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www*youtube*com/watch?v=fTvYHz7YRKs the tension is crazy here

(Here’s another version that has a scene of them walking off stage too x)

The tension is so thick I could slice it with a knife and I still won’t get through it.

I’ve seen this before and I always come back to it because it’s one of my favourite moments and to this day I don’t entirely understand what’s happening. 

One things for sure, Kyungsoo has Jongin swoon

He’s just following Kyungsoo, glancing at him, staring at him, removing his jacket, fixing his pants (just above the crotch area), fixing his hair, shuffling around, swaying, trying to get closer and when he does get closer he moves away like he shouldn’t be. 

I’m completely sure Kyungsoo noticed this all. In fact, I think they both have their attention on each other the entire time. This is probably one of the rare times I’ve seen Kyungsoo stare back at Jongin for a little too long.

People keep saying Jongin looks angry, or that the two had a fight but I don’t think so because if they were fighting I don’t think Kyungsoo would be contantly smiliny. He doesn’t normally smile this much either, especially when the camera is not on them and when they’re at the back of a crowd in China. Kyungsoo has evem stated that he actually doesn’t like to fight. 

I think it’s interesting that at 3:32, Jongin already had his fist in the air and Kyungsoo does a smiliar gesture too soon after. The interesting thing is when Jongin turned turned to look at him, he literally adjusted his fist to mirror Kyungsoo’s one in order to fit a very similar position (he moves it higher). In terms of body language this would be a positive signal. It projects a kind of ‘agreement’ with the other person. 

If Jongin was feeling angry or upset he wouldn’t do that because it’s a gravity defying movement. These geatures allow a greater exposure of the side of his abdomen and the inner skin on his arms. When people are uncomfortable they tend to keep their arms and legs close to their body, it’s a subtle, protective stance and Jongin didn’t do that.

If we look for a common meaning in the gestures I mentioned earlier, I would say the preening could be him simply trying to calm any nervousness by giving them something to do but then he pulls his jacket off at one point which is actually a ventilating gesture performed under stress. The hair fixing and glancing makes me think he’s trying to look good for Kyungsoo. 

Then at 2:39 Jongin actually pushes his jacket back and stands there bringing attention to his body and Kyungsoo is just staring at him. Jongin doesn’t look back though and I’m sure he knows Kyungsoo is looking at him. He even licks his lips which is a pacifying gesture to calm himself down. 

The part at 3:08, Jongin has created this unecessary gap between them and Xiumin/Kyungsoo are just talking while Jongin just stares and looks away immedaitely after Kyungsoo looks at him. It’s like he’s trying to keep his distance but doesn’t want to? Espeically by the way he keeps coming closer but then moving a little back through out the video.

Kyungsoo is smiling almost the entire time.

The situation looks like a mix of frustration and desire to me. With the hightened jealousy when Xiumin puts his arm on Kyungsoo and the hovering, he even does a lot of gestures at around 3:46 that line and frame his face and bring attention to it.

If you watch the video I linked, at 5:02, Kyungsoo actually begins to walk backwards and smiles at Jongin as they walk off the stage. That doesn’t look like something Kyungsoo would do to an ‘angry’ Jongin. 

I’m not entirely sure, but Jongin’s body language is quite excessive here and the more I analyse it, the more sexually frustrated he looks to me. 

Let me know what you think, because two minds are always better than one! ♡ 

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Do you study? And if you do, how?

not sure if you mean studying art or school, but i assume art, since.. welp this is an artblog idk

art: i try to study and draw allot of figure and geature drawing on this site. and here’s a video by sycra, where he draws and explains how it works (this is where i started to get better at drawing flowy lines around my homestuck years) i only do 30-60 sek (1-2 hours) doodles of each pose and rarely use the 10 minutes (1-2 hours) thought it’s pretty usefull too, since you get more time to think about the poses). 

other than that, copying other people’s art and style helped me improve and learn developing my own style(just don’t post it and claim it as yours, it’s just for practice!). I allways took these long breaks (1-2 weeks) after getting depressed over my art so it’s ok to take breaks

looking trought photography books and draw from the pictures is a good way to practice too. 

i created a blog where i but my inspirations, references and tutorials because i don’t like to dig trought all my likes ahah. you can just look trought it 

i’m a self-taught artist since there are no art clubs where i live ahah but you learn faster if you have a teacher who are experienced in these kind of stuff 

  • Aries: Walks around with their head up and a giant grin on their face. Probably was a devout atheist.
  • Taurus: Keeps telling the demons that they are torturing them wrong, to use [blank] instead of [blank].
  • Gemini: Literally switchs between crying cause they can't see their aunt, whos in heaven, and laughing cause they know that their enemy is burning to a crisp right next to them.
  • Cancer: Reliving their past like 4 times and crying durning it all. And whatever breaks they have.
  • Leo: They and Aquarius are yelling at Satan for hogging all of the attention.
  • Virgo: Tries to keep calm, ends up losing it and throwing things around in a giant fit. Also kills like two people, who just regenerate without fingernails.
  • Libra: Died, and came back without fingernails. Keeps dying. Finds it justified cause you were a fucking prick.
  • Scorpio: Somehow they found shit that even YOU aren't into... Have fun with that.
  • Sagittarius: Your mouth is stitched shut and you keep on trying to speak with hand geatures that no one understands.
  • Capricorn: Thinks that Sag's gestures are all sexual, and keeps laughing as they go through sever withdrawl symptoms.
  • Aquarius: Debating with Leo about how Satan is hogging the throne, and how they should be up there instead. Also complains about how Satan is slacking and insists they could do a better job. Possibly creates a plan to overthrow Satan.
  • Pisces: I don't know why in the Hell you're here, but you are talking Aquarius out of overthrowing Satan.
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They talk about how Yuzuru’s hand pose while waving to the crowd is so beautiful and elegant, he really is a “Ouji-sama” / Prince ! And Wada Akiko-san said that if it was her, her hand would be not as beautiful gesture as Yuzuru did (LOL).
What makes me thought this is so funny , is because i find myself like Akiko-san XD