• Me:I have my whole wedding planned.
  • Steve:Oh really now? Good for you.
  • Me:Yup. Just gotta find my rich groom to pay for it all.
  • Steve:Have fun finding one.
  • Me:It's not going too well for me.
  • Steve:That's what happens when ya date geeds hahaha

I know people on here have ranted about this before, but I find it hilarious that these “fratty” guys are like I am a Republican, im so TFM. If you are under 18 and can’t even vote, shut the fuck up. I have no problem with anyone wanting to join greek life obviously, I am a god damn rush chair for heaven sakes. But when you start re-blogging pictures of like greek organizations that you don’t even belong to or like people getting fucked up. It is like come on man you are in high school. Yeah I got wild in high school but I was doing me and not trying to impress an older crowd. So calm the fuck down and act y'alls age. You will have plenty of time to rage tits in college, and get y'alls balls hazed off. So please sit the fuck down. End of rant. 

fuckin geeds, man

Sometimes I really hate the non-Greeks at this school.  I just witnessed someone accept a fraternity bid while in the campus coffee shop (made up largely non-Greek patrons), and everyone around him wasted no time berating him for it, chanting, “ONE OF US. ONE OF US.”  How about mind your own damn business.  No one’s making fun of you for badly singing karaoke like an asshole while others are trying to study.  Greek life makes us happy, feeling superior for drinking organic coffee makes you feel happy, let’s just let bygones be bygones.


I remember when I thought 7 guys hanging out in a basement was actually a frat. I hope they learn that it takes a lot more than drinking and fucking every girl they see to have a meaningful friendship. I dont think they realize how awful they are to each other. Its not even that you treat girls like shit because its worse, you dont give a fuck about the people you act like yore so close to. One guy told me he just didnt care about his friend who got in a car accident, and he thought there was something wrong with him because of it…well no shit Sherlock youre fucked. Please please please grow up and stop asking me to sleep with you, theres plenty of highschool freshman who will believe in your bullshit dont waste time with people with an IQ over 60 because you are all terrible liars. Leave me the fwig alone, I dont even live there. /rant

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I'd totally help you track down those perverts and slap them across the face with a sandal

honestly im geed prepare your sandal im taking a stiletto lets go 


Gia Landgraab was the youngest and arguably the most kindhearted of her family. She hadn’t inherit the geed nor need for control that followed her families reputation. There line was deeply rooted in the town they were thought to have been the town founders. It didn’t stop her from receiving her share of backlash. She was a bundle of nerves she’d managed to talki her father into letting her get a part time job at the local paper anything to get out of the house for a few hrs. Living there had become unbearable since her aunt Sophia moved in.


“Gia?” Geoffrey bit into his hot dog before glancing over at his daughter.

“When shall aunt Sophia’s condo be completed?” She whispered as the rest of her family chatted away happily. 

“Not soon enough.” Geoffrey winked and continued eating, “If you ask me, she out stayed her welcome the moment Aries took her coat.”

Sophia had failed to make an appearance to the family dinner, and when she did it was often formal like a business meeting, her smiles never quite reached her eyes. Gia had only ever heard her laughter in the board room when she visited the family business as a child, but even then her mother, Nancy, had rushed her out and banished her to the lobby with the receptionists. 

I am wondering still, on how can I fell on a flat surface with equal force of gravity attraction without any extra forces from the surrounding. And I wore plain sandals too.

How the hell did you fall geeds?