He ain’t got time for ya shit. He’s got a cake to bake and piano lessons later.

I’ll admit I’ve been wanting to draw Whiskey Foxtrot dressed as Skeletor for well over a year now. Thanks twitter battleborn pals for helping me pick a pose and such!!

Based off of this Skeletor screenshot. (Flipped the Whiskey version bc that’s the side of his face you see in game)


I am so happy to share these incredible photos of my Phoebe cosplay with you all!

This was a massive project that was totally out of my skill range to do. But dang am I happy I did it! It was 50+ hours of work and several months of sewing, fabric dying, hair spray, holographic tape, armor making, and tears.

Photos by Dan Seiter Photography

I’ve been playing Orendi lately. I didn’t get the chance to play her until recently since my roomie’s gf mastered her before I had the chance to try her out. We both really love her a lot. U: I’ve been sending her video clips of Orendi’s new skins since she moved out. ;u; Sure hope she loves the drawing I did of this lil munchkin.

(I’ll probably be back with a Jester Orendi drawing soon.)


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“Children of the vault, we are not on Pandora anymore…”