AND don’t be a dick about the things you DO like.

(addition courtesy of GearDrops)

  • Carrie: I love "did you just" as a response
  • Me: Yeah
  • Me: I think I've only ever elicited one of those in my life
  • Me: which, IN MY OPINION only just reflects poorly on the company I keep
  • Me: IMHO I've done many "did you just"-worthy actions/puns/jokes
  • Carrie: I feel like "matt" is sort of our in-crowd version of "did you just"
  • Carrie: because we don't need to ask if you just
  • Carrie: we know you just
  • Me: That... that means a lot. Thank you.
On This Carrie’s Birthday

Today is @geardrops birthday. Carrie is amazing. You should know how amazing she is. This year I bring back Horribad Birthday Limericks for Carrie!

I wanted to write a poem for my friend,
But I kept getting stumped in the end.
But it’s her birthday
So, I’ll try anyway.
Sorry, this isn’t better penned.

How do I explain Carrie’s awesomeness?
Well, she’s the best, I’d stress.
She’s got great taste.
Her recs are never a waste.
Watch Yuri on Ice, but I digress.

Carrie is such a great writer.
One day you’ll read her and pull an all nighter.
Her writing’s compelling.
I’m not overselling.
She’s so good. Fight me.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CARRIE!!! You’re the BEST!!! Have some horrible limericks for your birthday. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Here have a bonus Cassian!

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