geddes court

University Life?

My first week at the University of Stirling has been filled with adventures galore.  First of all, I am a commuter student back in the states, so dorm life has been quite the shock to me.  I never knew people could be so very loud EVERY night lol.  So far, Scotland itself has continued to be a gorgeous country filled with lovely people.  However, for any future study abroad students, I would not reccomend Geddes Court at the University of Stirling. It isn’t an “ideal” dorm.  I would reccomend the University of Stirling, just be sure you are assigned to a different building for housing.  So far my favourite part of being at the University is the friends I am making! :) Aside from the other American students, I’ve met one girl from Germany, 2 girls from Norway :), 2 people from Canada, and one girl from Sweden!!  Some other wonderful things are: there are swans(tons of them) on our campus, the Wallace monument looks amazing at night from my floor’s kitchen, there is a mini-mart student store on campus!! So many amazing things available within 10 minutes of walking!! Tomorrow is also my first class! I am very nervous, but it’s an excited nervous! Wish me luck! I will tell you all about it next time!