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1. Your favorite Disney movie of all time?

The Lion King. It gives me the feels. AHHH.

2. Most awkward experience of your life?

There are way too many to count…but this one time, a girl (who I thought was my friend) went up and introduced me to a guy I liked. Then ended it with: “Oh, by they way, she LIKES YOU.” I promptly ran for the hills.

3. Your dream date.

Haha, I’m an avid equestrian, so a sunset trail ride or a ride on the beach if we were near there. 

4. If you could choose to be anything in the world, without extensive training, what would it be?

Probably a Zeppelin captain. Because reasons. And also I could fly my own damn zeppelin places. 

5. If you got kicked out of your country, where would you choose to live?

Either Sweden or the UK. 

6. Would you survive during a zombie apocalypse?

It really depends on a number of factors. Like, if I’m old when it happens, or if it happens when I’m young, if I had to kill a zombie I knew, if someone I loved got bitten. It all depends. 

7. Where have you been all my life? 

Derpin’ around on the computer all day. 

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8. What fandoms do you follow most on tumblr. 

Sherlock, Doctor Who, and SPN. 

9. How would you react if people from your real life found your tumblr?

…It’d be awkward.

10. What’s the most nostalgic thing you can think of?

The smell of autumn, the smell of rain, old televisions. ANTIQUE BOOKS. 3 tall deciduous trees in a row. 

11. Earliest childhood memory.

Dancing on my fathers shoes in the living room of my old house. When I was little and cute. 


1. At which moment in your life did you feel the most accomplished? 
2. Have you ever dyed your hair? If so, which colors?
3. Your favorite book or books?
4. Who are you closest to?
5. Favorite subject in school?
6. Favorite gif. c:
7. Any hidden talents?
8. Do you personally think that the “End justifies the means?”
9. You win an all-expenses paid holiday to your country of choice. Where do you go?
10. Favorite author?
11. The thing in your room that you love the most.