My Top 5 Captain Canary Moments

I’ve been thinking a lot about my favorite Captain Canary moments, sooo I decided to rank them, because why not?

5) The bar fight – It’s hard putting any of these moments at the bottom because I love them all so much. This is the scene in which I fell for Captain Canary. The challenge in her tone and expression with, “Wanna dance, Leonard?” The way he lingers over his words, telling her he’ll watch, and the intensity in his gaze as he follows through on that. The genuine, almost soft smile when she starts fighting and he looks at Mick like, “This woman is pretty awesome.” Seriously, I’ve watched the show just looking for genuine smiles out of him. He doesn’t have many. Leonard is intrigued and a bit enamored already, and Sara trusts him, enough to invite him to dance when she was clearly fine dancing alone, enough to let him hold her open drink, enough to stay out of the fight when she had it, enough to back her up when she needed it.

4) That’s not you anymore – Where do I even start with this one? I mean, okay. They’ve been bickering and bantering and using nicknames all episode, and he’s already been sort of working toward this, but when it comes down to the wire, “Sara, don’t do it.” His voice is rough, sincere, and he uses her name, her first name. I’m not saying it’s the first time he’s done it, but it’s definitely intentional here. He’s not talking to the assassin, the fighter, the White Canary. He’s talking to Sara, telling her something he believes, something he knows she needs to hear. “That’s not you anymore,” he says. She listens. This is the moment that made me finally create a Captain Canary blog and start writing.

3) The kiss – I’ve said some of this before, but it’s worth repeating. This kiss is something of a goodbye, something of apology. Each of them put as much as they can of themselves into it, given the circumstances. You can see it, in their eyes, their necks; this kiss is desperation followed and preceded by memorizing the moment they know will be their last together. Why isn’t it higher in my list? Well, it hurts, for one. It’s a goodbye, for another. The rest of these moments are beginnings, in their way, growing closer. This one’s the end, for now. Still, though, it’s a kiss, an emotional one at that, and I’m glad we got one.

2) Freezing – Tropes abound here, which is the first point in its favor. Sara and Leonard are trapped together and freezing to death. They’ve still got barriers between them, like they do with everyone, but they’re coming down. They talk about death, about beginnings, the people who matter to them. When it gets too cold to talk—sometime after Leonard gives Sara his jacket off-screen, I might add—Sara leans against him and pulls him close. It’s only comfort, emotional and physical, but Sara seeks it out, and Leonard allows it, and I’m a disaster okay?? They’re already getting to know each other, already growing close, but I think this moment goes a long way toward pulling down the walls they keep up between themselves and everyone else.

1) Me, and you, and me and you – I will NEVER be over this conversation, okay?? Never. Okay. So Leonard knows he’s messed up. He comes bringing cards and conversation, hoping maybe she needs either a distraction or to talk things through, because he could use one or both, but in this moment, questioning his life, even knowing he messed things up with her, Sara is the one he seeks out. He leads with an apology, Snart style. And then, okay, here’s part of why this conversation gets me so much; Leonard uses the flimsiest excuse to segue into talking about their potential future together. You know Leonard has to have regrets; hell, we saw him try to change his own past. But here, he ignores all those, instead using it as an excuse to turn the conversation. “It’s the things I didn’t do that keep me up at night.” His words that follow are innocent enough; it’s the tone and the expression that let Sara know he’s talking about a future together.

for me, and you, and me and you.

He’s considered their future, decided he wanted it, and intentionally sought out a chance to broach the idea with Sara. For someone with as many walls as Leonard Snart, someone who doesn’t do touchy-feely, to intentionally start a relationship talk? Hell. And on top of that, as upset and distracted as Sara is, she doesn’t say no. She says he’d better be one hell of a thief. She challenges him, says something she knows will encourage him to keep trying.

Both of them are interested in a future together, and after this conversation, they both know it. The timing sucked, and season two didn’t fix it, but you know what?

I still think about their future. Always will.

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I saw some asked Kyilili this question, but what do you think the top 10 gifts are that Aro would want to get a hold of?

First I have to link Kyilliki’s answer because it’s so fun. And here’s some more, in no particular order:

1. Supernatural storyteller: I mentioned the need for vampire skalds the other day, but Aro wants a *magic* storyteller, one that’s a bit Renesmee-ish.  This person can tweak the senses to experience the story being told.  You taste the salt air when you hear about a sea voyage, see the beautiful pollution-inspired sunsets when you haven’t looked out of a window for 800 years, smell the burning flesh of the protagonists in the Lay of the Last Libishomen (um, that’s Caius’ favorite, I guess?), and best of all: this storytelling vampire can make you taste and enjoy the food she remembers sampling back in her human traveling days.  You might think Aro doesn’t need this gift because of his own, but his “experiences” via others’ minds are more observant and flat than what he hopes to achieve here.  Of course the storyteller can’t be too powerful; pure hypnosis presents an assassination risk.

2. Eyes and Ears: I have to agree with Kyilliki on this one.  Aro wants the ability to peek in on anyone, anytime, anywhere.  Realistically, if he ever got a hold of Alice this is what he would use her for 99% of the time.  He knows enough about the subjective caveats of her gift to be skeptical of its usefulness in true large-scale future-predicting, and sadly he’s fresh out of wars to fight at the moment anyway.  But all he would have to do is have Caius and Demetri take her on a world tour and meet everyone he knows, and then she’d theoretically be able to “latch” onto any of them, in that “immediate future” way she has of spying on looking out for people she’s familiar with.

3. Pain Management Specialist: If Aro ever finds this person, they’ll be gift wrapped and given to Caius as a birthday present. Aro isn’t really all that interested in torture himself (besides the evil-scientist kind), but he does feel rather sad for Caius that the Volturi actually only have Jane’s gift to use for this.  (Alec’s is creepier, but it doesn’t make people scream enough)  Anyway, this person can actually access his target’s pain history, and not just physical pain either.  The most horrible memories are brought up to relive, worst fears feel imminent, etc. I’m totally borrowing this from Haemophilus Leona’s Saudade, chapter 16, in which Jane’s gift operates this way.  But in giving this gift to another vampire, Aro gets to double Caius’ interrogation arsenal, plus Jane gets taken down a notch, which is long overdue.

4. X-ray vision: Let’s be honest: dissecting vampires is hard, and dissecting werewolves smells really terrible. Aro needs a living, breathing MRI machine for his research.  The coolest thing about this person is that they don’t just give him a fuzzy gray image or colored dots- it’s like that old Adam software where you can peel away the layers “in vivo”.

5. Miracle Healer: Automatic tissue regeneration is cool, but Aro wants a vampire who can touch a vampire’s severed arm and regrow the missing hand itself.  He misses the Didyme Days when pilgrims flocked to Volterra (or wherever they lived back then) just to bask in her aura; having a humanitarian (vampiritarian?) talent or two like this on hand would make Volterra a positive destination again, not just a negative one.  Caius argues that he doesn’t want more useless visitors, but he can’t deny it would be handy to be able to replace his Guards’ limbs when he gets a little too carried away with his Fireside Chats.

6. I have no idea what to call this, but Aro wants a vampire who can examine any work of art and then go home and duplicate it perfectly.  But even that’s not good enough; he wants to breed find a person who can extract a piece of art from someone’s memory and duplicate it from that.  Aro can steal all he wants, but he can’t go back and un-burn the stuff he didn’t have time to save from the Library of Alexandria. (”Perhaps you shouldn’t have started that stupid fire in the first place,” Athenodora says every time this comes up.  “Nobody’s perfect,” Aro always replies.)

7. Gift-Finder: Nope, I don’t mean another Eleazar.  I mean someone who can discreetly look your wife in the eye and know what she wants for an anniversary gift.  This vampire is Super Needed after Aro’s faux pas last year of giving his beloved Sulpicia a lifetime suscription to Girls and Corpses.

8. Gift-Dampener: You guys know I don’t like super-powered OCs.  The only powerful OC I want is one whose proximity temporarily shuts off all gifts within a certain radius.  Emphasis on temporarily, because otherwise that would be a superpower, now wouldn’t it?  Anyway, this one only on Aro’s list because it turns out this is exactly what Sulpicia wants for her anniversary gift: a month-long second honeymoon during which Aro has no clue what she’s thinking.

9. Changeling: Um, better employ that #7 gift again, Aro.  Turns out what Marcus wanted for Christmas was not a vampire who can alter their cellular structure to look and smell like Didyme. 

10. Supernatural Materials Engineer: Because of the risk of this genius vampire developing those cool vampire-tissue weapons that are always popping up in fanfics, they’ll only be alive long enough to invent the best possible noise-reduction technology ever.  Volterra’s inner walls might be “sound-proof” to human ears, but they’re not good enough yet.

Thank you anon, this was really fun :)   Anyone else got some ideas?

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okay what bout top 5 kiho moments in vlive?? >:DDD

LMAO so you guys are really finding ways to keep this going. alright i’ll go with it, let’s get it. i’m gonna guess you mean moments from live broadcasts??

#1 - i like to call this the kiho broadcast bc you had that part where wonho was waiting for ki to come into the room and he was all “he’s here!” when ki finally entered and then from them on it was just a lot of touching and team rocket in its full glory // full gifset here

#2 - this vlive right here i felt SO SORRY TO MINHYUK having to be in the middle of these two just mindlessly flirting like this whole comeback countdown was just kiho dashing compliments at each other i loved it // full gifset here

#3 - so remember that vlive a long time ago when wonho was wearing pink and ki kept calling him pink princess?? and then wonho absentmindedly answered and then got super shocked/flustered when he realised he answered to ki calling him pink princess i’m :(( // full gifset here

#4 - this one is just self explanatory like who was he trying to fight akjdjsj and then his smile afterwards i’m REALLY SHOWNU IN THE BG // full gifset here

#5 - why is wonho always out here ready to hug kihyun when he’s laughing. like sjfjsskdjfj if it’s not an unnecessary back hug, it’s a side one and kihyun just always goes along with it like okay lmao // full gifset here

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Hi I'm agender and I have top dysphoria sort of i think and I was wondering if you know anything about if it's possible to get top surgery without being on testosterone ... ? The internet hasn't been too helpful I dunno sorry

its totally possible! i got top surgery w/o hrt

what do you wanna know? if youre worried abt tissue growing back, it doesnt. the only thing i would say is if you plan to get pregnant in the future, ask for your surgeon to take out ur milk ducts

its a little bit harder esp if ur a minor to get it, only because p much everyone requires letters for insurance, which means you will almost definitely need to go to a psych to get at least one (if ur a minor probably 2) letters. the problem isnt from the surgeon, but the psych. some believe u need to be living as male for like 2 years and on t for a year or something, so u have to work a little harder as a nb person and as someone not on t to find a not so shitty psych

if ur interested, send another ask with some more information and ill post some links for finding good psychs and ones to avoid and different surgeons and theyre protocols and stuff

transbucket is a rly good place to see top surgery results of ppl that havent been on t, but just as a warning, a lot of the pictures are gory and there are pictures of genitalia on there (you can filter it to exactly what u want to see, down to the surgeon, but you may see those things when you first log in)


nintendo knew i was gonna be playing breath of the wild and they deliberately put all my fears into one divine beast. not only they make me swim in alll this fucking deep water, but also Vah Ruta is surrounded by GIANT cliffs, encompassing a DEEP DARK LAKE, with aBIG ASS fucking elephant sticking out in the center of it

big giant things sticking out of deep dark water . the Worst…….i screamed the whole time on sidons back


The funny thing is when I was at the Grammy’s , people were actually texting me and sending me photos of the TV, because when they were on the wide shot , way back in the room and I’m in the front row you could see my hair. “

- Josh about his yellow goodDYEyoung hair on the Grammy’s