gecko escape

anonymous asked:

So I have a question, I know that snakes will 'throw up' if you handle them too soon after they've eaten and I was wondering if geckos also do this?

In leopard geckos, it’s very rare for a gecko to vomit from stress unless the gecko is very young.  Let’s take a step back and examine WHY a snake can regurgitate their meal from handling.

So a snake eats a pretty large meal and then decides to go snuggle down in some cozy snake bed.  But wait!  A PREDATOR APPROACHES OUR SERPENT FRIEND.  The snake feels like it’s literally too heavy to escape from this predator, so it vomits up its meal.  It’s a last-ditch attempt to lighten the load and allow the snake to escape.

Geckos don’t really have that issue since their meals are much smaller in comparison to their bodies.  They aren’t as likely to feel weighed down.  Personally, I prefer not to take a chance and don’t handle them after feeding unless it’s really necessary, like I was using a feeding bin.

When a gecko is vomiting, it’s usually for other reasons.