i wanna know what benny looked like as a tribal !!!! :’D (if you talk with benny at caesar’s tent he tells you his secret backstory)

PS.: of course i drew the picture too but i couldn’t find a way too work it into this short scene so here’s that as a bonus:

(also: benny has lots of pictures of his and his chairman family before and after their boot rider days in his jacket, at least in my headcanon)

Hello everyone! Long time no see!

Even though my owner has been busy lately with something called “work”, she still has time for me every day to check on me!

Recently she had been nervous about my feet and has done everything in her power to keep my feet nice and cool. She even called my stinky vet and got instructions from her! After almost three weeks of bothering me, she has come to the conclusion that my feet are just naturally pink on the bottom! Silly owner! (she has taken time to visit some other leopard geckos and check their feet too)

Even though I have now switched back to paper towel substrate, I now have a little cloth under my warm hide. With the “switch” at as low as it can be, I am perfectly comfortable at night time when it gets really chilly.

And I’m going to shed soon, so I’ll be 110% in no time!

Anyone have suggestions for smaller reptiles/amphibians I could research to get as a pet? I’m going to a reptile expo this summer but my space is limited so I need to adopt something small. I was thinking a crested gecko, green anole, or red eyed tree frog. Suggestions, anyone?

My partner knows someone who is trying to rehome her leopard geckos and obviously not taking good care of them (she keeps talking about forgetting to feed them, having to peel their eye shed off, one of them having weird poops, etc) so I feel like we may end up with two little rescue gecks sometime in the future.

anonymous asked:

Do ya think you can give me some advice on a proper crestie setup? I'm a worried gecko dad n I just want the best for my lizard daughter!

For sure! I have a few tips and pictures of various set ups I have done for Nim on my care page

depending on the temperatures where you are you will need a heat source (I personally like heat mats, ultratherm is a great brand) and a thermostat to control said heat source, I use hydrofarm’s

You will need a reliable thermometer and hygrometer, for this I highly recommend you get a digital one, as the little dials can be inaccurate. I just ordered one off amazon for like $10 that measures both and I really like it so far!  I also personally recommend a low wattage UBV light (13W 3.0 or 5.0 bulbs work good). You can read more about that whole debate on my care page as well :)

If you have a juvenile a smaller terrarium is fine, but as she matures you want her adult home to be an 18x18x24, which is about 30 gallons (or something of similar size). You can use terrariums or tubs, that’s kind of a personal preference thing, as they do well in either!

As for decor, what you use comes down to personal preference and budget! Basically you need to provide enough cover and foliage for them to feel secure and having some hiding spots. If you look at it and think “hmm this kinda looks bare..” then it probably is! They need some horizontal perches to prevent floppy tail. Hammocks and ledges work great for this, or you can make little bridges and stuff! You can do artificial plants from the pet store or dollar store, or go bioactive, what ever floats your boat as long as you can do it properly. Leaf litter is a great way to make even a paper towel or reptile carpet floor look more natural and provides some enrichment! When I need a little inspiration I cruise the crested gecko tag and look at people’s set ups for ideas :) 

I hope this helps, if you have any more questions let me know!

**edit** since you have a female you should also make her a little dig box/humid hide which is as easy as having some tupperware with moss/ecoearth here is a tutorial

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what kinda mixture would you suggest in a leopard gecko humid hide/dig box ? i was going to do just topsoil but should i add peat moss and sand?

Just topsoil would be fine! My dig boxes are usually either topsoil / sand or coco fiber / sand in a 1:1 ratio. The sand just adds a bit more texture and holds burrows better. I think adding peat moss to topsoil would be pretty redundant since they both hold moisture really well and may retain water a bit too much in that mixture. A lot of pre packaged topsoils have peat moss mixed in already anyway!