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moonwich  asked:

Ge'llac'h 💙💘 ;)

Hello Marcy!! Thank you for asking!! I hope you like my answers!! (^ㅅ^)>❤

💙: who is more protective?

Both are very protective with each other, I think Ge’els is strong and a great fighter and sees Avallac’h as someone he has to take care and protect at all costs, also Avallac’h is so small compared to him (and I love that!!!). The truth is that Avallac’h knows perfectly how to take care of himself and others (do I have to remind that he destroyed half forest of Skellige to protect Ciri?). Although, I am not sure but I even think Avallac’h is stronger and more powerful than Ge’els, he’s a sage after all and knows how to use magic, something Ge’els, I suppose, can’t do. Apart from this, Avallac’h will do anything to protect Ge’els, he’ll risk his own live; he wouldn’t be able to stand loosing Ge’els too after what happened to Lara.

💘: who developed a crush on the other first?

I am going to risk myself this time and say that it was Ge’els. Let’s have in mind that Avallac’h was in love with Lara and he still is, I think that she was his first love and after what happened to her he’ll never be able to forget her, sadly. In my head I can imagine perfectly a young Ge’els meeting Avallac’h at Auberon’s palace (maybe?) and having a very interesting conversation with him, realizing that they have many things in common and even becoming good friends. They’ll meet several times until Ge’els would fall in love with his friend but this is wrong: he’s one of the most important figures in Tir ná Lia, he’s known for being very popular between women, and suddenly he falls for a man?? No other man than Avallac’h, Lara’s future husband!! What if someone knows?? That would ruin his reputation!! That’s why they didn’t meet anymore.

And I am not saying anything more about this because I have a oneshot of these two in mind and it would be a spoiler!! :P

Bit o’ Fun

Harry X Reader X Zayn

In which Harry adds a surprise guest into the equation (Zayn).

Request? Yes:

Well,,,,,,,,, the Harry imagine just about killed me, so truly from the bottom of my heart thanks for that. Hahah, can you do one with Harry AND Zayn? A threesome where the reader has a daddy kink?

Author’s note: I actually hate this. Be gentle!

“Hey, babe,” you greet as you stumble through the doorway. Your feet have been aching in a new pair of heels. Undoing the buckles quickly and whipping the shoes into a corner, you glance up into the depths of a dark hotel room, eyes straining to adjust.


The curtains are drawn over the window, only a crack of L.A. streetlight seeping into the center of the room. You can faintly make out Harry’s silhouette on the edge of the mattress.

“Hey, love.”

You take a firm step forward before another two wobbly ones back. There’s a second form on the bed, seated right beside Harry. Your fingers fumble along the wall for the light switch.

“Zayn?” You’re surprised as dim light filters through the space from a far lamp. Both of the boys squint, eyebrows drawn low on their foreheads.

“’S right.” Zayn smiles, flashing his teeth for a brief moment. “Hi, Y/N.”

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