I did something different recently! This shoot was rather spontanious and it was a real experiment. Oh boy

I’ve been playing Orendi lately. I didn’t get the chance to play her until recently since my roomie’s gf mastered her before I had the chance to try her out. We both really love her a lot. U: I’ve been sending her video clips of Orendi’s new skins since she moved out. ;u; Sure hope she loves the drawing I did of this lil munchkin.

(I’ll probably be back with a Jester Orendi drawing soon.)


battleborn tag


In case you haven’t seen them, Adult Swim aired 3 different commercials for Battleborn!

I was taking a look at my old drawings, and I noticed a sketch about Angel from Borderlands 2. I thought about drawing one more with my current skills, so I could measure my progress.

I am pleased.

Inktober Day #26.