gecko escape

space-atoms  asked:

Is it common for boston terriers to interact with prey animals and not try to hunt them? Mine will chase rabbits in the backyard, but when she found a baby she whined at it and acted similarly to when she wants us to throw a toy. She only investigates toads and did a "drive by" sniff of a running gecko when he temporarily escaped. I'm glad she hasn't killed anything! But do terriers often do that without training? I thought they had a high prey drive.

Boston terriers aren’t considered terriers in the sense that they weren’t ever really a breed that did work - they were the product of a crossbreeding in 1870 and are considered non-sporting dogs. They were originally bred to be ratters but pretty quickly ended up just being a companion breed, so they don’t generally have a lot of prey drive. 

So what you’re describing sounds pretty normal - she chases rabbits probably cause they run and you freak out when she does, and she doesn’t really know what to do with small animals she could actually catch. 

Someone please explain. I woke up this morning to find this.

Now you all know how against cohabbing geckos of different sizes I am. So I didn’t do this myself.

At like 2am I woke up to a noise that sounded like my snake had escaped. I turned on a flashlight and saw her in her enclosure so figured it was just a gecko moving something or falling off of something and I’d check in the morning.

So I checked, and Ruby was missing out of her drawer (guess the new set up isn’t as good as I thought). So I checked everywhere in my room I could thing she would be. With no luck, I decided to just clean my room. I was putting away the miscellaneous animal supplies I had out and happened to glance into Aria’s tank.

And there was Ruby.

Physically, I’d think it would be impossible for her to get in there on her own. I questioned my family and no one was in my room. I guess it’s possible I did that in my sleep? But I find it very unlikely Id be capable of doing that without turning on the light and waking myself up.

I can’t even process what happened.