The past few weeks I’ve been working on drawing this. I now have my very own Tree of Life glyph framed for my space. Though this was created in the progression of my studies, my plan is to use it simply for meditation and reference.

The universe, the macrocosm, and man, the microcosm, are overlaid onto each other and appear to us as this design known as The Tree of Life. It appears that various belief systems, deities, philosophies all fall into place upon the tree. Levels of consciousness, processes of development—all these things can be situated on the tree to expose their nature and involvement within the greater whole.

At some point I’ll be sharing my explorations into the 10 Sephiroth along with the corresponding Tarot associations of the minor arcana.

Geburah, Rosaleen Norton

“Geburah presents a menacing humanoid form with talons, a pointed reptilian tail, and lightning bolts zig-zagging from both hands, and could easily be mistaken for a hawk-headed demon.  Geburah takes its title from the Hebrew name of the fifth sphere on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, signifying severity and strength.” - Homeage to Pan: The Life, Art and Sex-Magic of Rosaleen Norton, by Nevill Drury.


Mars/Geburah oils. If you couldn’t tell by all the red.
These are going to be a part of a Mars activation kit, which will be followed by a balancing Chesed kit at my Etsy soon-ish.
The Geburah kit will have the oil featured here which can be worn on the necklace they will come with, incense, tea, infused bathing salt, recipes for all 3 meals of the day, a mantra making worksheet, a partridge and a fucking pear tree. I grew several of the ingredients.
Eventually, I’ll get the video of me making these things up so you don’t even have to buy them, unless you want to.

5. Geburah. Strength, Severity. The Warrior. “Justice, Fear.” 8

Location: At the middle of the left column, the Pillar of Severity.
God-Name: Elohim Gebor.
Archangel: Khamael.
Microcosm: The right arm.

We return to the Pillar of severity in the sephirah of Geburah. The fifth sephirah is often associated with the traits of Mars, God of war. 

Let’s return to the metaphor of Chesed as a government using a system of classical liberalism. The lack of legislation and regulation would allow all citizens to do as they please. Grants and freedom would be commonplace. The unfortunate byproduct of classic liberalism is the interference of true freedom for the liberty of others—in other words, what is said to be free and permissive for one individual, may be restricting or interfering with the freedom of another. In this situation Geburah is called into action to rise against powers of stagnation and unproductive build-up. Geburah breaks down what is unnecessary and self-destructive. 

Geburah is a destroyer, who works to break down that which no longer serves us. This can be disheartening, especially when we become emotionally or materially attached. Secondly, Geburah’s tool is the pruning knife of the universe. Geburah cuts away what becomes a cancerous mass given to us by Chesed. Here is an awesome, awesome quote by Dione Fortune I posted some time ago that depicts this exact metaphor. Between Chesed and Geburah an equilibrium is found between order and disorder, building and breaking, creating and destroying (which directs us to the Empress who falls on this path).

As the fives are all undesirable in their violent nature, they provide for us a way to make necessary change to work towards better conditions. Geburah cuts away the bullshit and the baggage and provides a tremendous amount of strength to the warriors in the world who fight for their cause.

The Fives: The neutral conditions of Chesed, obstructed and thrown into disorder. The fives represent the half-way point, the large obstacle we must deal with to get through. This obstacle often makes people turn around, but there is wisdom and a great reward within this strife if the individual continues through it.

Five of Wands:  A free-for all and conflict of the egos. A dog eat dog situation where the strongest hope to claim dominance in the pack. Though the situation is dangerous, its best the individual gives their all to prove their strength and their worth, for this is how the wands work. Represents struggle, conflict, arguments, proving yourself, and using force.

Five of Cups:  The five of cups leads to grief and discomfort. In some imagery, three cups are knocked over spilling the wine. This indicates loss of pleasure and emotional suffering. The two cups that remain standing refer to the inner reserves of satisfaction that can be found if the individual is able to overcome their grief and recognize them (turning around to see them standing behind them). Other depictions, such as Thoth above, display empty cups that have been washed out and dried by the fire and severity of Mars. Represents pain, depression, disgust, distaste, disappointment, and can also indicate over-reacting.

Five of Swords:  As mentioned before, the swords represent powers beyond that of human conception and control. It is most present in this card, that the forces which act against the individual cannot be countered or redirected. This card indicates defeat and losing to these opposing forces. The individual has two options: to stop and admit defeat or to continue on until they wear themselves out and end up with nothing. Obviously, cutting your losses is likely the best answer, but can be scaled between the two depending on the context of the situation. Represents losing, being bullied, being defeated, facing a no-win situation, and gauging when to abort a situation.

Five of Disks:  The five of disks conveys matters of material loss, bad luck, and failure. Greed and fear of loss found in the four of disks proves itself to be ironic — losing the vary thing you tried to protect. Represents illness, financial mishap, failure of plans or productivity, and fruitlessness.

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“Thee I evoke, whose iron grip claimed the heavens.

Thee, that didst awaken the fire of Man.

Thee, that didst defy the will of a God.

Thee, that didst ascend.


HEAR ME, Amezarak!

HEAR ME, Semjaza!

HEAR ME, Mastema!




Come forth, by thy own true name

Come forth, by my own true will

You WILL answer my evocation, you who have seen the name!

I WILL you to come forth, dread angel of ascension!

Shin Mem Ayin Zain Yod Zain

Mirium Occultum…

You, who called me by my six names, NAMES!

You know not what powers you toy with.


I spat blasphemies at the face of the creator,

and I have left the curse that is the flesh.

I am the star that hangs from the heavens,

Inverted to the form of a gate.

An alternate path to the twilight of KETHER

I have shed my cloak of shame!

The horrors that lie in the crossroads of worlds answer but to ME!

Incarnate eldritch force, forbidden knowledge draped in fleshly skin.

By no arcana can you surprise me, by no ward can you be protected from me.

Cower before your Messiah, conjurer, and bear witness to this prophecy!:

Geburah, the dagger, will sever the ties between the cosmos

All shall embrace the utter spiritual void that is DAATH

Dødsengel - Evocation of Amezarak

Path of Teth: Retrieving the Wand

Sitting down and reviewing past events, I realize that I have been intentionally finding excuses not to go after the wand. Fear about dealing with angels. Fear about not being sure what I’ll find. Fear about the unknown in general. Fear about being wrong and that I’m just deluding myself.

Fuck fear.

If I do nothing, I’ll have nothing. The physical wand has felt empty and inert since the dream…

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Salve Jorge! Salve Pai Ogum!
Jorge sentou praça
na cavalaria
e eu estou feliz porque eu também sou da sua companhia

Eu estou vestido com as roupas e as armas de Jorge
Para que meus inimigos tenham pés
e não me alcancem
Para que meus inimigos tenham mãos
e não me toquem
Para que meus inimigos tenham olhos
e não me vejam
E nem mesmo em pensamento
eles possam ter para me fazeram mal
Armas de fogo
meu corpo não alcançarão
Facas e espadas se quebrem
sem o meu corpo tocar
Cordas e correntes se arrebentem sem o meu corpo amarrar
pois eu estou vestido com as roupas e as armas de Jorge.

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A Lesson On The Imbuing Of Force And Intentions

 There are lessons that remind us that force is sometimes a good thing, but in times of modern man force is a thing of negativeness and horror. How often do we hear the words “a showing of force”? In many respects this is exactly what it is, a showing of intentions towards or at something or someone. But what if, the force we are showing is more powerful then what we truly have knowledge of? What if the “force” we are showing is more powerful then the actions within the force itself?  In many paths you might of heard of the words “charging” or “enchanting” of an item.  Imbuing is a more correct term but it’s usage has long been forgotten due to the elegance that it properly shows. When in stories you hear of wizards enchanting a item with powers beyond that of normal men, but what if we all do this and do not even realize it? Think of a blacksmith within the times of war. With the deepest desire to protect his men, he might imbue the armor with his own energy of protection and not even realize it. His heart and mind think of the quality and strength within the shield, giving it more chanrge to hold that one last blow that saves the warrior from defeat, while the sword he carries burns with the hatred for the same enemy that it was infused with. So to any other it would be normal but against this foe it might slay them with the saved blow that the shield protected him from.  We each imbue ourselves the same way the blacksmith imbues his creations, we simply have forgotten this. In worship we imbue the power of The Creator within a Christian Cross, within statues and relics Pagans imbue the powers of The Gods and Goddesses and so forth. Each has their own ways but all the same when it comes to the outcome.  Force is simply the push of energy, the intention is what is imbued within the item, nothing more, nothing less. Words are as such and as said many times before, they too can kill if given enough energy. The power is always within us, what we do with this power to imbue our energies and intentions is simply up to our own actions. What you create you can not destroy once released, remember this and words can not be unspoken when imbued with either hate or love. Choose well and remember often this. -rtf


Angel Witch - Geburah

A Lesson Of Finding Our Own Council Within The Chambers Of Ourselves

 Within in each decision a council is made. Sometimes without action the thought becomes action, letting the council sit by as the caster of this thought reap the actions either good or poor upon themselves.  Within these halls, battles were won, wars were waged with words and losses sometimes lost lives. Wisdom sat among the many within these chambers. Appointed by the Gods/Creator/Guardians. These people controlled lives, changed lives and shaped worlds. Once man stepped away from the appointments of Divine council man appointed man and the truest Wisdom stopped and corruption began. We as a whole have walked so far from The Truest of Councils that we no longer see the powers of leadership as a divine thing, simply as a title to rest on top of others who are lower then themselves. The Wisdom of Old has been forgotten and abandoned, many have walked away to only be remembered within the winds voice. Council once was where man sat side by side with the Divine now we only sit beside each other with nothing between but the hollow shell of what once was. Return to your own Councils of Wisdom. Find your own Council Chambers and return to the teachings and Wisdom of what once was. It is here, always, simply stop, listen and learn. -rtf