I’ve been playing Orendi lately. I didn’t get the chance to play her until recently since my roomie’s gf mastered her before I had the chance to try her out. We both really love her a lot. U: I’ve been sending her video clips of Orendi’s new skins since she moved out. ;u; Sure hope she loves the drawing I did of this lil munchkin.

(I’ll probably be back with a Jester Orendi drawing soon.)


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The Gunzerker’s ability in Borderlands 2 functions as an extension of the plethora of randomly generated guns in the world. By temporarily allowing the player to dual-wield weapons with this ability, the game expands the value of possessing a wide variety of weapons for this particular class, and thus makes their play experience more tactical because of it.


this is hashtag turnt the worst fucking thing i’ve ever seen in my goddamn life 


“Children of the vault, we are not on Pandora anymore…”