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James : Come on Moony , time to wake up

Remus: *wrapped up like a burrito* nooooo….

James: *sigh* fine *clears throat* SIRIUS, REMUS WON’T WAKE UP

Sirius: *crashes through the door* *jumps on the bed* GEEEEET UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP TIME TO GET UP COME OOOOOOOOOOOON!!

Remus: whAT THE FU-*falls off the bed*

  • <p> <b>Person C:</b> Come on A, time to wake up.<p/><b>Person A:</b> *wrapped up like a burrito* nooooo....<p/><b>Person C:</b> *sigh* fine *clears throat* B, A WON'T WAKE UP<p/><b>Person B:</b> *crashes through the door* *jumps on the bed* GEEEEET UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP TIME TO GET UP COME OOOOOOOOOOOON!!<p/><b>Person A:</b> whAT THE FU-*falls off the bed*<p/></p>
‘Thwarted’ Chapter 52

The latest chapter is up!  A lemon starter followed by Galactic Girlfriend finding out about Galactic Cool Aunt. Galactic Idiot does the only thing he can and comes clean. About everything.


“You!” she hisses. She’s wearing her usual tunic and leggings. He’s thrilled to see her, but she’s obviously angry and he’s instantly concerned.

“Rey! What are you doing here?”

“You hit Vitok!” she loudly accuses as every officer turns to watch. Hux looks on, his posture stiff but his expression oddly smug.

“I …” Force, who told her?

“How could you? How could you?”

Kylo has to get control of the situation. Now. They can’t do this in front of the crew. “Rey,” he says gently, “let’s go back to your rooms and talk.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you until you explain why Vitok has your hand print across her face,” she snarls.

Keep Away

Can you write an imagine where Spencer’s girlfriend plays keep away with a book on the couch which turns into playful wrestling and smut with some fluff at the end?

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“Y/N!” Spencer huffs as he reaches out for the book you just took.  “Come on,” he groans.

“Come geeeeet iiiiiiit,” you taunt, uncoiling yourself from the couch as you thump the book closed, dashing around the back of the couch as Spencer turns around and tries to snatch it from you.

“Uh uh uuuuuh,” you tease, shaking your head as you smirk.

“Y/N…I just wanna unwind,” he whines.

But that was the issue.

Spencer used to unwind with you after a case.

But now?  It was all “I just wanna read a book,” or “just let me sit in the dark and brood.”

But not this time.

Dashing into the room, you toss the door closed as you climb up onto the bed holding the book against your stomach as Spencer comes slowly shuffling into the room.

“Y/N…I’m not in the mood…” he grumbles.

“Well let me change that, then,” you muse lowly, winking outlandishly as a light chuckle reverberates from Spencer’s lips.

“I’m gonna get my book back,” he threatens.

“Then show me, big boy,” you say scandalously.

And then, all of a sudden, Spencer leaps for you, tackling your legs as you squeal, the book dropping from your hands and landing on his head as he grapples for your body, his hands scrambling around your torso as he tries to find your wrists, your legs coming up as you try to pry his body from yours.

“You’ll never take me aliiiiive!” you roar playfully, a giggle crossing your tongue as Spencer’s smile grows.

But Spencer ended up getting your wrists pinned above your head, your chest heaving from the effort as his hot breath pants against your face.

You missed looking into his beautiful brown eyes.

“I’ve missed you…” you admit, a hint of hurt glossing behind your mesmerizing Y/C/E orbs as Spencer’s face falters.

He’d been neglecting you.

Watching his face as it slowly descends, your skin puckers before his lips even touch yours, crying out in a hallelujah chorus as his pouty, lightly chapped lips brush against you, his tongue lightly probing for entrance as your toes begin to run up the back of his clothed legs.

He kept your hands pinned above your head.

Feeling him slowly deepen the kiss, your tongue licks every part of him, tasting the coffee and mint gum that was still on his breath from the plane-ride home.

It was a taste you had missed.  Always the same…and always him.

Grinding your hips upwards, you feel his moan vibrate your teeth as his hands release you, trailing down your arms as they grace your skin, his fingertips trailing your armpits as they flutter down your sides, wrapping around your back as he digs his knees into the mattress of the bed.

Feeling his lips feverishly plump, he breaks the kiss as he trails needy, hot, desperate kisses sloppily along your jawline, his hand reaching down as he fumbles with the belt on his pants.

You didn’t want him to wait.

It had been months since you had felt him, and tears were springing to your eyes at the mere thought of having him again.

Hearing the fabric of his pants and boxers slide down his legs, he gets them to his ankles before his fingertips brush up under your long shirt, finding you bare for him underneath as he snickers against the skin of your neck.

But all your jaw could do was tremble.

Feeling your hands fly to his hair, you feel his throbbing groin press against your lightly glistening entrance, the pressure of his sheathing causing your breath to hitch as he slowly descends himself into you, your jaw slowly unhinging as Spencer groans into the valley of your breasts.

“God, I’ve missed you,” he breathes into your bouncing chest.

Grasping onto his hair, you wrap your legs around him as you pull him deeper into you, whimpering with every thrust his hips allow your body as his hands plant beside you on the bed, creating a leverage you had missed all too much as your hips raise to meet his every glide.

You felt your head raise up to capture his lips in a kind, loving embrace with your own.

With no words exchanged between you two, you feel Spencer speed up the pace of his hips, your body rocking lightly along the sheets as your hands run up under his sweater vest, clamoring at his dress shirt as your breath condensates in the crook of his neck.

And just like that…you felt him pulse and still inside of you, your breath panting lightly as your hands wrap around his neck, holding his trembling body to you as you press a chaste kiss to his ear.

You knew he was tired, and expected nothing less.

“I’m sorry…” he breathes as he drops on top of you, his head burying into the crook of your neck as you run your fingers through his hair.

“For what?” you ask, placing yet another kiss at his temple as he sighs deeply into your skin.

“That was selfish of me,” he grumbles.

“It’s more than what I’ve been getting lately,” you nonchalantly say, shrugging as you feel Spencer’s head slowly lift, his puppy-dog eyes slowly meandering to meet your stare in the darkness of your shared bedroom.

“Don’t be sorry, sweetheart,” you coo as you feel him soften inside of you, your thumb coming up to caress the apple of his cheek as his sorrowful eyes dart in between yours.

“Work’s just been-”

“I know,” you reassure him, kissing the tip of his nose lightly before nuzzling it with your own, “I know,” you whisper once more.

“You deserve more,” he croaks, slowly pulling out of you as you feel his juices slowly begin to trickle onto the bed sheets.

Let it drain.

“Do you remember when we first started dating?” you ask as you slowly watch him drop to the side, his legs kicking off the clothing at his ankles before plummeting his shoes to the floor, “How we met?”

“Eidetic memory,” Spencer smirks lightly.

“I’m serious,” you say, your eyes hooked onto him as you feel him lace his fingers with yours.

“I do,” he murmurs.

“Remember how petrified I was of intimacy?” you ask.

Spencer had met you at the tail end of a less-than-honorable relationship.  You were in a victim’s support group with a woman named Penelope Garcia, who you would soon come to know as your best friend, and she had brought Spencer along to one of the meetings.

The bruising around your wrist had been the first topic of discussion between the two of you.

“Remember how selfish the intimacy was in the beginning?” you whisper, your eyes pleading with him as he slowly lets go of your hand and snakes it around your waist.

“It’s what you needed, though.  You were so afraid to…you know…do so many things.  A-a-and I was more than happy to give it to you.  To walk you through the motions slowly when you were ready,” he says as he pulls you closer to him.

“Right now, you’re going through one of those spells.  Where you need the sex, but it’s one-sided.  What kind of woman would I be, denying you one of the first beautiful things you ever gave to me?”

You watched as the worry and hurt slowly morphed into a silence graciousness.

“It won’t always be like this, Spencer,” you say as you bring your fingers around and brush away a tear threatening to spill down his face, “and we both know that.”

“But it’s not fair to you,” he whispers.

“And it wasn’t fair to you in the beginning.  Sometimes, it just isn’t fair.  But that doesn’t mean that it can’t still be done out of love.”

You watched as your beautiful genius visibly digested what you were saying.

“So, you’re not upset?” he asks, almost childlike.

“No, my sweet boy,” you say as you bring your hand up and cup his cheek, “I’m nowhere near upset.”

“But I think you should take some time off of work,” you muse as you catch his attention once again, “…and not because of me.  Your eyes are a bit darker, and your appetite isn’t as prominent, and your grooming habits are beginning to suffer a bit.”

His hair felt a bit greasier than normal, and you could tell that he had at least forgotten to brush his teeth this morning.

Watching him nod, you sigh as he rolls over, reaching for his cell phone as he swipes it open and searches for his boss’s number.


“Hey.  It’s Reid.  I-I-I was…just wondering.  Would the team be alright if I took some time off?”

Smiling to yourself as you slide out of bed, you peel the shirt off of your body as you shuffle to the bathroom, flipping on the shower water as you wait for it to heat up to the scalding temperature you so desperately crave during times like these.

The hot water helped you feel clean.

But soon enough, while you were lathering your body with a loofah sponge, you feel the cool bathroom air hit your back as you hear Spencer step in behind you, his hand reaching around and taking the loofah from you as he begins to slowly lather up your back.

No words were exchanged as he washed you down, his hands running over every inch of your body as your nipples begin to stand at attention, his large, soft hands tracing the insides of your legs as the bubbles begin to pop against your skin.

Feeling his hands grasp your upper arms, he slowly turns you around, backing you under the stream of water as you close your eyes, allowing the hot water to turn your skin red as it washes away the bubbles and day’s worth of dirt.

You felt whole with Spencer around.

“So, I was thinking…” Spencer trails off, grabbing your shampoo as he guides you out of the water, his hands meandering to your hair as he begins to massage your scalp, “…we’ve always talked about taking a cruise.”

“Mhmmmmm…” you hum, his fingertips tracing small circles before he takes the shower-head sprayer off of the hinge and guides it to your hair.

“And I figured we could shop around tomorrow and see if any are available in the next couple of weeks.”

The sentiment made you furrow your brow lightly as you hear the shower-head drop before Spencer begins squirting conditioner on top of your head.

“Two weeks?” you question, your eyes still closed as his fingers begin to work their magic again, spreading the conditioner throughout the tendrils of your hair.

“Mhm,” he hums lowly, a smile gracing his cheeks as he watches your body pull taut.

Slowly turning around to him, your head craning back as your unbelieving eyes meet his, he bends down and captures your lips in a small kiss before nuzzling his nose with yours.

“Anywhere you’d like,” he whispers.

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing.

Two entire weeks with Spencer.

“Two weeks…” you whisper, trailing the statement off as you hear the shower water being manipulated against the wall.

And then? You feel Spencer’s arm trail around your waist.

And then?  You feel his fingertips dance down to your folds.

And then?  You gasp in surprise as he runs his fingers between them, parting them with his long, graceful digits as you see him bring the pulsating, thick stream of water into view.

Oh, god.



“Open wide,” Spencer murmurs into your ear, nipping at your earlobe with his teeth as you begin to back your hips firmly into his body.

The water.

It was…unbearable.

It was intoxicating.

It made your legs shake…

And as soon as you opened your mouth to protest, you felt the vibrating stream of water gloss over your exposed mound, your legs jittering as Spencer holds you firmly against his body.

“That’s the spot…” he whispers into your ear, making your eyes roll into the back of your head as your knees begin to tremble, the stream of water manipulating your sensitive bud as you grind your ass back into Spencer’s growing length.

“Tremble for me,” he muses lowly, your lower body going weak as you lay your head back onto his shoulder and whimper.

“Oh god…Spencer…huh…”

“Two…” Spencer murmurs, slowly pressing the shower-head closer to your womanhood.

“Whole…” he whispers as he kisses your neck lightly.

“Weeks…” he growls, laying his teeth into your shoulder as your heels dig into the floor of the tub.

And just like that, your orgasm washed over you, the hot pulsating spout of water causing your body to jump with every hit as Spencer holds you tighter than he ever has, his lips and teeth sucking a bruise onto your shoulder as your body visibly quivers and jolts, your legs finally giving out underneath you as Spencer drops the shower-head and catches you solidly with both arms.

You found it hard to catch your breath.

“I love you,” Spencer whispers desperately, turning you towards him as he holds you close to his naked body.

“And I will never stop,” he breathes.


This is the single greatest occurrence that has ever been on-stream.

The first time Meglomania plays.. (Sans’ theme). there is a tie/draw.. which glitches the stream.. causing it to be stuck. Forever, until streamer fixes it.

It will never again be our turn.

What about this error that makes it so very special? Sans is Aware. He is just as aware as Anatares and all of our other TPP villains. There are those of us in the audience who have played the genocide run. He would know this.
Plus, this music isn’t the worst thing to be stuck on.

PS, I am still deep in Undertale hell and for the first time in over a week I load up the stream, and this immediately happens. Still in disbelief.

This one’s for you, Sans, buddy.

TPP chat………..Geeeeet dunked on!!!!!!

motorcyclles  asked:

Just wait to see Yue, the only of the film that worth it

i KNOW right?

poor seychelle gabriel i just feel really bad for her

this really makes me want to make a comic or a fic or something referencing this

like a couple years back asami was going through a phase were she wanted to be an actress, so hiroshi got her cast as yue in the ember island players’ ‘boy in the iceberg’ and it’s just something she’s tried to forget about until korra and bolin find out one day and asami’s like “NO IT WAS AWFUL”

yes good

The no is a no, please understand my wish!


……………. how dare you…

……. you know nothing….

nothing at all……………

….out…. get out… get out. Get out! GEEEEET OUUUUUUUUUUT!!!!! *bellows and everything turn black*

*Papyrus is unavailable for asks*