Things Kata made me feel

I LOVE Kata. I am a groupie for kata. Ever since I started as a ten-year-old girl I have loved every kata that I got to practice. I’m like a Ninja Turtle with a damn slice of pizza for kata.

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Why? Because kata has made me feel so much!


Learning what a kata is by reading, watching, listening and practicing. And then being able to translate those kata movements for your students. It brings me great joy!

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Even when my students are acting like monkeys!


Every – new – kata – again.
Wait where was I supposed to go? Left arm over right or was it the other way around now…?

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That one part in the kata that you just keep messing up. Here are some relatable moments:

“Aargh why can’t I get that 235° turn right?!”

“That jump is so far off, try it again”

“You’re going too fast on that part, you’re messing around!”

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Fine! I’ll get it… some frickin’ day..!


Left – gedan barai, forward junzuki, mawatte, otoshi uke and BAM KI-AI!

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I am on fire!


Nothing makes you feel so powerful as that moment when you execute the bunkai (the application or analysis of a kata). That moment your attacker comes your way and you know that the kata will work its magic for you!

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That moment when you are standing there, in the middle of the mat, with four to eight eyes fixated on  your every move during your belt grading test/exam. 

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I’ve only felt this once, on my first belt grading! From white to a half yellow belt! I was ten, give me a break. I keep seeing the same fear in a lot of students but I have always felt ‘at home’ whenever I do kata!


Now I’m a woman (for those who didn’t know yet). Some people will answer dancing or clothes as an example of elegance. Me? I feel elegant after the
-block-punch-kick-drop down double block- combination in Kushanku.

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Kata to me is all these feeling and more. To me, kata is where all the other parts you trained come together

Kata means form. Simple but so effective! You practice movements, most of the time you have no idea what you’re doing, and it works

What are your thoughts about kata?
Beware though, I will (respectfully) defend the usage of kata until the day I die.