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Erythristic lizards (and an alligator)

Erythrism (ih-rith-riz-um) is a condition of unusual red coloration generally caused by genetic mutations which cause an absence of a normal pigment and/or excessive production of others. In some cases, such as in insects, it can be caused by diet.

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Hey, could you show me some of your favorite geckos? They're quite possibly some of my favorite herps!

Every gecko is my favorite, but there’s one in particular I just love beyond love. Meet Gekko smithii, Smith’s Green-Eyed Gecko!

Look at those eyes. Geckos pretty much all have beautiful eyes, but these guys in particular have just these gorgeous turquoise or jade worlds in their sockets. The string-of-pearls pupil, which allows for super tight control of how much light gets in just adds to the mystery; there’s something organically alien about this animal. I can get lost in these eyes. 

Like many members of the genus Gekko, this species is highly adaptable and can thrive in urban environments, deforested areas, and a number of other places you wouldn’t think it would happily live. They grow eight to ten inches long (a perfect size) and are insectivores.

Close relatives of the more-famous tokay gecko (another favorite), this gorgeous animal is basically my favorite gecko and there’s not much I wouldn’t do if I knew of any captive-bred ones up for sale. This species is poorly studied and possibly consists of multiple species or subspecies, as physical characteristics between locales differ wildly. 

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Exciting things are happening over at

Going Green

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The club is welcoming some new membership this year and is happy to watch the build of this 2013 daily driven JK. Tastefully built and at this point still driven 70 miles a day to work and back this rig will be seen on the trail from time to time but we will keep it to the blue and greens. However the driver is quickly shopping for something he can bash on the trails without worrying about voiding that warranty!

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Nerd up and ID this vinyl…

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Flat black….

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Frog with a frontal mower (Animals)

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Frog with a frontal mower

Illustration green frog with a lawn mower

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I keep changing his design but I saw a gorgeous Auckland Green Gecko and I simply had to update Lex to reflect that. The stripe along the back and tail was just too beautiful.

Also, blue for his outfit seems to work better than orange or yellow did - orange didn’t quite fit right, and yellow blended in too much with his bright green colours. Blue stands out more, yet matches nicely, just like with his comrades. And fittingly, he got blue eyes to reflect his colour, too.

What are you starring at? Never seen a Gecko? #jonathanubrig #hawaiigram #luckytolivehawaii #venturehawaii #glimpseofhawaii #808 #hawaiilife #gecko #green #hawaii #hawaiistagram #hawaiinei #relax #sunbathing #amazing #bigislandlove #kohala #pixlr #animal #camouflage #instagram #instagood (at Hawi, Hawaii)

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