Gamertag: Pomtree97

A little about you: I’m a pretty young gamer, only fifteen, and I’ve been playing GOW since I was thirteen. I’m a little addicted to it, have a COG tag, have beaten the campaign on all three games probably four times each, and it’s probably one of the best series I’ve ever played :D Not gonna say I’m fantastic, but I’m pretty decent at all of ‘em.

Favorite Game Mode: Horde

Favorite Weapon: Retro Lancer, Longshot

“This series starts so many fights with me. I’m a girl, and this is my favorite video game. Most of my friends are guys, and they always harass me and tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about because I’m a girl and their favorite game is COD. I honestly hate COD. I can’t stand how boring it is. Almost everyone hates on me, but what can I say? This game is my escape.”

“I had this dream where I was in a battle against the Locust, they were killing everyone and out of nowhere RAAM comes charging out of a building with an army of Throne Guards and Boomers. In the dream I feel like I know i’m not going to make it out alive, so I pick up a Retro and start taking them down. More and more keep popping out of the ground, when Dom comes running and starts helping me. He then says: "We’re getting out I promise you.” So now I play as Dom all the time.“

Gamertag: Devin Caitlyn

Tumblr url:

A little about you: My name is actually Devin Caitlyn, which isn’t surprising. I’m 16 years old. I’m pretty new to Gears, I won’t lie but I do enjoy playing. I’m currently playing through all of the campaigns but I’m looking for people to actually, show me the ropes, you know? So, if you’re up to doing so, leave me a message in my ask box. :)

Favourite Gamemode: Horde.

Favourite Weapon: Lancer or Hammerburst.