on to something new!

I’m making some 3D printed kinetic art!



These were 3D printed by Shapeways in their White Strong and Flexible material in a single build and did not require any assembly.  Their WSF plastic is really durable and detailed.  And since 3D printing intricate features is essentially free, we can create things that are highly complex yet still relatively cheap!

Back in September last year I decided to use 3D printing to create some fun contraptions that don’t require any assembly.  The iPhone case seemed like a great platform to start.

So, I read up on the guidelines for Shapeways’ WSF material and began modeling and testing.  To get the gears working with this precision I had to go through a lot of trial and error.  Generally, WSF clearance guidelines are .5 mm between parts, but I was able to whittle this down in a sense.

After a lot of work, today I am excited to release a couple finished designs!  I have a bunch of ideas in the works but please enjoy my first bit of kinetic art, and check back soon for more!

I stained these at home to help bring out the details using Minwax Wood Finish, red mahogany 225.

Order on Shapeways!  I have not received a copy of the iPhone5 case yet, but it should work just the same.  I wanted to make it available.  For now, it uses the iPhone5 bumper offered by Shapeways, but I will update that part and post here when I do.