Inception Totem

Confirm you’re living in the real world by using your very own Inception totem to test if you’re stuck in a dream. The totem is made from zinc alloy silver and comes perfectly balanced so you can spin it with ease upon waking up from a nice long nap.


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Make sure you are registered. This handy Elections Canada tool will tell you if you are registered to vote and if you aren’t it will automatically register you. 

We need to reverse the trend of increasing voter apathy.
60 Music Videos That Raised LGBT Visibility
LGBT artists and allies have been creating compelling music videos about our lives for decades.

“In honor of Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards, we’ve mapped out a timeline of landmark music videos — by both straight and queer artists — that pushed the needle forward for LGBT visibility. Whether they depicted our lives, showed us in love (and lust), highlighted causes, or simply raised a fist in solidarity, music videos have been breaking ground for our community even before the days of MTV. Here are a few dozen of our favorites”

See the list and watch the videos here

This is a great list for music fans, check it out!

True story: the first time I ever saw a guy kiss another guy was in the video for David Bowie’s “DJ”. That “visibility” thing is real!

If they want this plan to work then James, Meg and JMac all need to propose this plan to Vanessa at the same time and all tell her what they heard. Maybe even make something else up that has to do with her. Something like “Austin wants Julia and Vanessa out” or something. Get her scared, get her paranoid, bring her into things and then the vote flips.

Text: When I met Gerard Way after a concert last February I told him that he saved my life a million times and he looked at me with his calm eyes and smile and said ‘thank you, never give up’ and hugged me and hearing the words of my hero saying that directly to me I stopped self harming and I swear no matter how bad it gets I’ll never give up. Thank you.

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