I’ve been playing Orendi lately. I didn’t get the chance to play her until recently since my roomie’s gf mastered her before I had the chance to try her out. We both really love her a lot. U: I’ve been sending her video clips of Orendi’s new skins since she moved out. ;u; Sure hope she loves the drawing I did of this lil munchkin.

(I’ll probably be back with a Jester Orendi drawing soon.)


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Made myself a silly little Montana avatar for twitter. Battleborn got a huge update this week so I was super hyped and junk. Montana is muh booooy and now I can put kitty ears on him and Oscar Mike.

We got flair items aka HATS. They’re attached to gear loadouts for characters so now you can get dumb stuff like kitty ears that up reload speed or a chef hat that generates shards to buy turrets.

My roommate and I were up all night playing with the new gear in matches. He got a crown before they released the founder crown the next morning. There was an Orendi in a match with him that physically lost it over the crown on Pendles. I’ve never seen someone actually react to something like that in a game with a character. It was so funny. She was walking around staring at him and then flailed her arms at him when he taunted. IT WAS SO CUTE.

I’ll try to have some more exciting battleborn fanart soon. U: I have another cute illustration I’m working on of some Rogues. ;D


How much do I love Borderlands?

I mean, considering I’ve dressed up as a giant Claptrap, streamed the first game nearly twenty-one hours straight in the name of charity–which I will, at some point soon, actually post to YouTube–and am even currently streaming my way through the second game and its DLC on a weekly basis with friends who roast me every week… I’d say it’s pretty obvious I love Borderlands a lot.

So maybe that’s why nobody was surprised when I opted to extend that love a bit further by making it the theme of my birthday party. I turned thirty earlier this month, but since most of my friends are Responsible Adults, I held it last night, on the 27th. Details and links to prettier pictures under the cut!

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The Gunzerker’s ability in Borderlands 2 functions as an extension of the plethora of randomly generated guns in the world. By temporarily allowing the player to dual-wield weapons with this ability, the game expands the value of possessing a wide variety of weapons for this particular class, and thus makes their play experience more tactical because of it.


this is hashtag turnt the worst fucking thing i’ve ever seen in my goddamn life