Oscar Mike vs The Battle School Reveal Stream - Battleborn

Hey guys here is the youtube back up of the stream, it’s kinda a deluxe recap this time because i added the artwork Jim and randy where talking about. Also randy tweeted a behind the scenes image during the live stream.

Story Time with Jythri 03:18
Story Time With Sam & Jim 24:15
Whiskey Foxtrot Head-Canon 28:24
Oscar Mike vs The Battle School Gameplay 31:30
Q&A 43:15
Community fanart 44:44
Dunks for B3YA 45:25
More Q&A 48:00
Tea Ceremony 01:10:30
SHiFT Code 01:12:22
Small update hot fixes 01:16:25
Special Thanks from Jim & Sam 01:19:30


In case you haven’t seen them, Adult Swim aired 3 different commercials for Battleborn!

I was taking a look at my old drawings, and I noticed a sketch about Angel from Borderlands 2. I thought about drawing one more with my current skills, so I could measure my progress.

I am pleased.

Inktober Day #26.


Look, we’ve all lost dearly. Our people. Our homes. The light is getting snuffed out. Solus: the last star. And this motley crue is all that is left to save it. Only we can save this. Yet, we fight each other for the scraps while a legion of cosmic horrors and a traitorous scumbag consume the universe.

It’s time to be the badasses we were born to be. Either live together, or die alone.