gear box

Omg just went and changed passwords to an old email I give out when I suspect spam and/or registering to forums and such. Can’t remember exactly when I made it, probably mid/late 00s? Clicked that little face avatar and it opened up to this xD 
Doesn’t seem to be any way to change it but why would I lol look I got a pink dragon pet and a red car (I think I might have had a red car back then, but it was NOT big&shiny but small and rusty with a faulty gear box)

it’s like looking at baby photos but with online avatars… lol smol me was so edgy™ 


What The Box? Is a very cool multiplayer shooter in which all the players are boxes, and are identical to the thousands of ordinary cardboard boxes that randomly litter the levels – so you can literally hide in plain sight, movement is the only thing that will give you away!  

Snake’s been hogging the limelight for too long, it’s about time the cardboard box got it’s own game!

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