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Normally I do not chase the Roosevelt, WA garbage trains, even if they are empty (for the obvious olfactory reasons). However, when a leaser is on the point (especially CitiRail), I tough it out! Here, a westbound empty trash train returns from Roosevelt, WA to Seattle for another load of pungent sound’s trash!

Spider silk is an extraordinary material. It can be several times tougher than Kevlar and stronger than steel by weight, but is also extremely stretchy. It’s not hard to see applications for such a versatile material. The only challenge is harvesting it. 

Spider farming is not only the stuff nightmares are made of, it’s also not practical. Spiders are predatory and will quickly result to cannibalism in the absence of other prey (yikes!). But researchers from Spiber, a Stockholm-based biomaterials company, have discovered a new way to create synthetic spider silk with the help of genetically engineered bacteria and GE purification technology.

Above is an image of the Spiber spider silk whipped into a fluffy foam. The foam remains solid even when immersed in solvents or sterilized with heat. 

Read more about this breakthrough in materials science at GE Reports


The newest addition to the GE power plants maintenance and refueling teams is a bit taller than his human counterparts. Stinger, the swimming robot, can go places humans can’t reach, dive for up to three weeks and perform inspections while being monitored from hundreds of feet away. Stinger is being deployed to nuclear power plants across the U.S, reducing radiation exposure to workers. Read more at GE Reports.

ViehMarkt v1.0.0 FS 15

ViehMarkt v1.0.0 FS 15

ViehMarkt v1.0.0 FS 15

The cattle market where you can buy young animals, is the last part to pig V4.

When cattle market mus man can be personalized with a livestock trailer pups for pig fattening buy cheaper than in the store, but she herself to the pig fattening drive, but also has the advantage that you can decide for yourself in which mast come the animals.

It is required a livestock trailer…

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