Minato and Subaru didn’t actually end up together, ending not happy enough, 0/10 geddout

Since I have no idea what to say I’ll just make pointless observations

- Fun with black holes. Are they a point or a hole?? No one knows, Hikaru. What a final boss, though.
- Everyone got their own fragment along with the other non-color-coded fragment no one cares about, except Minato managed to make a while/blue/something fragment out of a red one and a yellow one somehow.
- Just hanging out on ancient Earth, don’t mind us.
- Minato in the hospital at the end seems to have longer hair now, whatever that means.
- Nice to see garden guy isn’t forgotten. Did he ever get a name or do I have to make one up?

You know what, fuck it, I’m going to say that Minato crying in the end means he’s no longer in a fucking coma and he’s going to start getting better now. There’s hope for the future. Right??

Also I hear there’s going to be a movie? When was that announced?

that awk moment when ur ex’s last name is the same as the name of ur hometown except minus the “ville” so u can’t just post casual status updates like “miss u stark” w/o worrying ur ex will weirdly assume its about them when bitch no ur not the only stark in my life geddout