AND don’t be a dick about the things you DO like.

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  • Carrie:I love "did you just" as a response
  • Me:Yeah
  • Me:I think I've only ever elicited one of those in my life
  • Me:which, IN MY OPINION only just reflects poorly on the company I keep
  • Me:IMHO I've done many "did you just"-worthy actions/puns/jokes
  • Carrie:I feel like "matt" is sort of our in-crowd version of "did you just"
  • Carrie:because we don't need to ask if you just
  • Carrie:we know you just
  • Me:That... that means a lot. Thank you.

Today is my friend Carrie’s birthday. Carrie is pretty spectacular, y'all.

C is for cats, like her Gravy.
A is for author, whether she believe it or not.
R is for rad, because she’s the raddest.
R is for rearguard, because she’s who I’d want at my back.
I is for iconic, because her fashion is on point.
E is for everything else, because she is a DELIGHT.


geardrops asked:

Hogwarts Questionnaire! 32&33, 37, and 48, please and thank :D

32. On your o.w.l.s, what subject/s will you get an O in? Which ones do you think you’ll get a T on?

I think I’d get O’s on Ancient Runes, Potions, and DADA. I think I’d probably get T’s on Arithmancy and Divination.

33. How about in your n.e.w.t.s?

I’d rock Ancient Runes. I’d have to study my butt off for Potions and DADA. Lots of color-coded notes and flash cards and lab practice. Then I’d rock them. Then I’d pass out.

37. What wizard snack would be your favorite? Or which one would you like to try?

Pumpkin Fizz! Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall. *dives into a pile of leaves*

48. Will you consider becoming a professor in hogwarts after school?

Totes. I love teaching. Teaching magic? YES PLEASE.

My dash put these two together so I read the second one as “Flo Rida” and I was like “Wow that’s harsh I mean Low wasn’t for everybody sure, but Club Can’t Handle Me was a solid track and deserving of the acclaim it got.”

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This fucking fandom.

I know, right? I’ve only been here for 2 weeks and it has already ruined my mind

Btw, I started watching Hannibal because of all the crazy shit that ended up on my dash. What got me was a gifset of Hannibal gaslighting Will in the dining room. I was all like “WHAT IS HAPPENING TO HUGH DANCY?” The rest is history. So go on and tell the world that tumblr is great for word of mouth. Or not. it could be our secret.

geardrops asked:

Hogwarts! 41 and 49 please and thank :)

41. What classes will you take for n.e.w.t.s?

So I was sitting here thinking about my BA in English Literature and Writing and realized that none of these kids ever took a literature class. Does wizard literature just not exist?? What dystopian nightmare are we living in that no one writes novels?? HAVE THESE KIDS EVER READ A BOOK THAT WASN’T A TEXTBOOK.

Okay but in other news if you think I’m not taking Care of Magical Creatures every fucking year I possibly can you then you are mistaken my friend. And Charms seems like a relatively useful in every day kind of magic. IDK, what job am I going for in the wizard world? What jobs do they even have other than Professional Athlete, Shop Owner, Healer, or working for the Ministry? Has anyone figured this out?

49. What would your patronus be?