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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 2.268

Request: By anon! “May I request a oneshot where 40s boxer!Bucky’s girl is basically untouchable bc everyone is afraid of Bucky? Fluff and Bucky being a showoff pls :) “ 

Warning: none. 

A/N: Another request. I had a little trouble with this one, it just won’t come out as I really wanted it to! Despite this, I really hope you enjoy, nonnie!! Lots of love, please be sure to tell me what you think! As always, feedback is greatly appreciated! <3 

Bucky, Bucky, Bucky, Bucky

The chant echoed in the large arena; his pink lips were curled up in a smirk as he bounced back and forth on his feet, his hands lifted, ready to strike his opponent. The glint of victory was already visible in his eyes as he took a threatening step forward and the opponent coward away instead of reciprocating. Another powerful wave of his name was chanted, and the thrill of winning soared through his body.

With quick work of his feet and a swing of his fist, it collided with the opponent’s jaw, and he went tumbling to the floor in a blink of an eye. The audience roared, and Bucky held up his hands, grinning widely out to everyone, who at that moment knew nothing else but his name.

His name was ringing in his ears when his eyes fell on the only two people he cared about: his girl and his best friend who were cheering proudly and his grin went even wider.

“And the winner is, to no one’s surprise, BUCKY,” the announcer cheered, bringing Bucky’s arm up in victory and the crowd went wild once again.

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I’m in a bit of an art funk so i drew some sketches of young Handsome Jack.

I like the first one because it looks they’re being like:

Jack: “Okay, so this is what we’re going to do…”

Angel: “Goo goo gaga?”

Jack: “Angel, sweet heart–listen to me. I can’t understand a word coming out of your mouth. For GOD’S SAKE, speak some English.”.

(Also I drew this picture based off some random picture I found on the internet)


Theo x Reader

Requested By Anon

Warnings: language and phrasing?

“Theo it’s cold and raining.” You sighed as he woke you at an ungodly hour and insisted you bundle up and go out into the cold rain.

“Yeah well it’s not raining in the truck.” He grunted, unlocking it as he stopped you from getting in the passenger side. “I’m trusting you with something very precious and important.”

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NES Box Art: Snake’s Revenge

Snake’s Revenge is a stealth action-adventure video game produced by Konami for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990. It is a sequel to the original Metal Gear that was released in North America and the PAL region following the success of the NES version in the west. The game was produced without the involvement of series creator Hideo Kojima, who went on to develop a separate sequel for the MSX2 titled Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, which was released a few months later in Japan.

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