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victor wonders why he hardly catches yuuri’s wandering, sparkling eyes anymore—did he find all the answers he was looking for? and he asks yuuri about it one day, and yuuri just blushes and tells him that whenever he’s looking for an answer, he stares at victor or stares at their wedding rings, and that’s all it takes for victor to burst into tears


Sooooo I wrote a little more of the mob boss omega Rhys AU with Russian alpha bodyguard Jack so….I hope you all like it c:

Rhys is so new—new in money, new in power, new in body that it makes Jack’s breath short in his throat.

Jack, who has cut his teeth on some many men, old and blubbery and armed only with years of loyalty and manipulation to innervate arthritic muscles usually clenched around pen or pipe rather than gun or knife—Jack who has killed more than his far share of arrogant upstarts as superficially fresh-faced as Rhys—sees something more that he hasn’t seen in a long time in the young omega.

And it’s exhilarating to watch.

It’s been only a few scant months since Rhys’ father, Jack’s former boss, met his end in a busy train station with hundreds of witnesses but somehow, no leads. Rhys could have very easily been swept under the carpet of the ensuing power struggle, or killed, or worse considering his omega status, if not for Jack and his pistol stepping in the path of the bullets fixed on the back of Rhys’ head.

“If you don’t step up, зайчик, they’re going to kill you.” Jack had murmured, his hand heavy on the back of Rhys’ neck one night in the boy’s new office. The carpet is mustard yellow and stained with old spots of blood, the desk cleared of any personal affects, blank and lacquered and shining in the lamplight. Jack had felt the moment that the trembling of the boy in his too big suit and too big chair had stiffened, resolve hard as chips of ice in Rhys’ eyes as the omega looked up at him.

“All right. Let them come.”

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Ok but pidge reacting to shalluratt just.....older sibling times three

matt: typical older brother, always messing with her, teasing her 24/7, but would also do literally anything to make her happy

allura: best friend older sister, always loves to hang out with her, gives her attention, enables her far too much

shiro: weak older brother, wrapped around her finger, tries to be strict but fails, ridiculously overprotective

all three: take any opportunity they can to embarrass her

  • aliens: take us to your leader
  • me: oh, well okay.
  • me: *takes them to the president*
  • aliens: that's not the leader, we want Gerard Way.
  • me: *takes them to Gerard Way*
  • Gerard Way: *sees aliens, throws glitter in the air*
  • aliens: *ecstatic gasp*
  • Aomine: If I cut off my foot and swing it at your head, am I kicking you or hitting you?
  • Kagami: You'll most likely mentally scar me more than anything.

I was tagged by @sweetlikehani to list my Top 10 Girl Group Songs (in no specific order bc i cant rank them :c)!!!! Thanks for the tag Ash <3!!

  1. Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls
  2. Genie by SNSD
  3. Chu~ by f(x)
  4. So Cool by Sistar
  5. Shy Boy by Secret
  6. Expectation by Girl’s Day
  7. Bling Bling Disco by Dal Shabet
  8. Wild by Nine Muses
  9. A by Rainbow
  10. I Am The Best by 2NE1

I tag @sshinhye @shineeworldvinla @kosunghyun and @loveoptionsmp3 to do the same, if they feel like it!!!!

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I've seen a couple of comments online about Natasha releasing all of the SHIELD secrets including some of the things she's done didn't really hurt her much so it had no real impact on her storyline. Would you agree with that? If so, why (or why not)?

I would agree lol. I remember complaining about it with some friends back when AoU did absolutely nothing with that idea. You could probably argue CW touched on it but just barely - since Nat’s become a public figure and she’s attending UN events in an official capacity for the Avengers. But they still don’t really have her dealing with like… old enemies resurfacing or people holding grudges for things she did coming to light, or Nat just reflecting on how its changed her situation and how she feels about it. 

I should stay focus
My mind: hey remember when
- sebastian said papi chulo in an interview
- frank and gee made out on stage
- frank posted a (almost) nude pic of him
- al tried to eat matt’s apple in an interview
-al tried to flirt with an interviewer but failed
-“jameh, don’t be a crackwhore”
- rdj kissed sebastian 
- frank helped to lift some drinks while he waited to get his tattoo
- sebastian ran down from a stage to hug a nervous fan
- someone threw a bottle to brendon till he knocked out
-frank broke his guitar strings and sit down, looking all sad but then flipped back on stage and played it like nothing happened
-jameh climbed on a moving car
-gee had a vine!!!!
-gee’s vine “duck duck duck duck duck duuucck”
-dallon had a vine
-brendon had a vine
-justin timberlake has a goddaughter named sophia
-gee sat on timberlake’s laps
-sebastian threw back beer into a cup and fallon drank the beer seconds later