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I'm afraid to ask why glee is one of your most used tags .. 👀

LMAOOOO on a real tho, i’ve had this blog since 2011 & glee was my life in 2010 - 2012, it’s not a secret at all, some of the posts are still there i guess? THAT TAG SHOULD BE REPLACED W/ SHADOWHUNTERS TBH! but i probably wouldn’t have made it all the way into shadowhunters hell without it bc of hsj byeee

also i have no shame, catch me listening to glee songs all the time


He always struck me as the type of person who would wear butterfly clips!! XD

Bit o’ Fun

Harry X Reader X Zayn: Smut

In which Harry adds a surprise guest into the equation (Zayn).

Request? Yes:

Well,,,,,,,,, the Harry imagine just about killed me, so truly from the bottom of my heart thanks for that. Hahah, can you do one with Harry AND Zayn? A threesome where the reader has a daddy kink?

Author’s note: I actually hate this. Be gentle!

“Hey, babe,” you greet as you stumble through the doorway. Your feet have been aching in a new pair of heels. Undoing the buckles quickly and whipping the shoes into a corner, you glance up into the depths of a dark hotel room, eyes straining to adjust.


The curtains are drawn over the window, only a crack of L.A. streetlight seeping into the center of the room. You can faintly make out Harry’s silhouette on the edge of the mattress.

“Hey, love.”

You take a firm step forward before another two wobbly ones back. There’s a second form on the bed, seated right beside Harry. Your fingers fumble along the wall for the light switch.

“Zayn?” You’re surprised as dim light filters through the space from a far lamp. Both of the boys squint, eyebrows drawn low on their foreheads.

“’S right.” Zayn smiles, flashing his teeth for a brief moment. “Hi, Y/N.”

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What if woodscout Jasper is trying to win David's heart while also trying to destroy camp Campbell. It could eventually lead to David snapping at him like "just because YOU hate it here doesn't give you the right to ruin it for everyone else. I would have thought you of all people would get that" and then he just storms off


Rostelecom Cup Men’s FS

Can’t do the format from yesterday because every single person brought their (close to) A-Game. So I’m just going to go in results order for the men that I really want to mention:

1. Nathan Chen: What can I even say about Nathan Chen. I’m genuinely in love with his skating. I can’t believe I never really could appreciate his skating before but wow. I’m absolutely in love with his free skate. For me, everything about this Skate worked. I think I’m well on the Nathan Chen Train now and I’m not going to get off!

2. Yuzuru Hanyu: I have one word: Majestic. He just knows how to do it doesn’t he? He look like this Majestic Warrior Prince and I was captivated for every moment. His first 4Lz right in time for the Olympic Season. I really loved tonight’s program. I might get a lot of hate for this but I do slightly (0.01%) prefer Hope and Legacy but this was absolutely amazing.

3. Mikhail Kolyada: I’ve spoken about my (unhealthy) love for Mikhail Kolyada. It’s still so frustrating to love him because while the program was pretty good its just not what I wanted from him. He has the ability to Skate clean and it was slightly frustrating to see him but I’m sure he’s going to fix the mistakes.

4. Misha Ge: I’ve never cried more in my life. It was beautiful, emotive, artistic and sometimes I stop to wonder what we’ve done to him. There is never really enough to say when it comes to Misha and no amount of words can communicate what his programs can make someone feel. Absolutely beautiful.

5. Moris Kvitelashvili: So much better than I expected! I loved the music though at times he did seem a bit slow and a slight bit off. The spins were really good. I think his PCS could’ve been slightly higher but I’m not complaining!

6. Dmitri Aliev: I don’t know why, but I’ve really fallen in love with Dmitri Aliev here. He may not have had a clean skate which was quite frustrating but I really enjoy the music and the program. For some reason there’s something really enjoyable for me in watching him skate. I’m sure he’s going to grow but it’s a good start.

7. Deniss Vasiljevs: He’s going to grow leaps and bounds, there’s no question about that. There is one thing in his program that really stood out for me: His Spins were absolutely beautiful. I’m really excited to see how he comes along and hopefully, he and Stephane can come up with the future dream team!


ATSF 947 mp876, Sias, NM. 4-28-1996 by JACK KUIPHOFF
Via Flickr:
AT&SF Santa Fe C41-8W #947 leads two other GE’s with a westbound double stack, out of Abo Canyon at mp876, Sias, New Mexico. April 28, 1996 Jack D Kuiphoff photo