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victor wonders why he hardly catches yuuri’s wandering, sparkling eyes anymore—did he find all the answers he was looking for? and he asks yuuri about it one day, and yuuri just blushes and tells him that whenever he’s looking for an answer, he stares at victor or stares at their wedding rings, and that’s all it takes for victor to burst into tears

  • Aomine: If I cut off my foot and swing it at your head, am I kicking you or hitting you?
  • Kagami: You'll most likely mentally scar me more than anything.
  • aliens: take us to your leader
  • me: oh, well okay.
  • me: *takes them to the president*
  • aliens: that's not the leader, we want Gerard Way.
  • me: *takes them to Gerard Way*
  • Gerard Way: *sees aliens, throws glitter in the air*
  • aliens: *ecstatic gasp*

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Ever since she adopted the child, a practise he still doubted was legal, Faba couldn’t deny the pest access to the foundation anymore. He had… accepted the other’s existence but that was about it and if Shivu thought he could cozy up to Faba by calling him a familial name then he was dead, dead wrong.  

He wondered what the other wanted from him. He tried to ignore him for a while but the person in the chair in front of his desk kept staring at him with a goofy grin.

“What do you want? And tell me fast so you can leave all the sooner.” 

okay but im gonna be really disappointed if patrick stump has never said “wow man, I am STUMPed” before in his life