LoLest news ever.

Theres only one thing that can break the auction house. Its not an empty server, its not supply/demand, its a busted addon. The last time I laughed when an addon was busted is when GearScore died. 

Auctioneer is not currently working and its screwed the auction house. There is almost nothing posted and what is there is wildly overpriced. Apparently common sense isn’t a valid tool for deciding how much something should sell for. 

30 Day World Of Warcraft Challenge

Day 02 — The biggest jerk you’ve dealt with (in game)? 

This one is easy: The player who decides to whisper you and let you know how much your gearscore sucks…

I mean it. I can deal with trade chat trolls (i.e., don’t acknowledge them) and being ganked/corpse camped (because I do that shit to people too so I know how to dish it out and take it.). But I can’t stand someone pointing that out when I am fully aware especially if they are lvl 85 and I’m on my lvl 22! I run dungeons but I get sick of it if the group wipes twice. 9 times out of 10 if something drops that I really would like SOME ASSHOLE NINJA’S IT. My guild wont take me on raids for the simple fact that I’m female. (It’s a level 25 guild, so I’m hesitant to leave simply because I like the perks.)

If you are one of those people who feels it’s your ‘duty’ to let someone know they are wearing sub-par gear.. I’ve got an idea for you..