gee netflix

a) I’m having a look at The Clone Wars on Netflix, and gee it’s jarring when the last piece of Star Wars media you watched was Rogue One to watch this distinctly jokier vision with battle droids getting their heads blown off for comedy.  

b) I do not know what to call the clone troopers’ accents; sometimes they come within cooee of Kiwi but they rove weirdly between Cockney, Australian and South African.  It’s Dee Bradley Baker.  Now Dee Bradley Baker is an excellent voice actor and doing a fine job of enabling you to hear a difference between characters who look alike and have the same vocal range, but 

i) did Temuera Morrison not want to do it?  It’s not as if he’s rich, even if they did call him Remuera Morrison for a while there.  (Remuera is an expensive neighbourhood in Auckland.)  It’s hard to understand the reasons for turning down a gig like that unless he was never offered it at all.

ii) even if Temuera Morrison didn’t want to do it, Kiwi actors are almost literally two a penny.  They wouldn’t get someone who has the CV and reputation of Dee Bradley Baker but they’d get someone who has the right bloody accent.  See also the distinct iffiness of getting a white actor to voice brown characters.

You know how I feel about Space New Zealanders.