Rodimus: There are only so many times you can do a Prime before someone calls you out.

Rung: ‘Do a Prime’…?

Rodimus: When Optimus wanted to get out of doing something he’d say he’d had a Matrix-induced vision and he had to work out what it meant.

*however many years earlier from this event*

Optimus is staring at a datapad while Prowl goes over stats. His optics dim. 

Optimus: *closes optics* I must go.  I am receiving a message from the Matrix. 

Elita: *somewhere* Hun, thats the second time this week. 


My first speedpaint of my illustration for @rungs-eyebrows‘s cover fan novel book, Wrecker Babies!! Unfortunately the colors in the video were kinda off, it wasn’t supposed to look like that… But I can leave a preview of the original looks! 

you know what I love doing?? CHARACTER DESIGN. it’s delicious <3

here’s an Animated Rung - based off of @adelightfultedium‘s sketches! I referenced TFA Ultra Magnus’ torso design and detailing to make him look older and possibly even a bit dated, haha. (his chestplate is vaguely based off the shape of the Ark as well.) this was a great exercise!