Smells Like Teen Drama

Dean x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: Language, bitch teenagers (like me).

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A/n: Fun fact. The part with the itch teenager actually kind of happened to me. The last comeback the reader had I said to the girl who was being a bitch. Lets just say I out bitched her. The bullying thing were things I went through too as a kid.

Your entire life was spent looking up to people who you saw as prettier or of better human quality than you. Having issues with your physical and spiritual appearance was your forte.

There were the kids at school. Who picked and pulled at the little tightly wound curls resting on your head. Saying you were ugly and different because your hair wasn’t straight like there’s. To fix the issue, you asked your single parenting father to straighten your hair.

“I want to be like them daddy.” You’d say while looking in the mirror. Attempting to flat iron your 7 year old hair with a straightener that was off.

In middle school you were one of the few kids who didn’t wear any form of makeup. Uncle Sam and Cas had been building up your confidence over the summer between 5th and 6th grade. But no amount of love could’ve helped with the daily challenges you faced.

Teenagers and pre-teens alike would poke at your face. Making fun of the unruly amount of freckles it held on the surface. The nickname “polka dots” became how people remembered you. As though they need a small reminder of you and the mane of curls wasn’t enough.

It seemed as though everyday of your junior high days was spent with a hood on and a face hanging low. The second Dean noticed this he pulled you out.

“Baby, why didn’t you tell me you were having problems?” Dean was crouched down to your level. Brushing away each crooked tear that fell from your green and brown eyes and simultaneously cleaning the fistful bruising that hugged your eye.

“I thought you would be mad at me.” You looked up into his eyes, watching as they released a tear at the sight of his bruised child. “It’s okay, Daddy.” Reaching up, you wiped his tear away and pulled yourself into his chest.

When high school came around you were far from ready to deal with people. Especially teenagers. They were royal dicks. So rather than sending you to a public school, you and Dean talked about straight homeschool. Which worked out well. You got to attend hunts more often. Of course you weren’t allowed to help too much, overprotective dad and such. Life had been dialing back to normal for you. Well- as normal as it could be for a Winchester. Up until now.

You, your dad, and Uncle Sam pulled up to a house. All of you were going to go inside and do the normal routine. Ask questions. Anything weird. Blah blah blah.

Three teenage girls sat on the porch. Glaring at you and then talking to one another before smiling happily.

“Dad, I think I’ll stay in the car.” You said, all the while never breaking eye contact with the small bundle of girls.

“What? W-” Sam nudged his brother mid sentence. Directing his attention to the girls who were too judgmental for their own good. “They’re not going to say anything to you.” Your dad sighed out with sympathy.

“They don’t have to…” you broke the eye contact you had with them before turning your head completely away from the window.

“You really think some petty teenage girl is going to say anything even remotely offensive when two big guys with guns are with you?” Your Uncle had his arm drooped over the black leather seat. Making it so he was looking right at your hanging face.

“Teenage girls are mean.” Taking your head, you dramatically laid it back onto the seat. Letting out a deep breath of air as it hit.

“So be mean.” Dean piped up, causing you to lift your head with a furrowed brow. “You’re a teenage girl. So if they want to bitches- just out bitch them.” He smiled at you just as you smiled at him.

“Really?” You took one final glance at the girls who were clearly pointing at you and laughing.

“Really.” They both say at the same time. It honestly freaked you out how they did that on occasion.

There was no need to say anything. The three of you reached for the door handle nearest to you and swung it open. The entire walk up to the front door, you never broke eye contact with one of the girls who seemed to be the culprit behind it all.

The two suited men beside you had no issue getting past the girls. It wasn’t until you tried that one of them stood up and stopped you dead in your tracks.

“Sorry. No trash dressed hoodlums allowed.” She snickered. Feeling proud of herself. Your dad and uncle instantly turned around with their eyebrows raised.

“Guess being a hoodlum would be better than being you.” You tried to push past her but her force drove you down the three steps with a stumble. Driving you to land straight on your ass.

Dean was about to snatch the bitch up by her hair no doubt, but Sam stopped him.

“Don’t talk to me like that lowlife. I had a concussion and can’t take your shit.” The girl spat out. Crossing her arms as though she won.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” You pushed yourself upwards and onto your feet before walking over to her and getting right in her face. “Did you hit your head on the gear shifter?” The girl was more surprised you said that then you were.

Without a problem, you pushed right by the girl and made your way up the stairs for a second time. Stopping before landing in the deck.

“Anything to say lemmings?” You asked with confidence in your voice. Both of the girls shook their heads before moving off the steps completely.

“When I said be a bitch- I didn’t think you’d…you know.” There was a large hint of proud parenting on Dean’s face.

“I think these pigtail braids might be too tight.” You laughed out, causing you both to smile just as Sam knocked on the door.

i hate shit like that knob gear shifter and those push to start cars. everyone i know thinks theyre rad but whenever i drive those cars i miss the tactile feel of turning a key and actually using a gear shifter :(


“Shifting gears was the thing that made us feel at one with machines yet in control. The thing that let us challenge the road and feel powerful and confident. So, you can see why drivers lament its departure.

It can make a car feel sort of neutered.“

Here are all the wacky gear shifters from the New York Auto Show
Decades ago, most drivers were trained on how to drive a stick shift. The familiar layout of of two perpendicular lines that looked like double Hs appeared on gear shift knobs in automobiles and this configuration became an intuitive part of getting behind the wheel. As a result, outside of the rare traditional manual transmission sports car, the design of the modern electronic gear shifter has nearly given away to buttons and selectors. Read more
Too insecure part 2

I hurried out of bed and went over to my old closet, luckily I still had some of my clothes here – for emergency’s like these…
I quickly got dressed in a pair of black sweatpants, a grey sweater and a pair of Adidas shoes. I quickly pulled my hair into a messy bun, and of course I didn’t care about makeup at all!
I grabbed my phone and my car keys, then I said goodbye to my parents and left.
I can’t believe this was actually my fault! If I hadn’t left him, then this wouldn’t have happened!
I got inside my car and started the engine, then I drove off and went to the hospital.
I actually don’t know, who my parents talked to on the phone, but I think it was the people at the hospital, but it doesn’t matter anyway…
After about 8 solid minutes I arrived. I randomly parked my car in one of the drawn parking spaces. I turned off the engine and ran inside the hospital.
“Miss, you can’t run in there” a woman yelled after me as I ran down one of the halls. I was so confused. I stopped running and turned around to look at the lady.
“Hey, looks like you need to sit” she told me. I was dizzy, I would never be able to live without my jay-bear.
“Who are you here to visit, Miss?” the lady asked me after she had helped me over to a chair. I sat down and grabbed my head.
“Justin Bieber” I told her, the lady nodded her head, then she went over to her computer and typed in Justin’s name.
“Mr. Bieber is currently having a surgery, he had gotten the gearshift inside his stomach, so they’re closing the hole now” she told me as she sat down beside me.
“Is he okay? Is he going to die?” I asked her as I started sobbing loudly. I had gotten a lot of people’s attention, mostly because I was sobbing loudly, but also because some had recognized me.
“He is not going to die, he just needs time to heal and become himself again, sadly we can’t tell you if he has gotten amnesia, we’ll know, when he wakes up” she told me I let go off my breath, it was like a heavy stone had been removed from my shoulders.
My baby would be okay!
“Do you know what room he will be brought into after the surgery?” I asked her, the lady shook her head, she comfortingly placed her hand on my shoulder and rubbed it.
“But I will be sure to tell you as soon as he is out of surgery. In the meantime I think you should get something to drink, you look devastated” she told me. I nodded my head and thanked her, then the lady stood up and went back over to her computer.
I stood up and went over to the water dispenser. I grabbed a cup and filled it with water, then I went back over to my seat and sat down. I took a very small sip of the water, I wasn’t thirsty…
Suddenly this little girl came over to me, she sat down beside me and looked at me. I furrowed an eyebrow and looked back at her.
“Hey sweetie?” I said, the girl grinned and looked over at her big sister, she nodded her head, then the big sister came over to her and sat beside her.
“Why are you crying, Y/N?” the big sister asked me. I looked at both of them as I dried a few tears on my cheeks.
“Someone close to me got in an accident” I told them, I didn’t wanna tell them it was Justin, because they may have been beliebers, and then I would have made them sad.
“That sounds awful” the little girl told me, then she stood up and wrapped her tiny arms around me. I hugged back and smiled whole-heartedly.
“I hope you will feel better soon, Y/N” she told me, I nodded my head, and thanked her, then the big sister came over to me and gave me a hug.
I was about to ask the girls a question, when the lady from before came over to me.
“Mr. Bieber is out of surgery, he’s in room 209” she told me, I thanked her, then I stood up and looked down at the girls.
“Hopefully I’ll see you girls around, it was a pleasure to meet you” I told them, then I hugged both of them again. They both waved goodbye as I made my way over to the elevator.
I went up to the second floor and got out, then I walked over to room 209.
I opened the door slowly. Two nurses stood in front of Justin and made sure everything was alright. They both turned to look at me, they had big smiles on their faces.
“Hello miss, you must be Mr. Bieber’s girlfriend?” one of them asked me, I nodded my head and sat down beside Justin.
“Is he alright?” I asked them, both of them nodded their heads.
“Yeah, he should wake up any minute now” the other one told me, then they left the room.
I moved my chair closer to Justin and grabbed his hand.
I caressed his hands as tears streamed down my cheeks again.
“I’m so sorry for leaving you, Justin. If I hadn’t done it, then this wouldn’t have happened” I told him, even though I knew he couldn’t hear me.
“I love you so much Justin! Please don’t leave me” I cried, I placed my head on our hands as I continued to sob.
Suddenly a groan left Justin’s mouth. I immediately sat up to see what was going on. Justin was slowly opening his eyes, but he was clearly in pain, so he kept his eyes squinted.
“Y/N?” he asked me as he squeezed my hand. Thank God he could remember me!
“Yes baby, I’m right here” I told him, I gave his hand a squeeze back, then I leaned over towards Justin and pecked his dry lips.
“I’m so sorry” Justin said as he started crying. “I should’ve never hung out with Jayde, when I knew you were at home waiting for me” he continued. I shook my head and cupped his face.
“Don’t apologize! You have the right to hang out with whoever you want to, I was just being selfish” I told him, Justin shook his head and placed his hands on top of mine.
“No, I hadn’t been hanging out with you, and since you’re my girlfriend, the love of my life, I of course need to hang out with you, because without you I’m miserable” he told me, I smiled as I sobbed, then once again I placed my lips on top of Justin’s.
Justin tried to sit up, but I hurried to hold him down.
“Stay down, you got your gear shifter inside your stomach, so the doctors just finished closing the hole” I told him, Justin’s eyes got wide and he made a face .
“Yeah, sounds gross” I told him as I chuckled. Justin nodded his head and rubbed his forehead.
“Do you happen to know if they found a small box in the car?” he asked me, I furrowed my eyebrows and shook my head.
“No, were they supposed to?” I asked him, Justin nodded his head and placed his head against the pillow.
“Why a small box?” I asked him, suddenly I was curios.
“Well, I have – for a few weeks now – been planning on asking you to marry me, but when you broke up with me, I thought I could just as well throw out the ring, but then again, I couldn’t… So after a few hours of drowning my sorrows I grabbed the box and went out to my car, I wanted to give you the ring even though I knew you would never want to marry me, but I didn’t quite get there – as you know – so the ring must be in the car” he explained. I gasped and covered my mouth.
“You were going to asking me to marry you?” I asked him, Justin shyly nodded his head, and a light shade of pink formed on his pale face.
“I would love to marry you” I truthfully told him, Justin’s eyes got wide, and the biggest grin formed on his face.
“Are you serious?” he asked me. I nodded my head and kissed his lips.
“Of course! There’s nothing in the world that I rather would” I told him. Justin grabbed my face, then he pulled me down to him and connected our lips, this kissed was more passionate than ever!
“Oh, sorry to interrupt” someone suddenly said, Justin and I pulled away from each other and looked at the doctor.
“The firemen found a few things in Mr. Bieber’s crashed car that they thought he might wanted” he explained. I stood up and went over to the doctor, who handed me the box.
“Thank you so much” I told him, the doctor nodded his head, then he left the room.
I went over to Justin again and placed the box beside him. I opened it, and then first thing that caught my eyes were a big package of condoms.
“Really?” I asked him as I showed him the box. Justin chuckled and smirked.
“You never know” he told me, I rolled my eyes, then I looked back into the box. I immediately spotted a small, black velour box. I grabbed it and opened it, and there it was, the most beautiful and gorgeous ring you could ever imagine! It was a very unique ring, because it had a big, black stone in the middle, and then around it were small, silver diamonds, it was absolutely stunning.
I gasped and removed the big box from the bed. Then I handed the box to Justin.
“It’s beautiful” I told him, Justin nodded his head and smiled.
He opened the box again – since I had closed it – and grabbed my hand.
“Y/F/N, would you do me the honor of marrying me?” he asked me, I nodded my head and smiled widely. Justin smiled, too, then he grabbed the ring and sled it onto my finger.
“We’re getting married!” I squealed, then I leaned down over him and placed my lips on his to give him a kiss.
I wanted to give him some extra, so I added my tongue, which Justin clearly didn’t seem to mind, because he immediately opened his mouth and started playing with my tongue.
This was so perfect…

A/N: Did you guys like this imagine? Please make sure to tell me 💕


“Hey (Y/N), you wanna come bowling with us?” one of my good friends said to me as we exited the school building.

“No, we have plans.” I turned my head around to the familiar voice and seen Shawn leaning against his car.

I narrowed my eyes at him due to his rude remark and turned back to my friend, “I’m sorry, we’ve had something planned for like a month now. I’ll call you later tho.” I told her as she nodded her head, telling me it was fine and dismissing the conversation.

I turned back to Shawn, who already had the passenger door open for me, and sent him a glare as I got into his car. Not a word was said on the entire ride home. I kept my eyes on the road ahead of us, only glancing at him once just to take him all in.

A plain white t-shirt adorned his upper half and a pair of plain khakis adorned the bottom. I’m almost positive he had on his all black vans also. His hair was like usual; perfect.

A smirk made it’s way onto my face as he pulled into the empty driveway of my home. My parents both worked late and didn’t usually come home till around eight or so. His hand pulled the gear shifter upwards, placing it in park.

“Can I come in?” he asked from beside me and I slowly nodded my head as I slid out of the car. I pulled my book bag over one shoulder and walked up the stairs of my front porch.

I made sure that I slightly swayed my hips as I walked towards the front door. I dug around in the front pocket of my book bag for the key and once I had found it, I unlocked the front door.

A pair of hands found their way to my hips as I began to take my shoes off. I brushed them off and walked into the kitchen.

Just ignore him and make him think that you’re mad at him, I kept saying to myself as I could see that he followed me in my peripheral vision. I opened the fridge and grabbed a cold water bottle.

“Are you just gonna give me the silent treatment for the entire day?” he asked as I took a sip from the bottle.

I kept my lips in a straight line as I walked out of the kitchen and to the stairs, heading to my room. I could hear him following behind me as I walked into my room. I knew his every move. His every step. I wasn’t looking at him but I knew that bottom lip was probably in between his perfect pearly white teeth. I set the bottle down on the desk that was placed on the wall directly in front of my bed.

The sound of my bed creeping sounded letting me know that he had done exactly what I wanted him to do. I could feel his eyes burning holes in my back as I face the pastel pink colored walls of my room.

I turned around to face him, my tongue poking out to moist my lips. My eyes landed on his and I didn’t bother breaking the gaze between us.

“Earlier, you were rude to my friend.” I started off, still staying in my spot not breaking eye contact. A hint of list reached his eyes as he licked his lips, placing his bottom lip in between his teeth once again, “That wasn’t very nice, Mr. Mendes.” I said again, inching towards him with very word. “You know what they do to people who are rude right?” I asked him, his eyes scanning my face as I stood in front of him.

His hooded brown eyes stared up at me with a look of desire. He wanted me and he knew I wanted him, but that’s not always how it works.

“They’re punished.” I finished, pushing him back so he laid on the bed.

He supported himself with his elbows as he kept his eyes on me still. My eyes scanned over him just like his eyes would do me. His shirt had risen slightly, exposing the lower part of his abdomen. My finger traced his v-line and I could see the chill bumps raise upon his skin just from his touch.

“How are they punished, you ask?” I said climbing on top of him, straddling his waist now. “You’ll just have to find out.” I whispered, my nose brushing his as I lowered my face closer down to his. My lips brushed against his and I took his bottom lip in between my teeth tugging on it lightly as I brought my heads back up. He had now laid all the way back.

His hands went to grip my hips as I began to roll my hips over his and I smacked them away, rising to my feet, “Naughty boys do not get to touch.” I said, as he leaned his head back his closing softly and then he once again looked at me.

I now sat on my knees in front of him and he was now supporting himself on his elbows once again, “Such a naughty, naughty boy.” I whispered, already seeing his bulge constricted by the fabric of his boxers. I raised the hem of his shirt up lightly and seen that waistline of the black TopMan boxers were showing.

I flipped my hair over to one side as I began to leave small kisses along the waist band of his boxers. My small hand began to grope him through the khakis that rested low on his hips.

“Pl-” I stood to my feet as he began to speak and placed a finger to my lips.

“Naughty boys do not speak.” I said, watching as his cheeks flustered a deep red.

His list filled brown eyes, now almost black, scanned my body over once more as he brought his lip in between his teeth once again. I lowered myself back down and unbuttoned the khakis, sliding them off easily as he raised his hips slightly helping me. I could feel his eyes watching me as I tugged on the waist band of his boxers. He raised his hips, meaning he wanted them off but I shook my head, “Not yet, Mendes.” I said as he shut his eyes, his jaw clenching tightly.

I rose to my feet and stared at him contently. As I went to speak he rose to his feet, his hands gripping my arms tightly. He pushed me down onto the bed forcefully, his hands resting on each side of my head.

“Oh, baby girl, you think you can just tease me like that and expect me to just let you? You’ve completely lost your mind.” he said, his face inches from mine.

I placed my hand instinctively on his shoulder, but he pushed it away.

“Naught girls are not aloud to touch.” he said a smirk adorning his lips proudly.

His face was so close to mine that every time he spoke, his lips would merely brush against mine almost teasingly.

The table had been completely turned and I didn’t didn’t mind one bit. He stood tall above me, his eyes burning holes through me.

“What do naughty girls get?” he asked, his hand pushing up the bottom my shirt so he could run his cold finger tips along the line of my dark washed skinny jeans.

Instead of copying my actions of what I did to him, he backed away from me and took a seat in the black spinning desk chair.

“Stand up.” he ordered, watching my every movement as I rose to my feet immediately.“Take off your shirt.” he ordered once more and I did it. He threw ordered out at me left and right until I stood in front of him in nothing but my under garments. He stood to his feet and began circling me. “What should I do with you?” he asked in a low voice, his hands pulling all of my hair to one side as his hot breath fanned over my neck.

Chill bumps arose all over me as his plump lips came in contact with the skin just below my ear.

“Oh, baby girl, you don’t know what you’ve just done.”


AU: Lily and James live! Yay amazeballs!

For @jilytober. I almost wrote something tragic and terrible, but then I decided not to. Title to be decided. Sister piece thingy to ‘Copilot’. :D


It’s a beautiful day, and Lily Potter is teaching Harry how to drive. Everything about this is thoroughly illegal, of course, because Harry has only just turned fourteen. Indeed, he’s barely tall enough to reach the pedals of Lily’s now-antique 1969 Ford Cortina, which James and Sirius have been maintaining with various enchantments since roughly 1980 - and Lily is pretty sure that most of those enchantments would make the car itself illegal if anyone were to inspect it…well, closely, anyway.

Lily smirks to herself. There’s no way in hell anyone at the Ministry of Magic is clever enough to work out what James and Sirius have done with this car over the years. And, truly, they’ve done a marvelous job, having used Sirius’s motorbike as a testing ground for all the enchantments they’ve put on the Cortina - because now, with over two hundred thousand miles on it, this car can not only fly; it can also fly invisibly. Not only that, but it can also drive like a completely normal car, except James and Sirius have charmed it to oil and fuel itself in a pinch. But as far as anyone else is concerned, the Cortina is just a vintage car that’s been restored.

Lily loves this car. This was the car she’d learned to drive in, also at the very illegal age of fourteen, with her father in the passenger seat. This was the car she and James had taken into the Scottish Highlands during the summer of ’78, right before all hell had broken loose during the war, and this was the car they’d lived out of for a week after Voldemort had blasted their house to a crater in Godric’s Hollow that fateful Halloween night. And even though they’d never had a second child, Lily still keeps Harry’s baby seat tucked away in the boot.

Except, now, he’s in the driver’s seat. And Lily is as happy as a pig in shit.

RRRRRRR-rrrrrr-rrrrrrRRRRRRRrrrrr-ptt ptt ptt.

The engine sputters and stalls as Harry tries and fails to shift gears. He sets his jaw in frustration, the muscle in his cheek twitching exactly the way James’ does when James grits his teeth. Harry pushes the brakes and brings the car to a stop; then, in a very un-James-like manner, he glances about the parking lot, straightens up in the car seat, and puts his hand back on the gear shifter. His arm wobbles a bit as he pushes the shifter forward.

“Not yet,” Lily says patiently, putting her hand over Harry’s to stop him. “Remember, put the clutch in first and give her a little rev. There you go. Now let the clutch out - there you go - not too fast now, gently does it.”

Something deep inside the transmission lurches as Harry locks the car into first gear. After a moment, the car bounds forward; startled, Harry moves to hit the brake, but accidentally pushes the clutch pedal instead. With a yelp, Harry shoves them into second gear, and - much to his apparent horror - they speed up, hurtling towards a tree at what feels like eighty kilometers per hour. Eyes wide, Harry swerves hard to the right, and they miss the tree by about a meter.

Lily lets loose a quick cheer, but then catches herself. She swallows her laughter and puts a hand on Harry’s shoulder, steadying him.“It’s okay,” she says calmly, although she can’t stop grinning.”That shift into second was a bit unexpected, but you handled it all right. Nice job avoiding that tree. Try to relax.”

“You don’t even seem worried,” Harry grits out. “You’re worse than Dad.”

Lily laughs. “Oh? Well, that’s high praise.”

“Mum,” Harry groans.

“Don’t worry, I’ve still got my foot on the emergency brake over on this side. I’ll stop us if anything dangerous happens.”

“Yeah, well, you drive like Dad flies,” Harry says, and Lily struggles not to cackle with glee. She clears her throat.

“Guilty as charged,” she admits. “Easy now around that corner, though.”

The car swerves again, and Harry swears as their tires scrape the curb of the parking lot.

“That wasn’t too bad, actually,” Lily says cheerfully. “Just look at the point on the road where you want the car to go. The car will follow your eyes. And we’re still in second gear, but you’re doing fine. Downshift when you’re ready.”

Harry swallows and clutches the wheel, refusing to take his eyes off the pavement. Trees and parked cars roll smoothly past the window.

“There,” Lily says. “I think you’re getting the hang of it.”

There’s a short pause. Then: “Can I take us on the road?”

“Absolutely not. You’re still stalling on the startup, and I won’t have you doing that at a traffic light where you could get rear-ended. We’re not going on the road until you can handle this car in fourth gear, in this lot, without crashing or stalling.”

“Mum, this lot is tiny.”

“That’s what I mean. If you can control the car at high speed in this lot without crashing or stalling, it’ll mean you’ve got the timing and reflexes to handle anything that comes up on the road.”

Harry looks skeptical, but doesn’t take his eyes off the pavement. He steers the car around another turn, a bit less jerkily this time. “Oh, so that’s what you did, then. Obviously.”

Lily leans back in her seat, stretching like a cat. “Oh, yes. This car is nimble enough, trust me.”

Excitement flickers across Harry’s face, and Lily notices him forcing back a grin. So that’ll be something he and James play with when I’m not home, then, she thinks. Well, that’s all fine. James handles the car well enough, and if anything he’s a bit more cautious behind the wheel than she is; the car isn’t a broomstick, so James doesn’t push his luck quite as much when he’s driving it. But he’ll know how to let Harry test himself without getting into a wreck.

“Hey,” Harry says, snapping Lily out of her reverie. “I’m, er, going to try shifting a few more times. How do I - what’s the timing again?”

“Clutch pedal in,” Lily coos. The car screeches. “Oops, not the brake. Ah, there we go. All right, push the clutch in. There you go - wait for it - okay, now move the shifter…good…all right…now let it back out…”

They continued for another two hours. Harry learned quickly, managing to start the car without stalling several times by the end of it. Lily was enthralled. By the time they drove back home, the sun was setting. All the sky was alight with color.


“Hey,” James says, sauntering onto the drive as Lily parks the car in front of their house. “How’d it go?”

“Pretty well,“ Lily replies. She flashes Harry a grin, but Harry shrugs modestly and pulls the latch to open the car door. Hiding what looks like a grin, he gives both his parents a quick glance and then turns to go inside. James sees Harry’s expression and raises an eyebrow.

“I’m going to take that to mean he drives like you,” James says.

“Nah.” Lily watches her son’s retreating back. “He drives like you.”

“I think he’s leaving us alone.”

Lily blinks. “You didn’t tell him about that road trip we took when we were eighteen, did you?”

“Well, I told him how you got a pile of parking tickets, how you steered with your knees, and how you tried and failed to teach me how to drive in that field next to the A82.” James rests his elbows on the sill of the passenger’s window and leans forward to whisper in Lily’s ear. “But I didn’t tell him anything else.” He kisses her jaw, and she shivers.

“So,” he says after a moment. “Want to go for a spin?”

Lily blushes, but then she catches herself and smirks. She sweeps her hair out of her face and steps out of the passenger seat, holding the door open for James. “Sure. Where to?”

James grins and gets in the car. “Anywhere you want to go.”


“People say you should not meet your heroes, but heroes I’ve met such as Ayrton Senna, Rick Mears and Roger Penske, never disappointed me. Senna did not disappoint me at any level. He was just amazingly quick,” remembered Nigel Beresford, from his home in the UK.

“My opinion is that Senna was extraordinarily charismatic and enigmatic, and seemed to be capable of raising his performance to a level far beyond the reach of other F1 drivers; most particularly in qualifying,” Beresford told us.

Senna had just ended the 1992 season with McLaren and was pondering his options. Beresford had just left Tyrrell one year before, after three seasons in F1, to join Penske Racing in the U.S.

“We were out to test the new Penske PC22 for three days – one at Firebird West, a 1.1-mile road course, which really is a Mickey Mouse place – followed by two days on Phoenix International Raceway’s oval. We also had a 1992 Penske to use as a comparison car and as a baseline,” Beresford explained.

A few days before the test, an agreement was reached through Emerson Fittipaldi for Senna to drive the ‘92 car. “It was a last-minute deal,” Beresford confirmed.

“When Senna arrived, he was alone with John Hogan of Marlboro. It was quite a stunning contrast between the grandeur of the Australian F1 GP at Adelaide and the very basic, Mickey Mouse, kart-like track in the middle of nowhere just outside Phoenix. To see someone like him in such an ordinary place a year later still seemed surreal,” the engineer added.

“Emerson drove the '92 car first; it was pretty cold and the track was very slippery. He had a little spin in the cold tires, but eventually found the car pretty well balanced and just lacking overall grip. He did not push hard at all. He locked up one front tire at one point. He came in, and we changed tires, and adjusted the brake balance a bit more towards the rear. Emmo completed a 12-lap run and a 13-lap run, setting a best time of 49.70 seconds twice,” Beresford told

After a short break, Senna slid into the narrow cockpit of the Penske car.

“Normally, F1 drivers get at pace immediately. Ayrton started doing some pretty slow laps initially, and that was a surprise. This car had a sequential gearbox and Senna had to get used to manipulating a gear shifter again as the F1 McLaren was fitted with paddles. On occasion, he would lose his way through the gears. He would stop completely, select first gear and then go again,” Beresford explained.

The three-time World Champion also had to get used to driving a car with a clutch pedal, a turbo engine and iron brakes.

After an initial 14 laps, he returned to the pits.

“He said the engine was very driveable, and found the car pretty heavy – not as nimble as a much lighter Formula 1 car – and added he did not know the revs he was pulling because the engine sounded so different.

“Firebird has one moderately quick corner, and Senna was just starting to push the car through that corner. He could feel the weight of the car. He did not want to push it to the limit. It was not the place nor the time to do it. He wanted to see the sensitivity of the car. So we put softer springs on the car and disconnected the rear anti-roll bar” Berfesford explained.

Senna did another 10-lap run on the same set of tires, and set a best time in 49.09 seconds.

“He came back into the pits and said: 'Thank you very much, I’ve learned what I need to know.’ Then he got out of the car and that was that.”

We asked Beresford what did he mean by that. “I think he wanted to understand how different the Indy cars were from F1 cars, nothing more,” Berfesford replied.

“Fittipaldi’s best lap was a 49.70 compared to Senna’s 49.09. At the end of the day, Emerson did a 48.5 in the new car, and that was just 0.6 second quicker than Senna. That was very good considering Ayrton was driving a year-old car on old tires. To me that indicated just how extraordinarily quickly he was able to adapt and approach competitive times when measured against a known, very high standard in Emerson Fittipaldi,” Beresford concluded.