gecko escape

Someone please explain. I woke up this morning to find this.

Now you all know how against cohabbing geckos of different sizes I am. So I didn’t do this myself.

At like 2am I woke up to a noise that sounded like my snake had escaped. I turned on a flashlight and saw her in her enclosure so figured it was just a gecko moving something or falling off of something and I’d check in the morning.

So I checked, and Ruby was missing out of her drawer (guess the new set up isn’t as good as I thought). So I checked everywhere in my room I could thing she would be. With no luck, I decided to just clean my room. I was putting away the miscellaneous animal supplies I had out and happened to glance into Aria’s tank.

And there was Ruby.

Physically, I’d think it would be impossible for her to get in there on her own. I questioned my family and no one was in my room. I guess it’s possible I did that in my sleep? But I find it very unlikely Id be capable of doing that without turning on the light and waking myself up.

I can’t even process what happened.