I want to head pat the hat kid

This should probably go without saying but uh, I loved A Hat in Time to pieces and I can’t wait for the DLC’s. If you haven’t looked into that game you should, it was fantastic in every way. One of the few games I’ve loved so much that I even grinded out the achievements just so I could keep playing. I noticed there was very little fan art for the game though so I guess this is me doing my part as a fan artist or whatever we’re called.

(also for anyone who cares, this is like, the third human I’ve ever drawn. The first one I’ve ever tried to draw seriously. It’s also the very first time I’ve drawn something that’s not my usual art content, so this one was very much a big step for me and I’m quite proud of it. Just wanted to throw that somewhere)

Hope y’all enjoy


Reppin’ tragic blondes for halloween. Not really the biggest fan of the musical version (I prefer the movie’s aes) but this jacket was calling to me. Still hunting the right socks and shoes

Okay so I decided to resdesign Gear. His jacket was changed a bit and—well, his clothings are changed basically. The design may be prone to change, but I just wanted to change his design a bit. I’ve been wanting to for a while, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. Well anyway, here you go! 

Gear and art belongs to me belongs to me


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WKIL Broadcast 14
Toxic Sunrise 💀🌞
WKIL Broadcast 14

Good afternoon, motorbabies, you know who it is. It’s your favorite nuclear wasteproduct and your second favorite radio voice, Toxic Sunrise, back to croon to you the sweet tunes while the desert crawls out of its sleepy little shell. By now, you might’ve heard – there’s a fire outside of the zones that’s encroaching on Zone 5, so if you’re out that way, be careful. I’ve heard reports of a few ‘joys disappearing out there and never coming back, and I don’t want to see any of your cute faces ghosted. There’s a radiation storm over Zone 3, and I’m hiding indoors with a few of my closest friends until it blows over. If you’re stuck out in the winds, you can come by the station and cuddle up with us for the time being. Quick word from our sponsors, Tommy Chow Mein has a new shipment of blasters in and is itching to get them in your hands. You know how he is, he’s a good businessman, so if you don’t intend on buying one, I’d steer clear for a few days. You’ll leave that man’s shop short a few C’s and with stuff you didn’t know you wanted. Darling of the zones, Ruby Rebel is still risking hide and hair to bring vaccines to the desert! Go find her and get yourself ready for the fuckin’ nasty flu season we’re gonna have. Too many good ‘joys died last year, I don’t want that this year. Mad Gear and the Missile Kid are throwing yet another party out at The Pit, so if that sounds like your scene, I’d head that way and snag a good spot before sunset. They’re set to take the stage as soon as the Witch’s sun hits the horizon.

On that note, I have a song request that goes out to not one, but two people. This is for some anonymous zonerunner or another who called me a fucking dustbunny and also requested it, and my favorite crash queen, Miss Atomic Bomb herself. Sing it loud for the bittersweet and brokenhearted, little babies. Killjoys, make some noise.