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As originally designed in Metal Gear Online, the cardboard box isn’t supposed to be a weapon. It’s a disguise to fool NPC guards hot on your trail. In online play, it shouldn’t be of much use: other humans are perfectly capable of filling your cardboard box full of lead. Even worse, the box doesn’t let you attack anyone, except for a mostly harmless tackle. But as YouTuber TheRob5896 found, tackling with the box on is far easier than tackling without it, and in the right circumstances – say, when someone is on top of a high tower that can only be accessed by ladder – that makes the box an impossibly frustrating weapon.

Once in position, all he has to do is wait: As soon as enemies reach the top of the ladder, the box’s enhanced tackle sends them screaming to a horrible death before they have the chance to attack. This would be incredibly annoying if it didn’t look so damn ridiculous.

Wrecking players armed with devastating firepower by running into them with your recycling is possibly the most satisfying thing this side of popping bubble wrap.

The 5 Most Hilariously Creative Video Game Trolls

a taste of home

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Yuri clicks his tongue, but obeys. He’s here to learn, after all, as much as it annoys him at times. He glides back on the ice, returning to his starting position, arms held high in the air as he waits for his cue.

When the music starts, he moves, dancing across the ice like it’s second nature.

Well, for Yuri, it pretty much is.

He’s been skating since he learned how to walk, and competing since his childhood. He’s had his ups and downs, his struggles and successes; hell, he’s won his fair share of gold medals, including being the youngest male skater to win the Grand Prix finale, but it’s been years since his victory, and every year the competition gets tougher. So he keeps moving, keeps training, keeps fighting to be one of the best.

That’s why he’s in Detroit. He’s been here three weeks now, and isn’t leaving anytime soon; he’s seen more of the ice than he has of the city itself, but that doesn’t bother him.

He could close his eyes, he knows the routine so well; Yuri sets himself up into each jump expertly, nailing his combinations with apparent ease. He hears commentary, somewhere in the distance - his coach, no doubt, but he’s not listening. On the ice, there’s nothing more than his feelings, and the ice.

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Manual Transmission.

#Jenks1955: “Being used to four-speed boxes Stirling Moss was occasionally going across the gate from second to fifth. Within only about two days, the engineers designed, drew and made a mechanism that would prevent this. At such speed does a true racing department work.” – #mbMille


The fast trench-digging vehicle BTM-3 is designed to dig defensive and communication trenches in soils of up to IV type. The BTM consists of the basis vehicle and digging equipment. A heavy artillery prime-mover was used as the vehicle basis. When the vehicle is moving in transport mode, the gear box provides five gears for forward movement and one for backward. As soon as the vehicle starts digging trenches speed is decreased.
The BTM can dig trenches in curves with a minimum radius of 25 m. The vehicle can switch from transport mode to operating (digging) mode in 10 minutes. When digging at 3rd gear, the BTM can approximately dig an 800 meter long man-sized trench in one hour.