One of the best things that happened with my summer – travelling with friends, and enjoying the ambiance at Burot Beach in Calatagan, Batangas.

The long travel hours were really worth it when you get to see these clean waters, very fine (well, almost) white sand, and clear blue skies. I can still feel how those salty waters caressed my sun-dyed skin… it was really blissful! And enjoying it with my closest friends simply made it one of my happiest days of 2013.

A Caffeine-Filled Night


I don’t know who’s still awake right now, but anyway.

I just got home, and I am really freaking hungry. Supposedly, I would be going home at around 4 p.m. yesterday, after my last class but what happened was that Melai and Pot told me that they would be hanging out in UP. So, I joined them.

Then, ate Gem and kuya Kin told us that they would be going to Fancy Crepe so Pot and I went there because it is just near UP. Melai did not come with us because she has something to attend to. We stayed there until around 10 in the evening. I drank around 5 cups of brewed coffee and man, my heart was palpitating. My whole body even became numb, starting from my head. Tho, it was a great time talking about love, and school, and sex and PPKT and almost everything under the sun.

And finally, we went home after dining out after Fancy. Wew. Thank God that I am safe.

Not so fancy, Fancy but yet it was classy

Last night, I had one of the most enjoyable and palpitating moment of my first time at Fancy Crepes, after witnessing the successful Pride March of UP Babayalan with LGBT Community at UP Diliman which started at Palma Hall and the gate crashing moment at UP College of Education with Melai (we know were not allowed, NO IDs) - a conversation at its vainest moment , Jake and I went to met Kin and Gem at the coffee shop, Melai didn’t come with us since she has other plans the same moment. It was my first time to try the unlimited brewed coffee at the shop which taste good at its affordable price (50 pesos), also my first time to know Fancy Crepes existence. The ambiance looks good and quite, a perfect way to spend a night of stories along with an aromatic coffee and sweet cakes.

We really had fun with our very own version of unexpected and unplanned coffee dates which brought jealousy cravings with some of our clingy peeps through twitter, almost curse us to choke with our forks and stirrers. The fun exchanging stories and revelation were awesome which brought laughter and tears in our souls, some of them were really good one while some needs a box and locks to keep them safe. We spent hours of talking, cups of coffee and rounds of peeing before we decided to hit our way home, we had dinner first and then cut ourselves different ways. 

Even I came very late and wet at the office, I really don’t regret those hours of fun with them, such a big heart pounding moments which soon will have another sequel, but this time with the rest of the gang to avoid the tearing tweets of our clingy love ones, and yes clingy is our word.