Live as a Steampunk with Handmade Masks by Artcreativehands

Using recycled wood, metal, plastic, and glass, artisans Alexandra and Dmitry Bragin produce Steampunk-inspired masks. The intricate, fantastical pieces are decorated with gears and lenses—among other things—and have a faux bronze finish. See more of these stunning costumes through Alexandra and Dmitry’s Etsy shop, Artcreativehands.


National Geographic channel Nat Geo Wild unveiled a lion sculpture made of clockwork parts this morning (28 January) on London’s Trafalgar Square.

Famously, there are four bronze lions guarding Nelson’s Column. They have been there since the 19th Century, but today they welcomed a newcomer.

It’s not quite the Circle of Life, however, as this lion is only a temporary addition to the pride.

The statue, made of clocks and cogs, is designed to highlight the limited time we have left to save lions in their natural habitat. (Metro.co.uk)

Countdown star Rachel Riley unveils Nat Geo WILD’S dramatic new clockwork lion sculpture in Trafalgar Square, highlighting the plight of big cats ahead of Big Cat Week.  (telegraph.co.uk)