ID #64733

Name: Paulina
Age: 16
Country: Poland

Hiya! I’m Paulina, your local geek girl. I’d love to have someone to talk about all the things that to through my mind and boy, there’s a lot. I just quickly become obsessed with things i guess. I watch a lot of anime,love tv shows ( Doctor Who, Sherlock, Stranger Things and a lot more), i’m a potterhead and basically a book nerd. My music taste is a great mystery even for me- Fall Out Boy, Bring Me The Horizon, Imagine Dragons, Troye Sivan, Sia, Halsey, the Hamilton soundtrack and lots of random songs. Oh, and I watch a lot of Youtube. I think i’d prefer not to write actual letters (my handwriting is a hot mess) but i’d love to use snapchat, instagram, facebook, tumblr. I’m an introvert and a bit socially awkward but i try my best!! I’d love to just talk about anything at random time really (btw i’m terrible at smalltalk, sorry). My english is not perfect and it would be great to practice it while also maybe getting a new friend.

Preferences: Someone about my age (14-19 or sth like this i guess) and any race/religion/gender/sexuality. I’m a tolerant person and I can say it proudly


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