geddit guys

Everyone is all like “grr Junkrat isn’t a cinnamon roll he is a psychotic criminal” and yeah sure, sure but he is

He is actually a greedy little arsehole that is most likely even self-righteous in his killing but really this lil basket of twats has, in canon quite a few times shown how protective he is of his best (albeit only)friend who he is extremely compassionate and playful towards, plus, though it was for his own benefit, he did show initiative to “go legit”. And, why would, other than maybe that life of crime getting too boring, somebody who’s so much of a murderous uncaring assbut actually wanna give up the crime spree to become a hired mercenary?

Junkrat is a fuckin cinnamon roll who is precious and just isn’t used to having friends plz love him you can be mean to him all you want but don’t think he’s so much of an asshole that he’s not able to be an interesting and flexible character.

okay so i spent 3 hours searching and i finally found a decent brush pen font for this graphic  ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

whats up u nerds ™

when i started planning this, i was close to 3k followers, but now im closer to 3.5 but anyway, this is to celebrate 3k+ people bothering to follow me wow ily you guys so much ahhh. bc im indecisive, im doing 3 things to mark the occasion [ayy 3k geddit] and you guys voted for these things

ill be doing blog-rates, a doodle based on ur blog/url and a handwritten compliment to go with it wooo! [i have ugly ass handwriting just a heads up]

all the details and shizzle below the cut bc i rambled

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