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everybody lives AU | AKATSUKI
• setting — the Last

Akatsuki becomes a mercenary group for hire, as they did in Road to Ninja. 
This is more appropriately named the “everybody comes back to life and somehow things work out AU”… but as promised, 10 Akatsuki members in the timeline of The Last! Designing is fun (esp the village flak jackets) (・∀・)

See more extensive character/AU details below the cut!:

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Church Mouse

Request: Can you make headcanons about the reader dating Wade but being shy? I am a very shy and non social person to strangers but if I know you well then I will talk about lot.

You sat in a booth by yourself waiting to see if your pick for the dead pool was dead or not. You had quite a bit of money, and a lot of faith on your bet. You watched the door seeing if your pick would come in. The bar’s phone rang and Weasel answered it; you watched him, wondering what news was being delivered. He looked upset, and after a sigh he hung up the phone.

“Hey! I got results on the dead pool!” he yelled. The bar quieted as everyone awaited who was dead, and who would get the money.

“Snake Eyes got stabbed to death outside of a Toys R Us. He is definitely dead and that means Church Mouse won the dead pool.” He announced. Groans and curses filled the bar and you got a few nasty glares. They didn’t bother you though, you were so good your name never even made it up on the dead pool. You got up and went to the bar to accept your reward.

“Alright, Mouse, $2000,” Weasel counted out the money in front of you and you accepted it with a small smile, “Nothing, no scream of happiness, not even a little word?”

“Shut up, leave me alone,” You grinned. Weasel was a friend… in loose terms. There was a reason you were called Church Mouse, mouse for short, you were as quiet as a church mouse. Most of the people in the bar had no idea what your voice sounded like. You just weren’t comfortable enough to talk around them. You preferred keeping to yourself. You only came to the bar for jobs and the dead pool. Weasel kept people from bothering you.

“Hellooo beautiful!” a voice called out as they came undoubtedly over to you. Weasel kept everyone from bothering you, everyone except Wade Wilson.

“I thought maybe you died,” you said with a smile.

“Ha ha, as if you could be so lucky,” he laughed, hands going to hold your waist.

“I don’t know, Wade. Tonight’s my lucky night. Snake Eyes died,” you grinned.

“Snaaaake!” Wade wailed out.

“As if he didn’t get enough of you Metal Gear Solid references when he was alive.”

“Well, you won, why don’t you take a pretty girl like me out for a night on the town.”

“I will, when I find a pretty girl like you around,” you threw back.

“Ouch,” he laughed.

“So this is what she’s really like?” Weasel asked, looking between the two of you amusedly. You rolled your eyes and put your money in your bag.

“Yes, but ssshh it’s a secret.”

“Shut up, Wade.” You laughed. You walked around him to leave. He took your hand and pulled you back.

“Wait, wait,” he spoke and you let him pull you back so you were in front of him again.


“Balls in holes?”He asked.

“I want the big ass Panda.”

“Come on then.” he was running off to the exit as fast as he could. You let him drag you along, laughing all the while. As you walked about the arcade Wade held your hand pulling you along to whatever caught his eye at the moment. He was good enough at ski ball that he got the Giant Panda for you without any problem. As you walked back home you carried the panda with one arm while Wade continued to hold your hand.

“Yes! A jalapeno popper grilled cheese,” You laughed.

“I have never even thought of that! Are these the things you think up when you’re so quiet?”

“Some of the things.”

“You’re like a junk food Einstein.”

“Oh and you’d love my cherry crescents,” you continued.

“Oh I’d love to eat your cherry crescents,” he grinned wildly as the two of you headed up the stairs of your apartment. You punched him in the shoulder, all the while laughing.

“Wade! That’s not went a meant!”

“I mean it in whatever way you meant, and how I meant it too.”

“Fine, come on up and we’ll see what kind of cherry crescents you get.”

~Mod Lillian (Yo jalapeno popper grilled cheese is the best thing ever. And cherry crescents are those crescent rolls with chopped maraschino cherries inside with a cherry glaze. They are soo good. They are both things that I found out could exist at like 3 AM.)

Ice Kissed, Frost Bitten | A Meihem Oneshot

Summary:  When Mei returns to Ecopoint: Antarctica to retrieve old data and face her demons, she brings Junkrat and Roadhog along for a secret mission

Thanks @rinshi-chan​ for the eyes!


Talon’s hacking of the Ecopoint: Iceland digital archives is the excuse Mei is waiting for.

It doesn’t take much convincing to get Winston to approve her mission request. Morrison doesn’t argue either when Mei commissions a hovercraft and requisite supplies for the journey. He knows what it’s like to be weighed down by the past, so he won’t get in her way.

The only person who might object to Mei’s mission is Junkrat. And she can’t go–won’t go–without him.

She finds Junkrat in his workshop, tediously trying to construct a pyramid from grenades. Hopefully, they’re duds. Mei supposes she’ll find out. Roadhog is leaning against the wall, breathing steadily. She can’t tell if he’s watching his partner work or if he’s asleep.

“I’m going back,” Mei declares. Roadhog stirs, cocking his head in Mei’s direction with a silent question. Junkrat’s hand, holding a grenade between two long fingers, pauses in the air.

“Goin’ back? Back where?” he says over his shoulder. “You’ve been all over.” Brow furrowed, he places the grenade at the pinnacle of the pyramid. It’s a rare thing for Junkrat to become fixated on something that requires so much patience. Mei swallows. If he’s so focused, maybe what she’s about to tell him won’t be such a big deal.

“Back to my old ecopoint.”

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Bunny High School AU
  • Bonbon: In the swimming club. Can this girl eat chocolate or what?! Bonbon is constantly chewing down bars of chocolate at super-speed after swimming class. (I'm actually not surprised. Swimming at her speed takes a lot of energy!)
  • Bunnie: In the gymnastic club. Bunnie loves apples, and staying positive. Everyone seems to be quite fond of her.
  • Carmen: One of the directors of the Drama Club. Carmen mostly directs romantic comedies. Fun fact: she loves chocolate sweets, especially ones with nuts in them!
  • Chrissy: Her full name (according to her doting big sister Francine) is Christine. She models for the fashion club, and everyone agrees she looks great in polka-dots. She's great at staying awake.
  • Claude: In the Comics Club. Due to his love of video games and comic books, some say he's pretty geeky. He truly admire Mira.
  • Coco: In the writing club. Coco's fond of writing stories backwards, though no one knows why. Shes pretty enigmatic, though two things are sure: She's into ancient artifacts, and she's one of sweetest rabbits, despite being a little strange.
  • Cole: In the art club. Cole loves painting round fruit and tropical resorts!
  • Doc: In the book club. Doc really is a book worm! Not only does he spend most of his time in the library, he also types out his own short stories on his laptop. (Or maybe it's fan fiction. Who knows?)
  • Dotty: In the tennis club. Dotty is a always talking, usually about herself. She really is an interesting subject though. Out of all of the whacky animals in school, she's the craziest. (Her eyes turn red when she's shocked!) She's also pretty into interior-designing, but she has some weird ides...
  • Francine: Her full name (according to her cute little sister Chrissy) is Francois. She designs for the fashion club, and everyone knows she always has her sister model polka-dots. She's great at pretending to sleep.
  • Gabi: In the music piano. She likes playing the piano, and wants to sing to, but she's so bad at it, she isn't allowed to. So, her desire to use her voice is spent on talking. Day and night, she'll always find something to talk about! It's usually about her new hair cut.
  • Gaston: In the science club. Gaston is a rich rabbit from France, and Marcel's childhood friend. This bunny is very grumpy, and always cursing in French. In his downtime, he watches lots of horror films, it seems.
  • Genji: An otaku in the comic club. Genji seems to like anime and manga, especially horror ones! His poetry is pretty popular in school.
  • Hopkins: In the cooking club. Hopkins is very kiddy and childish at heart. He loves video games, and always brings 3DS to school. All his friends agree that his bedroom resembles a toy room.
  • Mira: In the makeup club. Mira is pretty famous at school for being a hero. She once got invited to join the super hero club, but she turned them down, since there are boys in that club. (She wants it to be a magical girl group like in the manga she reads.)
  • O'Hare: In the music club. O'Hare likes to play the ukulele, but he's also gotten so used to the acoustic guitar, he air-guitars in class! He's also pretty self-centered. He doesn't talk much, but he's all-ears for people who'll talk about him. He even got Cole to paint him into his tropical resort paintings!
  • Pippy: In the debate club. She's in the ACTION FOOD SQUAD! Her phrase is "HOPPING HOTCAKES!!!" The squad doesn't do much. They're just all bffs who hang out and have their own 'action food' phrases to say. Other members include Freckles, Pate, Pinky, Truffles, and Victoria. She's also Mira's manager, since they're best friends.
  • Ruby: In the photography club. Ruby enjoys taking photos of the night sky. Especially on nights with full moons. Animals who meet her might think she's sick, but she's just albino.
  • Snake: On the soccer team. Snake is very quick and silent, neither seen nor heard. Sometimes he hides in cardboard boxes! Other than being ninja-like, he enjoys playing video games.
  • Tiffany: Tiffany's nickname is 'The Drama Club's Audrey Hepburn'. She's rich and always catching up on her beauty sleep (even in class!) As a result, she's a gorgeous celebrity.
  • Toby: In the gardening club. Toby loves rainy days and swimming. He has feminine hobbies and transferred here because he was bullied about it at his last school. This bunny was very surprised to find how welcoming everyone at his new school is! (They're all pretty whacky, so it's fine.)

it’s funny when people don’t realize that an informant using “deep throat” as an alias (i.e., the x-files, metal gear) is a reference to the informant of the same name in the watergate scandal and not just a blatantly pornographic reference, but what’s even funnier is when people don’t realize that the original informant by the name of “deep throat” DID in fact get the name from a porno film.