Surprise addiction

Warnings: none

Requested: No

Pairing: Reader and Danger Days!Gerard

Words: 666 (ALL HAIL GEESUS)

Imagine watching an interview of Gerard while being his soon-to-be wife.

You clapped as they announced the next guest; your fiance. Gerard Way.

“Welcome.” The interviewer said kindly, and Gerard answered with a quick ‘Hi’ himself. He listened carefully to what was said, and you wondered if he knew you were there. You never told him, so maybe he didnt?

After a while, the topic changed from Album-stuff to personal topics. Well, to be more specific; you. “So Gerard, social-media told us you’re engaged?” He smiled brightly, and you found yourself nearly making an ‘aww’ sound at how childish and innocent he looked. “Yeah! I am.” You smiled, and he was shifting a little, making himself more comfortable. “So who’s the lucky woman? We’ve never seen her!” He scratched his neck awkwardly, and still smiled. The interviewer digged deeper, desperately trying to keep the man talking. “Well she must be beautiful if you chose to live your life with her.” He looked up again, and his answer was quick and steady.

“She- yeah! Yeah she is, yeah!” You giggled along with some other people, and he started to giggle a little too. “You know, I just dont wanna put her in the middle of the picture and make her prey for people who.. you know, dont really want good things, you know?” The interviewer nodded, and you smiled kindly. He really was a sweetheart, always looking out for you, not only in those topics. Always making sure you were okay, and that you didnt feel abandoned by his constant touring. Yes, you felt lonely sometimes, but he was living his dream, so it was completely okay with you. His smile always made up for it. Suddenly he got serious again.

“But its not just her looks, you know? Shes just.. special. Like, it seems like she doesnt care who I am or what I’ve done, she just accepts me as a person, and doesnt really give a fuck about what people say.” People 'aww'ed and clapped, and you found yourself smiling without control. You were clapping too, and suddenly, the interviewer smiled. “Well well, a little bird actually tweetet something in my ear right now.” You smiled, knowing what it was, and who it was. You had told one of the crew members that you would be there, and he agreed on dropping the small bomb withing the interview to surprise him. You both were apart for more than four Months of touring, so you were dying to feel his embrace again. Gerard looked at the interviewer with interest, and a confused smile. “Would miss soon-to-be way stand up for a second?” He looked around, and smiled amazed as he spotted you in the crowd, making your way up to him.

“Aaaah!” He screamed playfully as he stood up to scoop you up in his arms. You laughed, and he laughed, and the people clapped as you held each other for a moment. He took your hand after he gave you a small peck on the lips, leading you to sit down on the couch between him and the interviewer. “Welcome.” You nodded, waving awkwardly, making Gerard giggle a bit. The rest of the interview went by pretty quick, and you both were dying to get home.

“That was.. how did you even get in there?” You giggled as he was still smiling in the car, happy to have you back at his side again. When you both reached your shared house, he took your face in his hand, turning it to his direction, before crashing his lips down on yours with eagerness. He missed you, he really did, and he showed it pretty clearly. You giggled and tried to talk between his playful kisses. “Easy there way- lets get- inside first” You said, and he parted, with slight hesitation. You knew, and he did too, that you both had a lot of things to catch up on.