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I'm planning on writing a series, and one of the main characters is Scottish, and I honestly love your slang, but could you please give me a brief guide of sorts for it? Like, what's a midden? And jakey, and others like that??

  • Midden: to describe someone as that means they’re dirty as in ‘slut/slag’ but i don’t really hear that terminology too much
  • Jakey: Junkie; alcoholic
  • Rotten/Bogging: Horrible, disgusting
  • Peely wally: Pale
  • Burd: Girlfriend
  • Baltic: Freezing
  • Wisnae: Was not (eg. A wisnae like that! - I wasn’t like that!)
  • Am no: I’m not
  • A tad: A little bit (eg ‘it’s a tad cold’)
  • Munter/boot: Ugly person
  • Dafty/Numpty/Bampot: Idiot
  • Boak: Dry heave/sick (eg. That smell’s giving me the boak’)
  • An empty: When someone’s house is free, no parents, just the teenagers or whatever and they invite people round for a party (eg ‘I’ve got an empty on Friday, want to come?’)
  • Fag: Cigarette (it’s not used ever in the other horrible term)
  • Hee haw: Nothing (eg. ‘I’ve got hee haw in my purse!’)
  • Yuptae - What are you up to?
  • Messages: Food shopping (eg. ‘I’m away to the shop for some messages’)
  • Patched a belter/patched/dinghied: Ignored
  • Mink/minky/manky/minging: horrible, dirty (eg. ‘Here, that’s manky’)
  • Ned/Chav: Non-educated delinquent, trouble maker
  • Square go: Fight (eg ‘Square go outside, wee man’)
  • Geein it laldie: giving it your all, 110% (eg ‘she was geein it laldie singing last night’)
  • Winch: French kiss someone

Here’s also a page of slang terms: