

- baby sitting your younger siblings together

- ( if you are more curvy ) he loves placing his hands on your hips and thighs in a loving way

- ( if you are more narrow bodied) he likes to wrap his arms around your waist by surprise

- making out behind the bleachers

- him picking you up and twirling you around

- him helping you in math and science 

- you helping him with foreign languages and english

- little study dates that become cuddle time

- being in love with this little dork who is so adorable you just wanna hug him forever and never let go

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Chihuahua Taco Holder

Ensure your tacos don’t fall and spill out of their shell when you invite the Mexican chihuahua taco holder over. This cute and well trained chihuahua features three handy taco shaped crevices that can accommodate up to three tacos at a time.

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August 26

Krona is an Oan scientist who became obsessed with observing the origins of the universe itself, despite an ancient legend that said discovering that secret would cause a great calamity. He first appeared in Green Lantern #40 (August 26, 1965). Krona constructs a machine that pierces the temporal barrier and views the beginnings of time itself. Krona catches a glimpse of the hand of creation depositing the speck that would become the entire cosmos. His machine explodes at that instant, and the universe is shattered causing the creation of the Multiverse as the universe replicates into an infinite number of parallel universes. At this same moment, the Anti-Matter Universe is created, unleashing evil into the cosmos; thus, the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor are born. As punishment for this act, Krona is transformed into pure energy by his fellow Oans and is sent to forever wander the cosmos. Krona’s actions are what caused the Oans to become the Guardians of the Universe.

Full Bottle Of Wine Glass

Don’t get sad when your doctor says you can only have one glass of wine per day – get creative and have just one glass with this massive chalice that can hold one whole bottle of wine inside of it! It’s a must-have for alcoholics on the brink of self-destruction.

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