gecko escape

Please Learn From My Mistakes...

And never assume that a reptile won’t exploit the smallest means of escape from their enclosure, no matter how unlikely.

I moved Anri to a different setup to accommodate her growing size. It was a glass terrarium with a plastic lid. This lid had a hole in the back center of the edges about an inch or two wide. I figured she’d be fine since leopard geckos are terrestrial and I could swap out the top with a secure lid later. Well, apparently not, because I go back later to do so and she’s gone.

The little fucker climbed a sheer face of glass and flew the coop.

I still haven’t found her and unfortunately have to go to work, but everyone is on gecko lookout. This is entirely my fault and I feel so guilty for not making sure the cage was 100% escape proof. It was a mistake that shouldn’t have been made, and I won’t forgive myself if we can’t find her.

So yeah. That’s put a real damper on my day.

This lil guy had an adventure. He managed to escape I think using a less than .25 inch gap between the sliding doors of his enclosure. He’s been missing since Sunday.
I’d like to take credit, but it was really my cats who found him. They weren’t attacking, just interested. This guy, however, was screaming up a storm.

He’s very hungry and probably dehydrated. Still, I’m just so happy I found him in one piece. Escaped gecko and three cats does not bode well.