How You Interact: Gear Having a Crush On You

Fic Request: 
“There isn’t much about Gear, so what if he was introduced to someone and catches feelings for them, but panics because he doesn’t know what is happening? Like a list fic or a normal fic?” 

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-The emotions weren’t an instant reaction, Gear started to develop an affection towards you over time. 

-At first he wasn’t sure why his systems sparked every time you smiled. Or why he had to reboot his voice-box whenever you laughed. 

-He found delight in doing things with you. Everything seemed easier when you were nearby, or helping him with his experiments and investigations. 

-Gear even began to tell you things about himself. The words tumbled from his mouth whenever you were interested in something he was doing. 

-He even began to teach you how to calibrate his arm when it had been jarred in a car door.

-Gear only began to question this happiness when he saw you laughing with someone else, and his wires gave a painful tug at his metal heart. 

-He searched into this dark sensation. Looking for clues on the internet, experimenting on his body. Perhaps he was malfunctioning? 

-But he came to the realization after hearing something about human emotions on a television show. Everything he felt towards you was mentioned in this program. 

-How, whenever you were around he was less irritable. His power levels rose when you touched his arm. And when you had to leave, he felt a void in your absence. 

-He felt…love? Adoration?

-He didn’t know how to take this new set of data. And he panicked when he saw you next after coming to this conclusion. 

-Gear tried to escape your presence for a while. Making excuses and avoiding your gaze whenever he could. 

-He’d even go so far as leaping out a window to keep you from seeing him.

-But he began to feel a sense of dread twisting at his wires whenever you got frustrated at him. Or even worse, he heard you cry over his new found “hatred” for you. 

-It didn’t take long for Gear to name himself a coward. Building himself up to confess to you. And readying himself for your anger.

-But the logic in his head had a long list of reasons why you two weren’t compatible. 

-You were mortal for starters. Flesh and bone where he was metal and wire. 
A creature of grace and beauty, and he was a child fumbling around, still learning this new world.

-Even with all the logic whirling about inside his head; Gear found himself at your doorstep one day, confessing his confusion about the new emotion. Revealing why he had avoided you for so long. 

-He expected you to hate him. Reject him at your front door and slam it shut in his face. 

-But instead, you took his hand and tugged him inside with the gentlest of smiles. 

-You sat down and spoke about what he was feeling towards you. He found comfort in your hand as his stroked his thumb over your knuckles. 

-You were warm and soft. 

-When Gear was done explaining, you blushed and stuttered over your words as you said you had feelings towards him as well. But were too scared to approach him since he was so….different. 

-”I thought you’d despise me.” You said with a small smile. “I didn’t want to lose you over some stupid crush.” 

-Gear had to reboot himself twice as his mind shuffled your words into his memory. Sparks flew from his chest cavity as his heart glowed with a new brightness as you said this. 

-Gear suggested that you two take it slow. Give your shared emotions a trial. 

-Gear almost shut down completely when you agreed, braving a peck on his cheek that caused his red eye to flare.

Such a great weekend spent out in the bush with Jamie from Howl Bushcraft. Learnt a ton of new skills & cooked some incredible food. We’re definitely stealing a few recipes 😉 It’s amazing how much we covered in just two days. Thanks again @howlbushcraft. 🌲🌲🌲

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FAB Defense AR Podium

A somewhat odd AR-15 accessory that attaches to the pistol grip and magwell and creates a sort of bipod platform. The actual bipod legs are hidden in the bottom of the podium plate. FAB Defense makes a similar product with much more success on the Tavor bullpup platform. The AR Podium does not permanently modify your AR, you can pop it on or off if you need it but I’m not sure how compatible is it with other AR-15 grips. Aesthetically it looks weird but with the right parts, maybe even a Magpul D60, you could make a futuristic sci-fi looking AR, or a stupid one. (GRH)