sticky boy!!

hes five whole months old now!!?!? a bit of a slow grower but weve checked its not parasites, and hes not too far behind the average tbh. not to mention temperatures have been a bit cooler, so im not too worried. hes doing great and his colors really shine after he fire sup after misting! its hard to see here but the contrast between his belly and his back is pretty stunning

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Hey , I was wondering if you have a shopping list type thing for a crestie at all ? Much love to you and nim ❤ thankyou

Awh thanks <3 

like supplies for their terrarium? off the top of my head:

  • tub or terrarium (size depends on age of gecko, 18x18x24 or similar for an adult, vertical space is more important than ground space)
  • thermostat and heat mat if you live somewhere that gets below 65 F
  • thermometer and hygrometer (preferably a probe one as dials are inaccurate)
  • spray bottle or mister
  • foliage for cover (dollar store plants, vines from pet stores, real plants)
  • horizontal perches (ledges, hammocks, sticks/branches places horizontally)
  • food and water dish
  • substrate (reptile carpet, paper towel, appropriate loose substrate such as organic dirt, eco-earth, leaf litter, you can go bioactive, but i am not the person to ask about that)
  • assortment of cork bark, branches, paper towel rolls, egg cartons for climbing on (can get creative here)
  • some sort of humid hide/dig box with moss/eco-earth
  • appropriate diet (pangea, clarks, repashy) and calcium supplement for dusting feeders and adding to food if you need to
  • light hood and a low wattage UVB - 3.0 to 5.0 (optional, but I recommend it)

I think that’s all the big stuff I can think of! make sure what ever you set the enclosure up on is sturdy and can hold the weight! It all really depends on what you are going for because you can do anything from a super basic cheap set up to a full bioactive, but I think I covered the basics. 

Some of the very little things I love about fallout new vegas

People really seemed to like the list of little things I loved in fallout 4, so I thought I’d do one for my favourite game in the series:
Little things I love about FNV - go!

- Raul will eat candy and sweet things you put in his inventory!
- Veronica’s reaction when you give her a nice dress
- flight of the valkyries playing as Jason bright takes his flock into space
- no-bark noonan
- the fact your dialogue changes depending on your intelligence level
- your aim slowly becoming steadier as your gun skill improves - it gives a real feeling of improving.
- the fact Arcade will accompany you easily if your intelligence is low enough - because you’re so stupid letting you travel alone is tantamount to murder.
- the graffiti that says “toss my salad Caesar!”
- the fact the legion pronounce “ave, true to Caesar” correctly
- the fact you can “try out” FISTO
- cliff briscoes apartment being FULL of dinky the t-Rex’s
- how fucking cool the NCR rangers look
- the Riot gear you can get in lonesome road
- mr New Vegas’s voice
- “n-heh, there’s the high roller!”
- the pet mole rat in Sloan
- the ending slides showing what happened after the battle of Hoover dam . It was really nice to see how my actions affected the mojave.
- Tabitha and Rhonda’s adventures being made into children’s books
- the freaking entirety of old world blues
- being able to seduce and kill Benny
- being able to kill Benny with his own gun
- what in the god damn
- the fact you can disguise yourself as a faction member, but a guard or higher officer will recognise you if you get too close
- Raul making fun of everything you select on his companion wheel
-there is more and I will add them :)