geegrevesy replied to your post: I have 44 tabs open at this moment spanning across…

Ahaha, no worries! You only have a problem when you have 350+ open on your main PC and up to 100 open on your laptopand then THE BROWSER CRASHES AND DOESNT SAVE THEM. THEN YOU HAVE A PROBLEM OK.


o -o My god. I am. So sorry. I wish I could. Console you. Wow.

Lmfao, I think the only reason I haven’t gotten to that many tabs is ‘cause my laptop overheats super easily and is on its last legs, so it likes to kick off a lot.

But goddaaamn.

Pokemon Warmups

A separate blog since my Sketchbook is gonna be swamped with pokemon instead of sketches!

 Gonna use this one exclusively for posting pokemon warmup sketches that I do prior to work, usually at least once a day during the week. It’s also a chance for me to mess around with colour palettes etc.

I accept requests for pokemon! Drop a line in my ask box and I’ll add it to the queue.